Boyband headcanon

Okay guys, picture this: Zuko, Sokka, Aang and Jet (alive in this hc) all come together to form a boyband to create peace between the different tribes with each one of them representing the different elements. They try to connect everyone with music.

But I can’t decide who is the rapper, best dancer, visual, ladiesman, lyrics writer, etc. Help me out please.. And what the hell would their groupname be???

This isn’t the first time I talk about Sanji’s question “do you love me?” around here, but I think it’s worth briging it again within a new perspective, and, of course, it fits the prompt perfectly.

Everyone remembers these lighthearted moments, when Sanji does something amazing, usually after making an epic entrance, he usually asks Nami if she is impressed, or rather, if she fell in love with him. ^^

Despite Sanji being a natural ladiesman and, unfortunately, someone who uses the word “love” too much (which makes some skeptical readers believe that he sees all the women the same), it’s curious that, despite being around with Vivi, Robin, Viola, Pudding and many others, he only asked Nami if his love is returned.

When Sanji talks with Ivankov in Kamabakka Kingdom (chapter 595), he states that he isn’t the type of guy that would be friends with the ladies, he was born into this world to “love” them. That’s why I believe it’s just part of his character to say that he “loves” Vivi, Robin, all the mermaids in Fishman Island or that he was in “love” when he was with Viola. And of course, he said he loves Nami more times than he said with anyone else. 

But my point is, when Sanji said that to Ivankov, I believe he is stating his principles, that he should love the ladies unconditionally. After all, he was born to love them, he doesn’t require them to return his feelings, like a willing servant, bearing in mind the respective proportions and obvious exceptions, I’m using the word in a good and selfless sense. ^^

But with Nami, it doesn’t seem to be exactly like that. He constantly teases her and only her if she has deeper feelings for him (in Alabasta, in Skypiea, in Enies Lobby, in Fishman Island) or wonder if she would confess her feelings for him (Punk Hazard) and, more recently, wondering if she would want to propose him (Whole Cake Island). I’m not sure if Sanji is aware or if he is acting unconsciously, but it seems to me, that Nami is “the one”. If you are a servant, you can love all the women or even all the people in the world even if they don’t love you back. But the love of your life, is the only one you’d really want your feelings returned. In other words, if Sanji is like a willing servant for all the ladies, he doesn’t want to be just a servant for Nami, he wants something else, her love. And I believe that’s the key for Sanji’s growth as a character.

And if you bring all that together with the fact that Sanji doesn’t mind risking his life and sacrificing himself for Nami, which, oddly or not, he only did that for her (Drum Kingdom, Skypiea, Thriller Bark), you may reach the same conclusion as me: that Nami is special to Sanji. 

So, perhaps, everytime Sanji questions Nami if she loves him back, he is actually confessing his love for her. ^^

And, of course, we couldn’t end this post without saying that, even if’s a gag or not (we can blame Sanji for asking during the worst moments), Nami never answered Sanji with a no. And she dodged the question other two times… 

And every time she answered Sanji with “yes”, later she would hit Sanji and form a heart-shaped bumps:

Not long after they escape, Nami hits him and we have this:

In Fishman Island, Sanji teases her again only to receive another yes:

After the battle and the party, when Nami hits him we have this:

I guess in the end, both have their particular ways to confess their feelings. :D

SanNami and their similarity with other pairings

Fellow One Piece pairings:

  • Character gags involving love and proposal marriage: Sai x Baby 5, Luffy x Hancock
  • A ladiesman and living in a certain bar/cafe/restaurant: Rayleigh x Shakky
  • A knight in shining armor: Leo x Mansherry
  • Captain trust him to rescue the woman: Franky x Robin
  • Heart eye: Chopper x Milky
  • Woman’s angry and slapping him in tears: Usopp x Kaya, Senor Pink x Russian 
  • The orange haired girl with fishman past calls the blond who ran away from his noble family with “-kun”: Sabo x Koala

Other Japanese fandoms:

(result may different to popular western pairing trope):

  • A pervert and womanizer could be ended up with his favorite girl (SHOUNEN): Miroku x Sango (Inuyasha), Onizuka x Azusa (GTO), Hachibe x Sakurako (Love & College), Kogoro x Eri (Detective Conan), Otoya x Maya (Kamen Rider Kiva)
  • A “prince” with his problem in his rich family loving a girl from poof family (SHOUJO): Tamaki x Haruhi) Ouran High School Host Club, (Domyoji x Makino) Hana Yori Dango, (Takumi x Misaki) Kaichou wa Maid-sama
  • A man leaving the woman frustrating for his own problem that the past strike him: Cloud x Tifa (Final Fantasy VII), Kenshin x Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin), Sasuke x Sakura (Naruto)

