lady boffin


Berylla Boffin - for @acquiresimoleons Lords & Ladies Bachelor Challenge.

I have to give credit to @nornities here, as it was her, who came up with the Hobbit idea.
Using Acquiresimoleons’ CC to make this Sim and her having a ton of foot-sliders, did the rest for my inspiration.

This little, bearded Lady, is called Berylla Boffin. Berylla is a quirky but really happy character. She might have a screw loose, but really is able to conceal that with her adorable smile. Just like every other Hobbit, she loves to cook and even more to eat. She definitely is more of a homely-type, but doesn’t mind going on a little bit of an adventure, here and there.

Hermann the miniature baby Otachi-Kodachi clone, Doctor Daydream Bonville, Biophysical Chemist (whose parent’s naming proclivities she does not wish to discuss) and Doctor Rani Kipp, who covers a terrifying range of disciplines all followed by the epithet ‘engineer’. 

My bickering beautiful lady boffins who share lab spaces with Hermann and Newt post-PR.

Also I found out if you hold 'shift’ when drawing it makes the lines straight AND OH MY GOD i can draw backgrounds so quickly now, I’ve wasted years.