lady brienne


lady olenna’s reaction to seeing/meeting brienne is still one of my favourite scenes ever❤️ brienne is so used to people making fun of her height and appearance, and just generally being cruel to her because of her physical traits. so when lady olenna is kind to brienne about her looks, she can’t help but be shocked but also show a hint of a smile. women being positive towards & complimenting other women is the shit i live for 

Favorite things this finale

-jon kissing sansa’s forehead
-arya killing that nasty 100yo craven
-sansa rejecting baelish
-R+L=J confirmed
-tyrian and dany friendship 2.0
-lady mormont telling off all the northern kings
-high sparrow dead
-jaime looked pretty pissed at cersei so maybe they’ll finally break up and jaime will get with brienne pls

After making Daenerys for fanart friday, I kept getting requests to do more of these. I haven’t had time until now, but today I finished Brienne.

 think the next one I’m going to will be Arya. Or possibly Margaery.

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