Still have no reason to love Sanji x Nami? It’s like full package in one pairing XD. Or, do you have other example? Tell us in reply if you have any^^.

anonymous asked:

REQUEST: Peter Hale x reader. He discovers he is in love with you after being a douche ladiesman. When he confesses his feelings for you and asks for forgiveness it is too late because you're moving out of town. (the rest is up to you)

I Love You, More Than You Think I Do  

Pairing: Peter Hale x reader

Length: Approx. 2k words

Warnings: starts angsty, ends angsty

Musical Inspiration: “I Love You” by Alex and Sierra


It’s raining outside as you pack your life up into boxes. It’s fitting you think because it matches your feelings perfectly. Everything had been going great. You had a job you loved and friends that made you smile when things got hard. A lover that finally understood you. Unfortunately, that lover was also understanding several other people when you weren’t together.

The thought of Peter leaves you feeling cold. You hadn’t had the talk yet, about being exclusive, but you’d thought both of you were on the same page. Thinking back, you realize you were just being oblivious. He’d always flirted with other people right in front of you but you’d brushed it off, allowing yourself to excuse it as just something was part of Peter’s personality. He was charming, that was all.

He didn’t seem so charming when you’d dropped by his apartment to tell him the good news about your promotion and a woman, dressed only in one of Peter’s shirts answered the door.


“Can I help you? She’d asked, lipstick smothered smirk directed at you.

“No,” you said with a flinch, backing away slowly.

Peter was at the door before you could flee.

“Who is it, darling?” He’d asked her, pressing a kiss to her neck before looking out into the hallway.

You were surprised he hadn’t recognized your scent, or maybe your heartbeat, but you guessed he was probably a little too busy scenting his date to care.

“No one,” she answered, already turning to shut the door.

Her words cut deep because in that moment they were entirely accurate. You felt like no one. No one Peter Hale could ever really care about. Maybe Derek was right when he’d tried to warn you away from his uncle. Maybe Peter really could only care about himself.

You swallowed down the empty feeling that was trying to tighten your throat and turned to go but Peter was yanking the door back opened.

“(Y/n)?” He questioned. “What are you doing here?”

You stopped, turning back to him. “Finding out where we stand, apparently.”

Peter sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose like he was already getting a headache from having to deal with you. “Don’t be like that, (Y/n). We never said we were exclusive.”

“I thought it was pretty clear what I wanted when I told you that I loved you,” you answered quietly.

“Yeah, well, I’m a werewolf, not a mind reader,” he snapped at you.

You stared at him, fuming at you for making him feel guilty about being with someone else when he had to know that he was the only person you wanted to be with.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll have any problem interpreting this one. Goodbye, Peter,” you tell him, as you walk away and out of the building.

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FINALLY back on track! had to get messy with the sketches for the Pokemon October Challenge but w/e.

Day21 Fall “Hey Lars! Look! I’m turning Shiny like you!” “yeah… Trevor… that’s still not funny since last year…”

Day22 Winter Starting to warm up to Mega Glalie, he’s like that loveable jerk that we all like to hate in a series XD. Gotta work on those ladiesman skills though!

The Puppy You Share Together

(twitter series) you tweet a picture


y/t/n: i’m inlove! thank you @camerondallas best present ever!


y/t/n: woke up to this little cutie, he sure does love the present we got him @The MattEspinosa


y/t/n: he fell asleep after a little tickle sesh @AaronCarpenter


y/t/n: Out with the bae and @hayesgrier love you both!!


y/t/n: One of my favourite things about @Mr_Carterrxr is his gorgeous puppy #inlove

Jack Gilinsky:

y/t/n: I am screaming!! How cute is this baby doll?? MASSIVE thanks to @jackgilinsky for bringing this cutie home. I love you so so much xx


y/t/n: Hahaha these cheeky devils! #puppylove #bestbuddies @JacobWhitesides

Jack Johnson:

y/t/n: Always wanted a pug! i feel like crying. You’re too sweet @jackjohnson she’s an angel


y/t/n: YAY! @MahoganyLOX and i went halves to get the most adorable puppy today, he’s a spunky man #ladiesman


y/t/n: Walked outside to find @sammywilk playing with this little fella. Cutest thing i’ve ever seen!


y/t/n: watching our boy @ShawnMendes on ellen… we’re missing you!


y/t/n: Selfie with the bae while waiting for @Nashgrier to get home. So inlove with this little cutie


y/t/n: Best suprise i’ve ever gotten! @taylorcaniff words cant describe how thankful i am. He’s the cutest puppy ever, can’t wait to watch him grow up with you xx





#90 Father John Misty “Only son of a ladiesman” (by Videoteca Bodyspace)

This man is beautiful and I’m in love with voice. 
Not sad, just wanted to be swooned!