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apheeweek day four: Book(s) + Coffee shop AU + Estmonaice

Lucile is very forgetful. Eduard and Emil aren’t sure what to make of her.

(also on ao3)

GOD talk about me being indecisive. Monaco is my favorite Hetalia girl so I want to show her love, and I also want to write every Nordic/Estonia ship (only got Sweden left now), so I decided to combine my wants into a cute polyamory sort of thing.

I hope my determination to accomplish both my goals is enjoyable!

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“All girl groups are the same!” you say? “Everyone has a sexy/cute concept these days, I don’t like it!” you say? “I can’t find a girl group I like!” you say? Then this post is for you! 

  • You’re looking for girl groups who slay with sexy concepts? AOA have always had sexy concepts and they’ve always slayed! ( x  x  x  x ) SISTAR too! ( x   x   x  ) If you’re looking for something extremely sexy, then you might enjoy Stellar ( x ) and Four ladies ( x )
  • On the contrary, you prefer cute concepts? Apink are well known for that! ( x  x  x  ) Also, Gfriend ( x ) , Lovelyz ( x )  and Oh My Girl  ( x ) are rookies who just debuted, but they’re very promising!
  • Or maybe you would like to see groups who can perfectly pull off both cute and sexy concepts? The you should check out groups like Girl’s day ( cute  /  sexy ) and Kara ( cute  /  sexy ) ! 
  • Or maybe you like boy groups with hip hop concepts and you’d like to see girl groups try something like that as well? Sonamoo debuted with a powerful concept and they’re having their comeback this summer! ( x ) Wassup also have more of a hip hop/badass concept~ ( x  x ) The Ark are preparing for a comeback as well, and they promised us a more powerful concept! Until then you should check out their debut ( x )
  • Or maybe you’re into fun concepts? Then Orange Caramel is a must! ( x  x  ) They’re actually a sub-unit of After School so while you’re at it why don’t you check out their mvs as well? ( x  x )
  • I’m sure you’d love to hear some great vocals, wouldn’t you? Well then Spica ( x  x  x ), Mamamoo ( x  x  x ) and Ladies Code ( x  x  x ) are the ones for you! 
  • The two most popular girl groups are Girls Generation ( x  x ) and 2ne1 ( x  x )
  • And some special mentions : Fiestar ( x  x ) , EXID ( x  x ) , Dalshabet ( x  x ), Nine Muses ( x  x  ) , Miss A ( x  x ) , T-ARA ( x  x ) and 4minute  ( x  x  )

There are obviously a lot of groups I didn’t mention so please feel free to add more :)