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Emanuela Lupacchino is an Italian artist best known for her work on X-Factor for Marvel.

She was a biotech researcher before deciding to follow her passion for art and comics, and she attended an Italian comics art academy for three years. Her work appeared in the Italian series L'Insonne as well as some short stories in anthologies. She also worked as a character designer for role-playing game books and as an illustrator.

Her first big break into American comics was in 2009, when IDW hired her to pencil Angel: Only Human. In 2010 Marvel hired her to pencil X-Factor with writer Peter David. She has since penciled a Castle tie-in graphic novel (Storm Season) written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, a run on Valiant’s Archer & Armstrong written by Fred Van Lente, and covers on various DC titles such as World’s Finest and Ame-Comi Girls, as well as IDW’s Star Trek.

She cites The Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens as a strong influence on her approach to sequential art.

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