EXO reaction | to you wearing their shirt


  • He would be surprised at first though extremely… interested.
  • He’d think you look cute all dressed in that black sleeveless shirt of his, resting just above your mid-thigh.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget his black cap.
  • He’ll adore you wearing all his clothes despite looking awfully hot.
  • He’d definitely know what that could eventually lead up to.
  • And he’d be playful, oh yes. 

“Trying to seduce me in my own clothes, are we, princess?”

“Maybe…Is that what you want?”

“Oh, yes, yes.”

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  • It would definitely leave him flustered and all.
  • A giggly mess.
  • He’d be confused as to what you intended with that.
  • Did you only want to be playful and wear that so flatter-fitting white shirt or did you expect something more?
  • Either way he’d find you completely adorable.

“You like my shirt, eh, darling?”

“It smells like you.”

“Ah–” -shies away-

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  • Would love it.
  • So much, too.
  • He’d find you more lovable, wearing his shirt.
  • He’d love the idea of you being comfortable, more so if it’s because of him
  • –even in an indirect way.
  • He’d adore your smile and cute giggles when you find him staring at you funnily. 

“How is it?” -twirling around in his shirt-

“Beautiful. Do you like it that much? Do you want more? Wait, should I get more so that you can use them too?”

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  • Well, he’d be all for it, honestly.
  • Even more when he’s not exactly that tall
  • –and it doesn’t really fit you that long.
  • You know what I mean.
  • He’d joke around at first, obviously.
  • But…

“Staring like that, eh, Byun? Give me a break, I might wear off.”

“Oh, no, just an idea, that’s all.” “I could always, you know, try your shirt on too or something… Let me just get this one out of the way first.”

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  • Unexpected.
  • He’d be unexpected.
  • You’d have thought seeing you in that not-quite-long-not-quite-short long sleeved shirt of his would, I don’t know, activate that little part of his brain.
  • But no.
  • He would become so sweet and careful with you
  • Thankful for having you with him, so, so close.

“You know I love you so much, right, (Y/N)?” -hugging you-

“Dae, I can’t breathe.” -struggling-

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  • Boy, oh, boy.
  • He would be very much whinny.
  • Why didn’t you wear his stuff more often?
  • For once he would complain about his height.
  • His shirt reaching down almost to your knees, fitting much more loosely than desired.

“Baby.” -whining-

“What.” -whining back-

“Don’t you think another shirt will fit you better than that?”

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  • Okay, so, here, his hair grew.
  • “no, no, no, no, no, baby don’t say you want no bad guy”
  • But really, he would feel bad.
  • You standing there
  • A little lady sporting his shirt around mid-thigh, innocently soft and all–
  • he would feel bad.

“(Y/N), do you really want me to be the bad guy here?” -pouting his bitten lip-

“I never said I don’t want a bad guy.”

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  • He’d be so fluffing excited, honestly.
  • A giant tail-wiggling puppy.
  • Would have so many things in mind.
  • No, not those things.
  • Yes, you look damn good, but you know what is damn good too?
  • Cuddling down next to each other to watch some movies and binge on sweets. 

“WOW, baby, you look great. wAIT, what if I get a shirt on too, get a movie going, pop some corn–”


“–get some chocolates, and pillows and blankets aND–”

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  • He would try to keep his calm on, alright.
  • Oh Sehun is proud.
  • Letting you know he’s feeling all flustered and chummy chummy by the simple act of you wearing his shirt would damage the reputation he’d built with you
  • (that of a cool, composed boyfriend)
  • –one which, after all, always broke with your antics. 

“Mhm? Something wrong, Hunnie?”

“W-Why do you ask?”

“You were staring.”

“Was I?”

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also bonus another lady (character) sporting a new haircut..

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My favorite quotes from the old men sitting next to me at Panera

“I saw old Wally today! Remember him? Nice guy. He said he fucked my wife. Then he called me a son of a bitch.”

“This whole capitalism thing is just glorified slavery. You get a job or you DIE. Ridiculous.”

“He doesn’t understand where you’re coming from!” “Where am I coming from, Manchester?” “You’re coming from a BRILLIANT MIND!”

[5 minutes of comparing Chinese proverbs]

“Did you hear that the lady hockey players are on strike? They want more money. They better get it! They deserve it. Those lady sports player get no money and no credit.”

[Comparing their various pocket knives and pen knives in the middle of Panera]

“There should be more women on the police force, the poor prostitutes don’t get any sympathy from those men”

“I’ll be right back. Why don’t you talk to the young lady next to you?” ((This meant me)) “I don’t WANNA talk to her!”

“I can’t believe they used to put the kids with the mental illnesses in the hospitals and never mention them again. They should’ve been ASHAMED. Like the Kennedys.”

