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Alright here’s the last post about the mass effect group for today lol. We have most of the ladies and Joker (plus some vehicles and a Hanar lmao) but we’d love to have some more of the guys too! 

Any SoCal cosplayers are welcome to join in! This will 90% be going down at Wondercon 2016 and there’s a huge group of people involved with this, so if you’re feeling intimidated you won’t be going at this alone. James, Kaidan, Thane, Garrus, Jacob, Mordin, Cortez, Zaeed, Grunt, Wrex, hell, even Admiral Hacket! We have a facebook event page and if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll link you!

(Squad, this is also your call to get all your friends involved lol)

“I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.” -Douglas Pagels
In an effort toward self love and a big screw you to those who benefit from every beautiful soul on this planet feeling inadequate because they don’t have perfect clothes, hair and makeup; I was feeling awful today for the above reasons. Ladies, you are phenomenal for so many reasons, having a bad hair day doesn’t dull that shine of passion in your eyes or dim your smile when it can’t help but let it steal the show.
In light of that, no makeup and my hair do from Sunday, feeling like I should have a paper bag over my head and a little grumpy but hey, it happens. Just remember that no one can define your beauty except you. ✌💜
#selflove #innerbeauty #healthymindhealthybody

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I work at a market that specializes in Asian food and so there are A LOT of language barriers. Today I was stocking rice and a lady came up to me and started speaking a language that definitely wasn't English, so I said I was sorry and I only spoke English and she started laughing then her husband said "we're ready for you to ring us up" with the most apologetic expression. Then while I was ringing them up she started talking to me in perfect English. What a bitch.

this little old lady asked me today how I met my boyfriend and i didn’t have the heart to tell her it was through a blogging website so i said “through mutual friends” which, I mean, is true enough I guess

• dean in the wwe 2k16 trailer
• dean in the lockdown trailer
• dean is shirtless on raw
today is a good day ladies and gentleman

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So today an old lady on the bus punched me in the face with her gigantic bag, to which i said "sorry" (why did i even do that??) she then proceeded to complain about "the young generation" and how young people are so rude and unfriendly and i'm still so confused wtf

What?? That’s so weird