I can’t get over how this song starts serious and then turns into 

♅ one dance : ca mini event

✎ } Now this was her kind of thing - though the singing host was something she could’ve passed on. However it was quite an interesting party for only being here for less then a few weeks. Haruka dressed herself in a tux for her own fun , blonde locks framed her feminine face . Her dark blue hues had watched the dance floor as many couples seemed to be enjoying themselves as they should.

As for the lone wolfs that came to the ball , wishing for someone to dance with throughout the night - well - the senshi wasn’t gonna let any broken hearts leak on a perfect night like this.

Haruka gave a gentle smile as she approached the girl , hand out as offered her time and attention to the stranger at the table. “ The night is still young , why don’t we dance . ” She hadn’t seen michiru at all here , so a little fun couldn’t hurt anyone. “ Not to shy are we ? ” Asking once more , eying the other sweetly.