lady darkness

And her name sounded like music when he spoke it.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
Well, I guess we have to do icebreakers. I’m your uncle Arthur, and I fear bears. Why do I fear bears? Because bears can run at 30 miles per hour and the Los Angeles Zoo is 30 miles away. That means a bear can be outside this door in an hour. Why would a bear be here? Because they can smell fear and I fear them.
—  Arthur Blackthorn, meeting his nieces and nephews for the first time

TDA Characters // Emma Carstairs & Julian Blackthorn in Paint

Lady Midnight Challenge Day 8 - your emma + julian favorite moment (Studio + Julians Confession)

“Why all these paintings of you? Because I’m an artist, Emma. These pictures are my heart. And if my heart was a canvas, every square inch of it would be painted over with you”

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  • dread-rider cullen: yeah i let my bat kiss me sometimes. just like on the face and stuff, nothing weird. its how they show affection. i mean we're all dead anyways it doesn't really matter, it's not a big deal. duchess is just a big ol softie anyways
  • nathanos blightcaller, plugging his ears with his fingers: i dont know whats happening here but i assure you that the dark lady WILL hear about it

dark TMNT fandom show me the happy murder girlfriends.

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Name: Samantha 🌺
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My version of the cover for “Lord of the Shadows’’ by @cassandraclare 

The official cover has been recently published and I wanted to create my version ever since I saw it. I tried to capture the style of the original cover and mix it with Lady Midnight :) 

Photo credits for the model go to Brett Stanley, an insanely talented photographer. I found the name of the photographer when it was too late, I hope he won’t mind me using his photo for this fan-art :)

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At the Bookstore:
  • Book: hi I'm all sweet with a good ending
  • Me: hm promising
  • Book: I will wreck your heart and your future and make you feel things you never have before like true pain and sorrow
  • Me: I'll taKE IT

“Emma’s mother placed the sword in her hands. “Steel and temper, daughter,” she said. “And remember that a blade made by Wayland the Smith can cut anything.”

Lady Midnight - @cassandraclare

This is one of my favorite theories. I hope you will like the edit :)

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