lady blackfish

Game of Thrones is out here literally bringing everyone back.

Jon is dead? Nah, let’s bring him back.

Hmmm…what to do about Benjen? Let’s bring him back.

And Edmure? Bring. Him. Back.

We can totally bring Brynden Tully back at the same time, too.


oH!! Brienne? Well of course, bring her back!? #duh

Gendry? …

- I don’t think the blackfish is dead.
- I’m upset about lady crane, but I’m glad Arya is okay and took the waif’s face.
- Joffrey was an evil little shit and I hated him so much, but this whole high sparrow business would’ve been over with if he were still alive. Tommen is better than him but he’s too easily manipulated making him everyone’s puppet.
- I really thought we were gonna get to see Lady Stoneheart this episode, but I guess not, which kind of bums me out.
- I think the conversation between Edmure and Jaime was really interesting and I know will probably be totally forgotten about, but I still liked it.
- I saw the hound’s dick and I don’t know how to respond.
- I missed Bronn so much.
- I’m going to miss varys.
- Finally, something is happening in meereen!