OUAT Positivity: Week 8

Week Eight // January 25 - 31 // Favorite Location(s) and/or Object(s)

The unique locations and objects are just as important as the storylines themselves. Is there a certain place you love? An object that you want to talk about?


I’d say that for locations, I really like New York. I think it gives the show such a unique ladscape and setting for the story and, curiously, the New York episodes are the ones I like the most. For example Manhattan and New York City Serenade

Another location I really like is Mary Margaret’s apartment. It just seems to me that her apartment is one of the places where you can just go, sit on a couch and relax. Like a grandparents’ house (and it technically is).

Also, I really liked Camelot, especially the Middlemist Field. Scenes in that field were just gorgeous and I’m glad that it is now a symbol for Captain Swan.


The first object that comes to mind is the compass Hook and Emma went to find at the top of the beanstalk. I think it’s sort of representative symbol of who they were and how far they’ve come and the fact that no matter what, they always find each other. 

I also liked the memory potion Hook used on Emma in New York. I love it because that little vial gave Emma all that she had lost. I actually have a replica of that memory potion in a necklace. Here it is…

I also like the storybook. I think it’s one of the most significant objects in the whole story because it is what allows people to know about everything that happen to the other favorite characters. So, for them, it’s sort of a History book where everything they’ve lived through is recorded so I find it really interesting.

Lastly, I’m gonna say Hook’s jewelry because, to be honest, it looks really sexy on him. And, besides, is super interesting how every ring he wears is a story so I would really like to know what other stories are behind his tattoos (because I assume he has more than one) and behind the charms around his neck.