I got a text at 9 last night "Your horse needs to be out of here by tomorrow"

She tried to say it costs $617 to ONLY put shavings in his stall, and his hay…

she tried saying he takes an ENTIRE bag of shavings EVERY DAY


Duck was out of there by noon.

Back with wife.

ps, that is why there were no posts today. I was dealing with psycho ladies. please forgive me.

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A Short Story About Duck

I want to start with I KNOW THIS IS THE WRONG FUCKING LEAD (he has ALOT of trouble picking this lead up)

ok: so down by that gate is the Mule, he wouldn’t go anywhere NEAR that gate, until yesterday.

Until Yesterday, I would also get bucked off (or close to) EVERY time you asked him to canter.

I know it’s not much, but the little steps mean alot <3