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“The Biggest Game of Thrones Fans in the World Are Not What I Thought They’d Be” by Kaitlyn Tiffany

Each pocket of fans I awkwardly bumped into was engaging with the event in a different way — some with an academic interest in what was essentially a literary conference, others for the opportunity to externalize their superfandom, […] and some just to socialize.

Martin set out to write a series that flouted every convention of fantasy writing, but the people who love it want even more than that. Another panelist, who goes by JoannaLannister on Tumblr, said that her fascination is what she calls “The Dead Ladies Club,” a nickname for characters like Joanna Lannister, Lyanna Stark, and other women who Martin never bothered to flesh out. She keeps a meticulous spreadsheet of 100 years of Westerosi history, placing all of its events in order so that she can keep her fan fiction in sync with the official canon, and expressed frustration with the fact that Oberyn, Elia, and Doran Martell’s mother is never named. "The unnamed princess of Dorne… I don’t even have a name to put to her political policies.” Roose Bolton’s first wife isn’t named either, and most of the characterization of Lyanna Stark is rudimentary, stereotypes about “willfulness” and beauty: “These women are just blank slates,” she sighed.

Flawed as it may be, the fact that there is a “world” of Westeros is what has allowed these conversations to take place. Because Martin’s books and their supplementary materials are so expansive, it’s possible to discuss them as more of an alternate universe than a linear narrative. It’s not that fans are angry with Martin for his failings, or even ashamed to like something “problematic.” They’re just interested in repairing and refurbishing something that has really good bones.

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Someone quoted me!! From when I talked about The Dead Ladies Club during a panel at @conofthrones!! Thank you for quoting me, Verge journalist!!


[What planted the seed for you to be politically outspoken, activists, and advocates? What are you excited about this year with World Child Cancer?]

“I think that’s how my parents raised me, you know? I think they raised me to be a citizen of the world, and to be politically conscious, and to look out for anyone who’s less fortunate, and to sort of fight for justice in whatever form. That’s just  p a r t  o f  w h o  I  a m .

I’m really excited. World Child Caner continues to grow. I think we’re going to do, I think, another t-shirt campaign soon. So, yeah. It’s just such a great thing I’ve been able to be a part of and I’m really proud of the work they do everywhere.”

Official shout-out to Mama and Papa Balfe for raising such a strong, kindhearted, intelligent, generous, amazing woman. May we all strive to be a little more like her every day 💜


Cons of being on your period:

-Hungry for sweets like a starving child in Africa.

-Feels like someone is ripping your vagina in half.

-You want to be fucked until you’re a cripple.

-Your pants are tighter because your ovaries decide to expand to the size of Russia..

-Just by dropping a pen, you cry a river of despair.

-You hate everything that is alive and breathing and want the world to fall to its knees.

-You have to wear a sticky piece of cotton on your underwear that is soaked in blood for a few hours until you have to change it again which looks like a murder scene when you do.


-You stick a piece of cotton up your pleasure hole and take it out in a few hours because if you don’t you will die.

Pros of being on your period:

- ice cream