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26 “Consider it a divine intervention.” + Barba

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26. “Consider it a divine intervention.” | Rafael Barba

Things were going wrong. Very, very wrong. The rapist had withstood questioning, not slipping up once; the eye witness had admitted that yes, she had been a little tipsy that night and no, she couldn’t be certain that she identified the right man; and the victim was currently falling apart during the cross. 

You could tell Rafael was upset. He was amazing at hiding his disappointment from the jury, his aloof facade holding up well in the heat of the crossfire, but after five years with the man, you knew him well enough to read his small giveaways: the redness on the tips of his ears, the twisting of his wedding band around his ring finger, the index finger of his other hand tapping at the armrest of his chair. 

Despite the aching in your back, you refused to leave. It was obvious that your husband was upset. The last thing you wanted to do was distress him further.

Your baby, however, didn’t seem to have a qualm with making a scene. Just as Buchanan aimed another derisive question to the agitated victim, you felt a sudden rush between your legs. Your eyes widened as you felt your pants dampen. Sonny looked at you, eyebrows raised in shock as he took in the situation. 

“Holy shit.”

All eyes shot over to you and Sonny; he cursed himself for having accidentally uttered his words so loudly, but he couldn’t help it. Your water just broke, for Christ’s sake!

Rafael stood up as soon as he saw you. He was still looking at you when he requested to approach and his eyes didn’t leave you as he walked towards the bench, only tearing his eyes away when necessary. 

He didn’t wait for the judge to address him, immediately requesting the day—and possibly the next—off; his wife had just gone into labor, for Christ’s sake! Needless to say, the judge was less-than-thrilled, but Rafael couldn’t give a shit about his opinion even if he tried. Instead, he simply thanked the judge for understanding and ran back to the prosecution table to gather his things.

“Due to a family emergency, we’re going to need to take a brief intermission from the trial. Court is adjourned for the day!” Judge Ladley explained, the sound of the gavel echoing through the court. 

The room was alight with chatter, but all of it was static to Barba as he abandoned his briefcase to take your hand tightly. Knowing that Rollins or Fin would grab his things for him, Rafael focused on helping you up. Carisi was on your other side, letting you grip his hand as you were pulled up.

“Could you have chosen a more inconvenient time to come, mi hijo?” Barba joked, his hand firm on the small of your back as he addressed your large stomach.

“Oh, come on, Rafael,” you smiled, despite the discomfort of the onset of contractions as you hobbled out of the courtroom. “We both know that cross was killing your case. Consider it a divine intervention.”


a ladle is indeed a type of specialized spoon.