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@dragonhearted-clevergirl tagged me to unload multiple stages of my face on an unsuspecting populace and when Callie asks, I do.

Note: that is actually the only picture of myself from 2010 that I think I have? Selfie with a timer and a tripod, taken for that Star Wars collecting article I wrote. And if you noticed the shelves behind me, it was in an age where I still owned lots of DVDs (like, upwards of 500). What an ancient time.

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And anyone else who is interested in chronicling their last 7 years.


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Short guide to the new Star Wars characters. Spoiler free in case someone still haven’t seen the movie.

FINN (FN-2187)

- “Big Deal Resistanceman”
- Christened by Poe (previously known as FN-2187)
- Almighty Janitor
- Deserts from the First Order, because he didn’t want to shoot innocents, joins the resistance to shoot the First Order
- Child soldier upbringing
- Butt monkey for the majority of the comedy in the movie
- “Cowardly Lion” type character development
- Chronic hero syndrome (especially towards Rey ^^)
- Thinks he can swing a lightsaber


- Badass Adorkable
- Knows something about waiting
- The ingenue in a scavenger world
- Never seen grass
- Abandonment issues
- Damsel out of distress
- Can fly the Millennium Falcon – big props
- Is a fan of the main characters from the original trilogy
- Actually can swing a lightsaber


- Ace Pilot (and by ace I mean The Ace, he’s like a one-man squadron)
- Can even fly on a barn front door
- Big brother of the group
- Finn’s wing man
- Deadpan snarker
- Viva la resistance


- The obligatory astromech droid
- A droid head on a rolling sphere, how does it work!
- Cute machine
- The funny guy
- The hero in the back


- The big bad
- Dark, Evil and Ax-Crazy (or is he?)
- Badass family
- Has anger issues
- Mood-Swinger (and kinda emo)
- Vader fanboy (the sole reason he wears that helmet)
- Villain with hidden depths
- Non-standard lightsaber


- The military man brat of the new evil group, as opposed to Kylo Ren being the Dark Jedi
- Calm and self-assured non-action guy, as opposed to Kylo Ren being the passionate, plagued with self-doubt fighter
- Competes with Kylo Ren for their senpai notice
- As you might have guessed, he and Kylo Ren doesn’t like each other much
- Large ham
- Third Reich level speech skills


- Tall stormtrooper lady
- The new Boba Fett
- Other stormtroopers are jelly of her cuz she has a real name
- Dumped


- “Snoke” really?
- The bigger bad
- Affably evil
- Looks as like Voldemort and Gollum had a child
- Was the one that corrupted Kylo Ren