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A Shadowhunters (costume?) party. Part (1/?)

Well this started as joke between a friend and I but once I drawed the first one I couldn’t stop xD. I got others in mind but for now this is just Livvy and Ty, Tavvy and Jem and Kieran, Mark and Cristina. 

Hope you like it!

And one last thing to say: TOMORROW! TOMORROW! TOMORROW!

Lord of Shadows TOMORROW

As you all know, Lord of Shadows comes out tomorrow, (5/23).
This post is going to explain the protocol I will be following in regards to posts, spoilers, etc just so everyone is aware.
I will not be able to start reading until Wednesday because I have an important final and will definitely get distracted.
Therefore, I probably will not be on tumblr until Wednesday night into Thursday or possibly after that.
This is how I typically read books:
• read the actual book in parts, pausing in between angsty or major chapters because I get all caught up in my feelings
• usually read/skim again, this time folding over important or profound pages.
• reread to look for quotes or scenes to post.

I promise not to post QUOTES or SCENES until at least 5/30. One week following the release date.

I will not post spoilers or my reaction in text, because I understand that sometimes even when we do not mean to read a spoiler or post, we do anyway, and I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone who hasn’t already read the book or spoil them in any way.

Therefore, instead of posting a text reaction, I will be posting a video talking about my experience reading the book, my favorite scenes, my least favorite scenes, some of my theories that came true or did not come true.
I will then talk about my feelings towards the ending, my future predictions, and my ideal two years going forward while we wait for Queen of Air and Darkness.

I will also be answering questions from YOU! Send me literally anything in my inbox and end it with “x” so I know you want me to give you a shoutout or answer your question in the video and not on here.

I won’t make the video longer than 10 minutes (I’ll try my best not to at least) so I don’t bore the hell out of you guys LOL.

I wish you all good luck and happy reading! I can’t believe it’s finally here!

x Marisa

anonymous asked:

I loved your fic Dark One's Lady, and I was wondering if there was any more of it planned?

So this happened… takes place immediate after the end of The Dark One’s Lady. I don’t really have more planned, just some scenes in my head, so we’ll see what else might come out and what people ask for. Thanks, Anon!

Belle slept fitfully that night. For the first time since she was a child, there was no dagger of the Dark One in her castle. She hadn’t realized what a strange comfort the blade had become. It had been foolish to hope that she could entice Rumplestiltskin into her bed, she should have known that. Whatever they’d had was obviously just for fun for him, another of his games, perhaps. For her it had been much more than that.

She was in love with him.

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He was beautiful. He had always been becautiful, but she had noticed too late. And now she stood with her hands at her sides and her body aching because she couldn’t touch him. She could never touch him again.
—  Lord of shadows

Milky Way over Lady Elliott Island, Australia


blackstairs + ocean

They settled in farther up the beach, where the sand was warm from the sunlight. Emma kicked her shoes off to dig her toes in, exulting in the grainy feeling. Julian laughed.
She looked at him sideways. “What is it?”
“You and the beach,” he said. “You love the sand, but you hate the water.”
“I know,” she said, widening her eyes at him. “Isn’t it ironic?”
“It’s not ironic. Irony is the unexpected outcome of an expected situation. This is just one of your quirks.”
“You shock me,” Emma said, pulling out her phone. “I am shocked.”    
―Lady Midnight, Cassandra Clare