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i love your account so much!! can you come up with some cute little moments and headcanons for simon and izzy just all the little things they do for each other please? love your work xx

Wow wow this took me forever to make, but here you go!

-simon does their cooking because (well everyone knows why do I even have to explain I’m pretty sure izzy would poison him)

-but when he’s too tired or forgets izzy has packets of ramen that she’ll make for them

-whenever there’s been a really long day fighting demons they’ll come home and give each other massages

-Netflix and Chill that becomes Netflix and Cuddle while being too invested in the show they’re watching

-they went to midnight the force awakens showing and cried

-izzy also went to hot topic and bought them matching couple shirts

-simon makes it his personal goal to introduce izzy to modern culture

-yes this means Denny’s at 3:00am

-izzy loves horror movies so she took simon to see IT and was like “I could have dispatched IT by now what amateurs”

-cards against humanity games with clace and malec

-also monopoly that resulted in knives being drawn

-simon’s that boyfriend that will most definitely accompany izzy while shopping and offer his opinion and carry some of her bags (and they say chivalry is dead)

-snapchat king and queen? actually Izzy’s the queen simon’s the type to respond with a shot of the ceiling

-when izzy has nightmares about max dying or simon has nightmares about being buried alive they’ll wake the other up and talk for hours until they feel better (or just lean against each other and cry whichever one)

-“damn I look sexy today” “hell yeah you do”

-they’re both the embodiment of the “you’re doing amazing sweetie” meme whenever the other does something

-they’ll bring each other drinks when they’re working

-izzy has most definitely done makeup for simon more than once (he loves it) (also I love the concept of izzy putting makeup on him? Like how fucking cute ahsjsksd)

-simon! kissing! izzy’s! scars!

-simon braids Izzy’s hair when they’re lazy lounging in the sun

  • Kit: Guys, we’re out of candy.
  • Ty: What? Already? There’s only been like three kids.
  • Kit: Yeah, I know, but one little girl told me she loved me so I just gave her everything.
Julian Calls Up Great Aunt Marjorie To Give Her A Piece Of His Mind for Calling Dru A Butterball
  • Julian : Hello Great-Aunt Marjorie, I was wondering if you had a minute......
  • Marjorie : oh sure, Julian is it? The lanky one ?
  • Julian : Yeah, that one. I just wanted to clarify that you. Don't. Ever. Get to insult my baby sister and tell her she is not as pretty as other girls.
  • Marjorie : I don't appreciate this kind of direct behaviour from you and on the matter of Drusilla, as her brother maybe you should keep an eye on your fat sister's eating habits and....
  • Julian : Excuse me !!! How DARE you ? My sister trains harder than any shadowhunter of her age and as for her eating habits - She eats just fine. It's none of your bloody business.
  • Marjorie : JULIAN !!!!! What's happened to you? I only want what's best for her....
  • Julian : Well then, you'd better leave us alone.
  • Marjorie : I'll never forgive such crude attitude ....
  • Julian : And I'll never forgive you for making my beautiful sister feel any lesser than what she is. I'd thank you for our stay in London, except it did more damage than good to my family and there seems nothing to thank you for.
  • Marjorie(shouting) : I'LL HAVE YOU.....
  • (Julian hangs up.)


Ty: wha-what’s wrong?!

Kit: Shrek 5 comes out in 2020 and will be about Shrek’s backstory and how he came to be and I’m so excited, was he born an ogre? Was he cursed? Will we see baby Shrek? Angsty teen Shrek? I need answers.

Ty: … did you honestly break into my room in the middle of the night to discuss shREK?!

Letters to my Darling - Loki x Reader |Part eight|

Not much happened here, the next part starts the drama ;) I hope you guys enjoy either way, and I hope that you’re having a great day!

