lady and pebbles

My Graptopetalum Amethystium, or my “lavender pebbles”.

It’s so pink but I think it’s variegating now (will post updated pic eventually).

My boyfriend named this little guy Orange.

You can see Fern (he named that too lol) at the top too. He’s doing well in this new pot, rooting very slowly though. I need to get actual soil for Fern’s pot.

Give me Legolas trying to teach Aragorn archery

Aragorn had approached the archery master of Imladris first, of course. He wanted the learn to shoot something before Legolas cam back in the Summer, but ada had shook his head and the archery master had given him a rueful smile, patted his head and turned on his heel, leaving a very sullen mortal child behind. 

Elladan had laughed - actually laughed - when he’d asked and Elrohir had mumbled something under his breath and made a point of avoiding him for quite a few days after that. Glorfindel had eventually taken pity on him and occasionally snatched him away for lessons, but always at very strange times, such as first thing in the morning before everyone was awake, or the hour he got between lessons and the evening meal to lay as he liked - and even once just as he had been tucked into bed. Glorfindel ad kept him at it for nearly three whole weeks, but when a stray arrow shattered a pitcher of water held by one of the maids, they’d been forced to give it up.

So, Aragorn had no other choice than to ask Legolas, and when he’d arrived that Summer, Aragorn had tackled him around the waist, with his little bow already in hand. 

Lessons with Legolas weren’t what he expected. There was lots of sitting, and he had a blindfold on most of the time, and when he insisted he needed his eyes, Legolas scoffed and told him to ‘listen, first. If you learn to hear what’s around you, perhaps Lord Elrond will be able to keep more of his pottery.’

Eventually, Legolas let him take the blindfold off and actually hold the bow.Though he made him nock the arrows every which way for three days, then it took another week to perfect his stance and then finally, finally, Aragorn let an arrow fly…

And it missed.

“Very good, Estel!”

Aragorn screwed up his face and Legolas laughed and fetched his arrow for him. “That is very good for your first shot. It flew far, even though you don’t have the strength of elven bodies to help you. Be proud of yourself, tithen-pen.”

They practised for the rest of the Summer, and Legolas had Aragorn spending afternoons balancing on tree stumps (and branches when Erestor wasn’t looking), nocking his arrows whilst running through the little patch of woods in Lady Celebrian’s gardens, and throwing pebbles at Elladan and Elrohir from impossible places that meant they never found him on the times he managed to hit them on the back for their robes.

By the time Legolas was due to go home to Mirkwood, Aragorn rarely missed the target anymore and always remembered to soak in a warm bath. As Legolas turned the last corner that put the Last Homely House out of sight, there was a small thunk and a child’s arrow in the great stump of a fallen tree in front of him, and tied to it was a note.

Goodbye, Legolas! When you come back, I’ll be better than you!

Surprise! After saving and waiting I finally received my custom Phryne & Jack pops. Phryne’s pebble coat (Essie’s favorite) and Jack in his most beloved three piece suite.

These were beautifully made by HouseOfMouseDesigns.

You stand before Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons, Princess of Potato Farmers and Moistener of Towelettes, Baroness of Dandelions, the Toaster of Bread, High Lady of the Pebbles At The Bottom of Rivers and Duchess of Nail Polish, Acquirer of Titles and Goddess of Random Nouns,


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