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Many spells, especially those that request healing or protection for animals, or those to locate lost animals, suggest consecrating the animal to a spirit. Although there are also may others, the following have earned a reputation as renowned animal-protectors. Incorporate them to your spells as needed.

  • Spirits that Protect Cats: Artemis, Bastet, Freya, Hecate, Lilith
  • Spirits that Protect Big Cats (Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Etc.): Dionysus, Durga, Hathor, Kybele, Sekhmet
  • Spirits that Protect Dogs: Artemis, Hecate, Ogun, Saint Roch
  • Spirits that Protect Horses: Anat, Demeter, Epona, Poseidon, Rhiannon, Rla-mgrin (Hayagriva)
  • Spirits that Protect Toads: Agwe, Heket
  • Spirits that Protect Snakes: Athena, Ezili, Freda Dahomey, Lilith, Mami Waters, Simbi, Lady Asherah
  • Spirits that Protect Cows: Brigid, Hathor, Hermes, Isis, Lakshmi, Maeve, Shiva
  • Spirits that Protect Fish: Atargatis, La Baleine, La Sirene, Yemaya
  • Spirits that Protect Pigs: Demeter, Seth
  • Spirits that Protect Animals in General: Aphrodite, Artemis, Baba Yaga, Faunus, Hathor, Lilith, Saint Anthony (Saint Anthony is the spiritual detective: request his assistance when anything or anyone is missing)

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

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Nesta, Mor, 30 ;)

(Listen dude, I am fully aware that you probably just want Nesta sin and then Mor sin and I am nearly 100% sure that you didn’t mean what I’m going to interpret this ask as. Most unfortunately I do not care. This fandom is sorely lacking in this area and you delivered this to me and so now you’re going to have to watch as I roll up my sleeves and put my grimy, sinful little gay paws all over this and transform it into femslash (yell at me again if you want them individually and I will do it but dude this opportunity was too good to pass up))

Nesta/Mor + sex: 

Their first time involves a nice little role reversal for Mor. I think Mor is typically the one who is attended to shall we say in the bedroom? She allows her partner to slowly peel her out of her clothes and lay her down on the bed and worship her body with theirs. But this is the role that she ends up taking on with Nesta, for various reasons. 

I think Mor has this knack for putting people at ease around her. People trust her, they feel safe with her, they feel confident with her and able to be themselves. So it takes all of about five minutes for Mor to have Nesta relaxing with her in the bedroom and less than ten before she’s a puddle of want before her. Which pleases Mor no end. 

She starts of slow, very slow, while Nesta is still a little on edge. They’ve never gone this far before but she said she was ready and she is and she’s totally not even a tiny bit nervous (except she is. but Mor can tell and she’s cool with it) It’s lots of gentle kisses on her lips, getting a little harder and more intense. And then she moves to her neck and as she’s kissing she sees Nesta’s eyes flutter closed and feel her relax and she starts easing her clothes off so gently and seamlessly Nesta barely even notices until she’s practically naked before her. 

Mor spends a good long time kissing Nesta all over. She’s in absolutely no rush at all. They have time. And she wants Nesta to enjoy this, every second of it. She also gently stops Nesta from putting any of the focus on her (at least for the moment) Every time Nesta tries to pull herself out her pleasure haze and think about Mor she just shakes her head and softly insists that there will be plenty of time for that later. 

Then she’s coaxing her to lie back down and holding herself over her and carefully dragging her underwear down her legs all the while looking in her eyes. Gently stroking her hair back from her face and murmuring that if there’s anything she doesn’t like this stops immediately. But Nesta just nods and murmurs that she trusts her and Mor gives her one of those radiant smiles and starts slowly kissing her way down Nesta’s body until she’s between her thighs. 

There is absolutely nothing Mor does that Nesta doesn’t like. Mor feels pleasure shiver through her with every single soft moan and shudder that Nesta makes for her. And Nesta does give her a little bit of guidance here and there (because she is familiar with her body and she knows what she likes dammit. And Mor is all for hearing about that…and being shown too but that’s another story) but for the most part she just lies back and surrenders herself to Mor and tries not to think about how easy that is. Because it shouldn’t be this easy. But she can’t help trusting Mor and feeling safe in her arms. 

