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ravenclaw/the houses singing or watching disney movies?

  • ravenclaws are the most annoying people to watch disney movies with because they can never just watch the fucking movie
  • It’s all ‘did you know Sterling Holloway also voiced winnie the pooh, kaa, and the cheshire cat?’
  • ‘did you see that cameo of lady and peg?? wait I’ll just rewind it for you but watch closer this time’
  • ‘did you know disney world is the same size as san francisco?’
  • and be prepared to listen to the sound track for the next week because the ravenclaw is going to be singing it under their breath for the foreseeable future 
  • playing ‘I’ll make a man out of you’ during quidditch practice to get the team motivated
  • ravenclaws suddenly realising they have a muggle studies project due tomorrow that they haven’t started and deciding to wing it
  • they ended up spending ten minutes talking about the impact of the dinglehopper on modern muggle society
  • intense debates in the common room about which house various characters would be in
  • belle becomes something of a house icon
  • ravenclaws come up with ideas for disney related pranks that they don’t always have the nerve to pull off
  • which is why it’s always useful to have connections with the gryffindors
  • there was one time when all the cutlery in the great hall started singing and dancing to be our guest
  • and the other time someone picked up a cat and started singing circle of life, only to realise the cat was in fact mcgonagall (they still maintain the detention was worth it)

Marvel A-Force (2015)
We are rarely given to know when our lives will change forever.

it starts with an earthquake, pt 4

The world ends on a Thursday, comes crashing down in smoke and fire and ruin. And then it keeps going, and Vox Machina figures out how to make do in the aftermath. [ a post-apocalyptic au for cr ladies week ]

day four: allura [previously: pike, vex, keyleth]


In an ironic twist of fate, she’s on duty when the world ends. 

She’s sitting behind a desk halfway across the continent, counting down the hours until she can return home, and then, bam. End of the world. The saxons blare and the earth rolls like the sea and the whole building shuts down, every grate and door sealed shut, and Drake swears a blue streak while the skeleton crew still in the complex after hours panics, and everyone tries to reach Uriel, or Salda, or the council, and fails. 

They fail to reach anyone at all.

When the smoke clears and the lockdown ends and they step out to see what has happened, it’s already too late.

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More and more Shaderunners fanart (aaaall belongs to @duckpatchcomics), ha ha, if I continue to draw so much, I’ll become skilled enough to launch my own comic (instead of spamming Lin and Capp so intensely)!  XD

There is a lot to say on those drawings. Short version: Lady Cavory / Mister Keyston / Pamina at work / AU fancy Pamina.

Long version (beware, it’s REALLY long)!

About Lady Cavory: it’s not my usual artstyle but this drawing just poped-up has I wanted to draw a quick cameo of Lady C. So… well, it’s both weird and funny!

About Mister Keyston: I did a lot of portraits of Ivo as “Miss Ivory”, so I decided it was time to draw she/he as a fine gentleman. To be honest, I imagine him with short pants and socks garters, as in last Miyuli’s OC sketches. Yeah, I’m a sponge with other’s art.  XD

About Pam at work: she’s performing a puppets street show (that was supposed to be a kind of tiger hunt… cough… but… well, imagine what you want)! I know puppets are traditionally controlled by wooden crosses. But I decided to attached the strings to her fingers. Like that, when she performs, she moves her hands like someone dancing or playing piano. I was having fun to imagine Ezra playing music and Pamina doing the show for the team, for Xmas or an other happy event. They both have those long, thin, lovely hands I love so much, so let’s take advantage of it!  :3

About “fancy” Pam: I did a lot of digging on @duckpatchcomics tumblr this week and learned a few things about Pamina. First, she’s close to be ace and aro (aka asexual and aromantic, I had to Google this as I had no idea of what it was). So it answer to one of my questions: why is she the only one not flirting around. Answer: because she’s fine that way, without romantic or sexual partner.

Second thing I discovered, in a post about ethnicity/origins of characters, Pam would have been inspired by the Native Americans. In some way, it’s obvious. And really inspiring for art!! So I decided to draw Pam as a “traditionnal” Native. And doing so, I did some researches for pictures/ref. Aaaand, surprisingly, a lot of things perfectly matched with the researches I’ve done for Ivo 1920/30 hair ornament and dress, in a previous portrait!! Head-band, round ornament on the side of the head (or on forehead), feather, geometrical patterns… there are so many common points!! So for the fun, I decided to mix everything. And here is my AU Pamina, more fancy and rich than ever, with an Native American  mixed 1920/30 aesthetic hair band. I did plan to do the dress too… but y’know, I’m so lazy… XD

Ok I’m done with explanations…Thanks for reading!  :)

Is anyone else excited for Lady Layton?? I know I am! (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧ I love the Professor Layton series, so here’s a small Catoleil Layton ready to solve puzzles!! 

If anyone is interested, I also post wips on twitter! (@quippuh)


Vanessa Hudgens in Machete Kills