lady au pair

we go down together

A/N: me: look at the hundred different things I SHOULD be writing right now! also me: but………. pansmione post-war drabble? still me: … yeah that’s a good idea. (shoutout as always to @nymphadoraholtzmann who read this on her break at work and reassured me that it was good! & tagging @provocative-envy bc your love for pansy lights up my life, and @ff-sunset-oasis who seemed especially excited by kind-of-sad definitely-gay pansmione!) (and, two related songs because i have a Problem)

You carried romance in the palm of your hand
You called the plays for us
You clung to self-restraint, you followed the plan
You put the brakes on this
And it drove me
And it drove me
And it drove me wild
- Tegan and Sara, Drove Me Wild

If we go down then we go down together
They’ll say you could do anything
They’ll say that I was clever
If we go down then we go down together
We’ll get away with everything
Let’s show them we are better

- The Chainsmokers, Paris

Hermione Granger was standing on her front stoop.

Pansy had opened the front door, ready to bitch out whoever decided to knock at such an ungodly hour of the day, and instead found Hermione Granger.

Immediately, Pansy’s blood started to boil and her heart started to pound and she was about to slam the door when she realized that Hermione didn’t actually look very good. At all. Her dark skin was ashy and her cheeks were streaked with tears and she was wearing a dark green sweater that Pansy recognized a little too closely, arms wrapped around her body and a small leather rucksack slung over one shoulder.

They stood there for a long moment, each looking at each other, waiting for someone to speak first. In the end, it was Hermione.

It usually was.

“You look good.” She said, and her voice was a little hoarse from crying and she clearly had to work not to hiccup in the middle of the short sentence and Pansy narrowed her eyes, crossed her pale arms over her chest.

“You don’t.” Pansy snapped back, but instead of jumping to the challenge like usual, instead of snarking something in response, Hermione just looked down at the ground and sighed, then nodded.

Something was wrong. Something was wrong and Hermione was on her front step. Which was another question in itself.

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A few tidbits from Dragon*Con:

– Doc was writing some while he was at Con. He gave us a minor “spoiler” and said shortly before the Quiet Time panel he had been writing something to do with Lady Au Pair.

– The season 6 commentary will apparently include Doc admitting a horribly dark secret from his past, and he wouldn’t say more about what it was for the time being.

– When asked if it bothered him– “Nothing bothers me,” he interjected– when people called Dr. Girlfriend “Sheila”, he answered “..That one does bother me” and compared it to people calling him Eric (which apparently even his mom doesn’t do anymore). He prefers to think of Dr. Girlfriend as her default name. (While he wasn’t mentioned, I feel like it’s pretty safe to assume the same goes for the Monarch and being called “Malcolm”– if not moreso, given he doesn’t even call himself by his given name, where she at least does that.) The bad news is I’m really lazy and don’t want to write out Dr. Girlfriend all the time but I guess I’m alternating between that and Dr. Mrs. from now on, outside of select situations. Wehhh.

—– He is apparently also bothered by people calling Dr. Venture “Rusty”, but a lot more people in-universe do that including Rusty himself in public settings, and it’s kind of not the fandom’s fault that when you just talk about “Doc” without really clear context, everyone has to stop and go “…wait, Venture or Hammer?” so… xD; I’ll… make an effort to say Rusty a little less but… Clarity.

– Doc says that Orpheus is the sort of guy who would have had his property heavily insured, so he’s probably not hurting financially or living-situation-wise right now. ALSO, he promises that they’ll figure out a way to get Orpheus to New York eventually.

– Apparently, the biggest reason that Tatiana hasn’t had any lines yet is because they can’t decide who to cast as her voice, and they want to make sure if/when they eventually do it that it’s something they’ll be happy with that will stick. They don’t want to write her one line off-hand and just toss the part to whoever’s available and then run into a thing down the road where they need to use her and the previous VA is no longer available or that voice no longer suits the ideas they’ve gotten for building the character, etc, so they’re holding back on using her until/unless they have a pretty clear vision of what to do with her.

Cotton Mouth

Notes: Abraxas Malfoy character study + pre-relationship Abraxas Malfoy x Pansy Parkinson

Setting: Modern, non-magical, fraternity AU

Word Count: 1,031 

Written For: @takeupserpents [feel better, bb] + @reghoulus [A+ writing jail warden] + the person(s) who asked for more!abraxas like a million years ago [<3]

Mirrors have always liked Abraxas.

He spends the summer before his senior year off the southern coast of Greece on the Von Dutch guy’s eighty-foot yacht and when he goes back to school at the end of August he’s both super fucking tan and super fucking psyched because—

Riddle is gone.

Fucking shithead orphan Batman wannabe Tom Riddle had been Delt-Ep President for, like, ever—legend had it that he’d legit poisoned his predecessor by mixing a lead-paint based arsenic into a quail-egg protein shake on Super Bowl Sunday circa 2011 but there hadn’t really been a murder investigation and by Valentine’s Day he’d had them all wearing these weird matching leather BDSM cuffs with ugly-ass rhinestone Punisher skulls embroidered on the undersides and Abraxas hadn’t wanted to be the one to point out the obvious but, like, there’d been a stack of tacky motherfucking Nordstrom Rack bags in the dumpster the next day and he had standards, okay?

Not that it really mattered anymore.

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