After Nesta comes (or more likely finally stops coming because Mor just keeps pushing and pushing and pushing until she can’t breathe anymore, wanting to see how many times she can make her gasp her name) Mor is more than prepared to settle herself down beside Nesta with a cheshire cat grin spread across her face and watch her pant and try to recover herself. 

Nesta has other ideas. As far as Nesta is concerned Mor has far too many clothes on. And she hasn’t had nearly enough orgasms yet. Nesta plans to do something about that. 

And so while Mor is expecting things to start settling Nesta is only just getting started. And Mor finds herself being very thoroughly kissed while at the same time Nesta starts fumbling with the clasps of her dress. Mor tries to insist that they don’t have to do this tonight, they can wait, it’s not a prob- but Nesta just growls that she wants this. If Mor does? Mor is a little breathless at this point and more turned on than she would have believed so damn right she wants this. 

Nesta is, understandably, a little bit more uncertain about this than Mor was. But Mor is very patient and she’s a very responsive lover. So she manages to let Nesta know when she’s doing something right (or very right in the case of that thing she does with her fingers) or to guide her into doing something a little different without making Nesta feel patronised or foolish. 

Nesta very quickly discovers that she loves the sound of Mor’s moans. Mor isn’t quite as loud as she herself is (a recently discovered fact) but she’s still very vocal in bed and she talks more coherently than Nesta did. Nesta gets a lot of breathless, hoarse instructions, “Good.” “Yes, like that.” “More, Nesta.” “Please.” “Again.” Which Nesta follows as and when she sees fit (Mor discovers that Nesta is a tease in bed. She likes making Mor breathless and she likes making her moan and she really likes making her come…but more than all of that, she likes making Mor beg. She’s really just too composed and carefree for her own good. It’s good for her to be a little desperate and out of control every now and then. And damn if the sight of her arching her back, her lips parted in a soundless moan, her hands fisting the sheets beneath her isn’t the hottest thing Nesta has ever seen) 

By the end of the night both ladies have very thoroughly explored their partner’s bodies and they’re very happy with what they’ve discovered. Mor now knows for instance that Nesta is surprisingly ticklish. While Nesta knows that Mor has a small scar on her jaw from where she and Cass had a flying/winnowing contest and she slammed into a balcony rail. Nesta has kissed this scar very often. They fall asleep in a messy jumble of limbs and blankets, with their hair pooling together. And Mor thinks that she really rather likes the fact that the hellcat turns into a pliant little kitten if she strokes her tummy just right. 

send me a character and a number and I’ll write you a headcanon

Pretty proud of this work of art! It was made in collaboration with the talented @cianiati who drew the pretty cow lady! I bet you can’t stop staring at the delicious German beer. That pure mass. 10 Liters of goodness.

The original print was sold at the Eurofurence artshow and will now make the wall in a friends kittchen more attractive.

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"The Lady In Rose" a Jimmy Darling imagine

Hi! Can you do one where Elsa Mars finds the reader on the streets or something and takes her back to the freak show where she gives her the stage name of The Lady in Rose because she is very pale though has blotches of pink birthmarks on her face and along her entire body. The reader hates the way she looks but Jimmy thinks she looks like a beautiful piece of art and tries to get her to see that by kissing some of the marks and fluffy stuff?…

You were sitting on a park bench reading a book while the bright sun beamed on your pale skin. A little boy walked passed you with his mother and pointed at your pink marks on your skin.
“Look mummy, it’s a cow lady!” The little boy said as he pointed at you. The mother looked horrified and quickly took her boy’s hand and walked away.
You hated it, everybody pointing and ridiculing you. You have had every type of name thrown at you, ‘Cow Lady’ 'Pinky’ you name it, every name you could think of.
You hated being different, wishing that you had normal skin every day.
A lady with a beautiful makeup and fancy clothes walked up to you.
“Darling, what are you doing here in the streets by yourself?’ The lady said
"Oh well, I’m waiting for a bus stop”
“May I ask where?”
“Anywhere to get me away from being embarrassed from everybody” you replied
She took your hand and called a taxi.
“Excuse me but may I ask where you are taking me”
“I’m taking you to the place where nobody will embarrass you, darling”

