Les Twins fans!..put a # in my ask box and ill answer

    1 = Name a song you heard for the first time seeing them dance to that you now listen to?

    2= What is your favorite feature of Larry?

    3 = What is your favorite Laurent move?

    4= What is your favorite Larry move?

    5= What is your favorite picture of Larry?

    8= What is your favorite feature of Laurent?

    9= What is your favorite picture of Laurent?

    10 = What is your favorite picture with both Larry and Laurent?

    11= Name something you have in common with them?

    12= A place that they have gone to that you would like to visit?

    13= What do you like best?….Laurent Afro V.S Twist?

    14= What do you like best?…Larry Afro V.S Twist?

    15= What was the first video you watched of Les Twins?

    16= What is your favorite Les Twins video?

    17= When did you first discover them?

    18= What do you consider yourself to be? LT Fan?… LT Lady?… LT Groupie?

    19= What was the longest amount of time you have spent watching, looking, ect at things that deal with Les Twins?

    20= Do you have any nicknames for them?….if so what are they?

    21= What is something you want to know about them?
    22= Who was the first person you got hooked to Les Twins?

    23= Did you or do you know anyone who enjoys Les Twins just as much as you do in your area where you live?

    24= What is your way of identifying who is Larry and who is Laurent?

    25= About how long did it take for you to finally get down to who was who?

    26= Have you ever got to see them live or meet them? if so what was it like?

    27= What is your contribution to the Tumblr world of LT? ex: reblogger, gif maker, post videos..ect

    28= What was the funniest thing you have heard them say, do, or wear?

    29= Which twin are you crazy for?

    30= What is something that Laurent does that you love and drives you crazy?

    31= What is something that Larry does that you love that drives you crazy?

    32= What is you biggest pet peeve someone says about Les Twins that you hate?

    33= French or English…what do you like to hear them speak?

    34= What is something that LT has done that you find your self doing? ex. phrases, dance moves, wearing certain pieces of clothing…ect

    35= If you had to describe them in one word what would it be?

Working on a little Les Twins project myself my second one :) not good with making fancy stuff on the computer although it will be a video... i hope it turns out how i want it to and hopefully i can put it out on DEC.6, 2011 very special day of course wish me luck ima need it!!:)
  1. larry and laurent  MY liittle amateur video….not the greatest but it works for me =) it includes my favorite clips and pictures of them LOVE them both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
new LT fans (and me)

i know alot of the pics have been posted on other LT fans,lovers,ect pages… but i dont have them gotta catch up and i kno im not the only one but i will continue to try and find more pics and videos enjoy <ladiiet2010>