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I was tagged by: heart-attack-harry, thank you! :)

Name: Josie

Nickname: I don’t really have one, I sometimes get called Jos though!

Birthday: March 24

Star sign: Aries

Gender: Female

Height: A teeeeeeny bit under 5′4

Sexuality: Straight

Favorite color(s): Light pink, gold, periwinkle, emerald green, ++

Current time: 4:48pm

Average hours of sleep: Usually around 7 or 8 

Last thing I googled: What cologne Harry wears lol. I went shopping yesterday and while we were in Sephora I smelled all of the Tom Ford colognes cause I remembered Harry saying he wore one of them but I didn’t know which one :p

Number of blankets I sleep under: A sheet, another little blanket, my comforter, and a thick blanket over that. I like to be warm :-)

Celebrity crush: for a guy - Harry, and for a girl - Perrie Edwards

Favorite book: I don’t have any specific books but I really liked Sarah Dessen’s books when I was younger and some of Nicholas Sparks’ books too. I’m a sucker for sappy romance 🙈

Favorite bands/artists: One Direction, Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Tori Kelly, Beyoncé, The 1975, Ed Sheeran, Miguel, Fleetwood Mac, ++

Last movie I watched: The Parent Trap I think!

Dream trip: Hawaii or London

Dream job: A singer definitely, maybe in a group :)

I tag: floral-narry, stairwaytostyles, ladstagram and anyone who wants to!

 Thanks for 17k! 

I would say faves are bolded but you are all my faves so the ones I reblog/interract with the most are bolded. Check out the bottom for my other multiandom faves!

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I haven’t made a follow forever in about a year, so I thought I’d make one before I went to school. Same as always, my follow forever’s tend to be a little small, but thats only because I’m very selective to which blogs I love a bit more than all the others! Of course I love everyone that I follow because you all are hilarious, kind, smart, and have beautiful blogs. Here’s my blogroll

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We lost 50 followers but I can understand if you unfollow us because of the lack of posts… 😭
I’m sorry but I’m trying to post as much as I can but I’m a little bit busy with work and my mum is still not feeling much better.. thank you to all our loyal followers we ❤ you ~Lena ❤❤ #1D #1DAF #1DIZZLE #onedirection #liam #liampayne #harrystyles #harry #fetus #lirry #cutest #love #proudof1d by _ladstagram_

Hellooo :)
How are you all? :)
I’ve got headache again today and I wanted to go inline skating later.. think I have to do that tomorrow ;) but maybe some ice cream will help 😂😂🍨🍨🍨
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a good morning from lena and a goodnight from meeee 😂🙈 i’m going to bed now since it’s almost 1am here haha 😅
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Hahah gotta love Louis!
I’m so so happy that the boys finally said something and promised that theyre gonna stay together! ❤❤ we can all breathe again! ~Lena
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Good morning ❤
Still scared for today but I think I’m gonna be happy when I made it 🙈🙈 ttyl 🌸 ~L
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