The taxi stopped at a peculiar place with tents and and strange looking people around. You saw a man with seal arms, a lady with 2 heads and a handsome boy with lobster claws. The lady took your hand and led you to a tent.
“What is this place” you asked
“Elsa’s Cabinet Of Curiosities, where nobody will judge you for your appearance” she replied
“Is this a freak show”
“Well if that’s how you want to put it well then I guess it is a Freakshow”
“So you want me to be apart of Freak show”
“Why yes, we can call you The Lady In Rose”

A few days after being in the Freakshow you met some amazing people, you got to know the Siamese twins Bette and Dot and the strongest lady Amazon Eve but your very favourite person you have met so far was Jimmy. He always told you how you looked beautiful but you always disagreed.

You and Jimmy where at his caravan talking.
“Why do you hate your pink marks, they are beautiful like an art piece” he said
“I don’t wanna be an art piece I want to be a normal girl”
“Well I think you look beautiful and I like your marks” he said
He smiled and slowly kissed your rose birthmarks gently with his hot breath against your skin. You put your arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips gently, he kissed back passionately. He stroked your H/C hair and looked back into your eyes.
“I love you Y/N”
“I love you too, Jimmy Darling”

Authors note- loved the request and had to write it ASAP! Hope you guys enjoyed <3

So this is ASL in Red’s version of the fifth Admiral, Admiral Ryokugyu aka Minoa. She is 51 years old and about 9′4″ tall (about three inches shorter than Kuzan in fic). Her epithet “The Green Bull” is such because no one on earth is stupid enough to call a lady that tough a “cow.”

She is an Ancient Zoan user, and can turn into a minotaur. This gives her an infallible sense of direction–she cannot get lost, ever, and can find her way through any hazards or mess. Including ones she makes because jeez is this lady strong. I think this image came about after she knocked down a wall she didn’t need to and is apologizing for the mess before jumping back in the fight.

Minoa is exceptionally polite and fair in her dealings. This extends to an exceptional regard for “guest rite” which she takes to the level of not attacking pirate home bases because if she sets foot in one, she is their guest and must behave as such. She’s also well known for minimizing collateral and structural damage whenever possible, making her popular with the public who are understanding when she ends up leveling a large area since obviously that’s her last resort.

I hear her voice as being like a sincere, non-evil version of DBZ Abridged’s Freeza. That sort of soft spoken refinement that belies the fact that this is someone who can and will kick your ass. She’s physically stronger than any other admiral in the series, probably sitting right behind Garp in terms of raw physical power when she goes all out.However unlike Garp she’s not so used to throwing things for ranged attacks, and usually just charges to cover any ground between her and an opponent, letting her Armament Haki eat up any damage incurred on the trip.

While her personal form of Justice is “Gentle Justice” don’t be fooled–it’s closer to Absolute Justice than Kuzan’s “Lazy Justice” or Fujitora’s “Blind Justice” and really comes down to her always giving the option of surrender. She’s never going to look the other way, merely turn the other cheek if you stop fighting and surrender at which point you will be calmly arrested instead of her continuing to beat the shit out of you. And be warned, going back on a promise of surrender will land you in the hospital before you go to Impel Down, if she doesn’t decide such rudeness is outright execution worthy.

In conclusion, while she may seem like a sweet old granny who only wants to do what’s right, this old bird’s a stickler for the rules and will come down hard on lawbreakers and those who break polite code of conduct alike.

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"Niall has no ships" *Lenny face* may I present to you my sweet daughter, Katsumi? 😘 She's quite the lovely lady~ She loves cows, cheese, dragons and being the HERO! ~🌟


Would you send me a ref? I’d draw them together huehue~

Or maybe we should write supports for them 😚😏✨

But first- I’d like to know more about her 😂😂✨