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gimme a cheeky reblog if you enjoyed the #bants m8 it’d be sick i swear you’ll be a rite ledge let’s smash it then go get hammered

Cheeky nandos:

So you’re sat in your halls with a couple of the #Lads from uni and you know you are getting on it later so the pints start flowing about 5. Then Smithy, (fucking smithy), pipes up with “lads lads lads lads, i’m feeling rather peckish boys” and you know it’s Tuesday so curry club at spoons is completely off the cards, and well you can’t get a full on Indian cause it’ll only be exiting your system in your cheeky tactical chunder later on that night, it is Get On It Tuesday at Gatecrasher after all. So you all lace up your Gazelles, gel your hair to the side cause you know all the #piff girls think it looks dank, button up your polo’s and head off to nandos to get the piri piri sauce flowing, and to enjoy some top notch banter with the lads. The sign that you had an extra cheeky nandos is that someone will utter the words “Archbishop of Banterbury”.

so what tf is a cheeky nandos

m8 its’ proper basic listen now

u just got back from a mad gym sesh #nodaysoff an ur proper knackered so u get on the sofa ready to watch a double helpin of jezza kyle before pornhub but then u hear ur drum and bass ringtone blastin from the nokia brik

it’s ur mate Gav (total ledge wiv the millibanter 4 all) so u pick up like “what u want dickhead” and he’s all like “brev me n th lads r at ‘spoons (they just got ther from netto, hidin in the fridges n that coz lads on tour is bantasaurus rex to th max) but Steve just sed he got mula for dayz on his nandos card, u shud come along it'l be proper cheeky”

u already went for a cheeky nandos yesteday cos u got ur paychek from ur part tim job at home bargains but u don’t think twice

grab th gel an get that bashin iced gem hair on point coz the clunge think its topkek an u want to get som gash 2nite, whack on ur gstar trakkies wiv adidas trainers and a sick hollister tank top then jump in th bantermobile (vauxhal nova w/ a mental sound system and big exhaust, bashy as fuk), get sum tunes blarin an ride to jd sports redy to meet the lads

mandem climb in an u solid banter the way to nandos thinkin bowt how hank marvin you ar whilst Smithy moans about wantin to go 2 maccers insted, fuckin pleb, and dave is proper nervous cos he about to lose his nandos virginity so it best be extra cheeky

your all there at last and th smell of that cheeky chicken almost masks th aroma of th various lynx body sprays u all got on. lad is feelin cheekier than th cheeky girls singin th cheeky song so you go for chicken butterfly and fino wiv garlic bread, mash and some top quality banter (british banter sourced from a local farm)

jezza an jay (fukin bant and dec more like) left early to go see their nan for her 30th birthday but but it was bantastic anyway. altho dave chunked up, gess it was his first time an he wasn’t redy to go to the bantomime quite yet should hav stuck with lemon and herb before steppin up 2 piri piri. u leave the lads and run into that girl kelly u fingered round th back of lidl once so u go and she givs u a gr8 nosh in the pets at home car park, finally u drive home to get some winks hopin the banter bugs don’t bite when u hav a proper nostalg dream about basil brush

sick wednesday evening overall