Read - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7- Part 8 -


There is only so much Y/n could do within the palace walls, and sometimes doing the same thing on the daily can get quite boring. So she had planned a day outside, she had taken only her cloak and a sack of gold coins for her trip to the city. As always, the city of the high realm was loud, voices carrying, people showing off what they had to sell for a few gold coins. Despite being inside most of the time, Y/n quite enjoyed the city noises. It’s in a way, calming, but Y/n was only unknowingly distracting herself.
She walked quietly, brushing past the villagers, marveling at the things she saw, even buying a few things as well. It was about late morning when she decided it was time to return to the palace, when the spotted the most beautiful necklace she’s ever seen. It was simple; dark leather strings twisted and wrapped in the most intricate way. All leading down to a emerald gem in the middle.
She stopped to stare at it, feeling a smile tug at the corners of her mouth. “Beautiful necklace, isn’t miss?”
Y/n looks behind the wooden table at a little boy, who looked no older than nine. Y/n’s smile fades as she looked at him, his eyes were the very same as the gem, his raven hair a tangled mess on his head. His skin was sun kissed, and freckles dotted his face. The boy smiles brightly at her, and before she could say a word, he runs off.
Y/n stood in shock, the boy looked so familiar, so much like someone she knew. But also different.
“Madame? Are you alright?” A voice pulls Y/n from her thoughts. Y/n looks up, the stall owner stood there now, watching her worriedly. “Oh, yes I’m okay, I was only admiring—” Y/n had look down to see the necklace again, but it was gone. And what was weird too, the man was not even selling necklaces, but instead hair assortments.
“See something you like?” the man questions hopefully. Y/n smiles and picks up a silver hair clip that had little blue gems in it. She hands the man coins he called it for, and left. She was still in a bit of a daze when she returned to the palace.

What she saw was real, she was certain of it. It had to be. 


Y/n’s head snaps up from her book at the loud sound of a voice echoing through the library.
Who in Valhalla’s name was yelling?

“Y/n–Oh, there you are.”

Y/n was surprised to see the Lady Sif standing there. They were friends of course, even though they never talked much. Sif was interesting company. Y/n raises her eyebrow, closing the book to give Sif her undivided attention. “Sif, what is it?”

“Thor sent me for you, he said that it was important.” Sif says gently, smiling. And Y/n couldn’t shake the feeling that Sif was tiptoeing around her. “Sif, what is it?” Y/n questions firmly.
“I cannot say, just come with me.” Sif took hold of Y/n’s wrist, pulling her out of the library and down the hall.

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Legends Parallels with Rey: Senya and Vaylin (from SWTOR)

First, this is Rey:

This is Senya from "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

Here’s Senya again…if notice carefully, she’s wearing a hairbun.

Who is Senya?

Senya is the wife of Valkorian (*cough *cough…Vitiate…*cough *cough the one corrupted Revan *cough *cough and *cough Revan *cough is *cough Bastila’s *husband) and the mother of three children: Vaylin and the twin sons, Arcann and Thexan.

Next, Who is Vaylin?

This is Vaylin (at the right below)

Here’s Vaylin and her mother Senya a long time ago. (Notice Senya’s tied up hair. Again, she does sport a hair bun)

Here is young Vaylin using the Force and a make-shift staff (like Rey’s…*wink *wink)

Here’s what I am NOT saying:

  •  I am NOT saying that Rey and Kylo Ren/Ben Solo end up having dark side children. 
  • I am not saying that Snoke is Rey’s father.

What I am saying is that IF Rey’s mother shows up…uhhh…she might resemble Senya.

Then, this happens…Go to 2:42 then watched till the end.

Senya tries to rescue her daughter Vaylin from the induction to the dark side (from her husband, Valkorian). Then, next sequence Vaylin turns into a dark sider and here we have a grown up vaylin fighting her mother, Senya.

So, what could this mean in TLJ and Ep IX? 

Well, it could be like this:

(1) Rey’s mother is trying to get Rey away from dark siders and go to Jakku
(2) Rey’s mother disappeared or something happened to her
(3) Rey in TLJ is corrupted by Snoke and fell to the dark side.
(4) Then, in Ep IX or even TLJ (somehow??? I don’t know) Rey’s mother shows up to save Dark Rey from her dark side heritage
(5) And…Dark Rey vs her Good-side Mother.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Even though basis for this is based on Legends material, just because something is based in Legends does not guarantee it will happen that way for Canon, esp. for TLJ and Ep IX.

Hugging is Kit and Ty’s thing right ;))

“There’s a legend about that clock. For a second, when it chimes the hour, the gates to Heaven open.”

no what do you mean the ending actually happened?