lady darkness

The shadows were lengthening by the time Julian and Emma finished their lunch. Julian bought some food and supplies at a small grocer’s shop, while Emma darted next door to pick up pajamas and t-shirts at a small New Age shop that sold tarot cards and crystal gnomes. When she emerged, she was grinning. She produced a blue and purple t-shirt emblazoned with a smiling unicorn for Jules, who stared at it in horror. She tucked it into his pack carefully before they started across the town to find the beginning of the path to the coast.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows Snippet

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For the a sentence and I'll write the next five. Theo x Luna: "Don't be afraid, I feel it too." Thank you! :)

“Don’t be afraid,” Luna said. “I feel it, too.”

Theo held his breath, refusing to open his eyes in case the basilisk youngling slithered by again. It wasn’t old enough to kill a human yet but the creatures Luna was caring for could trigger a migraine forceful enough to heel a hippogryff.

“What exactly am I feeling, my Dark Lady?”

He heard her soft humming grow louder as she moved up behind him. “Power, Theo. You’re feeling power.”

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My version of the cover for “Lord of the Shadows’’ by @cassandraclare 

The official cover has been recently published and I wanted to create my version ever since I saw it. I tried to capture the style of the original cover and mix it with Lady Midnight :) 

Photo credits for the model go to Brett Stanley, an insanely talented photographer. I found the name of the photographer when it was too late, I hope he won’t mind me using his photo for this fan-art :)

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“Emma’s mother placed the sword in her hands. “Steel and temper, daughter,” she said. “And remember that a blade made by Wayland the Smith can cut anything.”

Lady Midnight - @cassandraclare

This is one of my favorite theories. I hope you will like the edit :)

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