DAY 3529

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Nov 22/23,  2017                  Wed/Thu  1:20 AM

It is now determined fact … having to sit at home and not go to work is the biggest disease ever that infected the human .. okay .. so some cancellations took place and work shifted, but it shifted the mind and body too .. I mean how many times can one see the same Cricket Football and Basketball game on the tele .. its on repeat for the station, but it becomes the repeat for us too ..

The ladies abhor the Sports Channel, so one has to secretly steal a moment away in a separate room to catch all the latest .. not to say that all ladies dislike it .. in general .. they would rather be viewing the social dramas, the comedic interludes and so .. but no sport .. uurrghgrru .. !!

And its 44 years of Namak Haram .. the film that Hrishi Da directed with great enthusiasm soon after the making of Anand .. and giving me that angry ebullient character of the businessman and his friend, played with such finesse by Rajesh Khanna .. a wonderful adaptation of the play “Beckett” .. 

In the play and the film that was made, it recounted to some extent the historical relationship between the King of England and the Head of the Church .. both friends of immense stature and value  .. and then one day their personal view points differ and the results thereafter .. the King getting rid of his best friend ..

I believe Peter O Toole played King to Richard Burton’s head of the Church .. what a cast .. and I believe on stage they would after a certain period of time switch roles .. or so I heard .. magnificent !!

Hrishi Da made it a socialist drama .. the difference in temperament and perhaps leanings between a capitalist and a factory worker .. friends beyond all, but the magnate asking the friend to join the ranks of his factory to feed back mutterings of revolt or workings among the labor, and to get the friend to effectively change their minds .. the friend does so, but his conscience realises that the worker was right and alienates himself with his friend .. that gives rise to the conflict amongst the dearest of friends and the results thereafter .. it is indicated that the magnate gets rid of the friend and is convicted  .. 

Beautifully scripted and written by Gulzar .. it used to be a joy to be on set and in the company of such talent around .. Hrishikesh Mukherji, Gulzar, RD Burman, and the superstar Rajesh Khanna .. 

Shot entirely at the Mohan Studios, now demolished and given up to high rise apartments .. and I often wonder .. what happens when spaces such as these are taken over commercially .. I mean do those that occupy these spaces now, ever wonder that they live and domesticate the very air that breathed some of the greatest movies made in the times of the Indian Film Industry .. 

There are times now when I work on the sets at Film City, or Mehboob Studios .. and RK Studios the reminisce of films made at various stages of my career at these locations and floors .. at times getting deeply nostalgic and getting into the habit of narrating to those unaware of the times of the times ..   

Most of them that listen in to the narrations seem disinterested .. they should .. who would want to hear of the past .. for them the present and the future is of greater interest .. rightly so .. 

Nostalgia grips the personal by the chest, embraces it with the warmth of the brightest .. the present and future is still too impersonal .. it will require time for it to be noticed and talked or thought about ..

It is strange .. I now shall lead myself to my bed .. but am apprehensive about what I shall dream of tonight .. will it be pleasant, will it be filed with unknown visions of distress .. shall there be hope in them .. or will they just be dark forgetful features, lost and forgotten as soon as the eyes open ..

What ..?

Or shall find out and reveal tomorrow .. good night ..

Captain’s Vigilante (6/?)

Word Count: 4800ish 

Warnings: Wordiness is a curse. We get to see progress yay. I’m all up for a slow burn. Thank you for reading.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You are a genius vigilante, misunderstood, feared and on top of the Avengers watch list. They see you as a major threat and has to be stopped. They’ve no idea you only have the best of intention but just has no idea how to express it a better way. And you like the reputation they gave you. It’s what you’re used to so you play with it. After yet another visit to the Avengers tower and being caught and then being shot. Things take a turn for you both when Steve seemed to break those walls and get to know the real you.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10  | Part 11 | Part 12


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Steve woke up to the sound of soft snores and quiet knocking. He instinctively glanced to [Y/N] to find her sleeping soundly in a bundle of blankets, making him smile at her. He was worried for her wellbeing a few hours ago but looking at her now, with her hair in a mess and limbs tangled with the sheets. 

His attention was taken back to the knocking in the distance. Steve immediately checked for weapons around the room and all he saw was multiple gadgets he absolutely had no idea how to use. A gun was the only thing he knew how to use but he decided on not taking it. 

He silently strode towards the door, a little bit confused by the miscellaneous locks on the door accompanied with dim red lights. It resembled what a bomb squad would deactivate and that made him nervous and the patient knocking was pressuring him too. The corner of his eye caught the keys he left by the door and quickly took it. He inserted the key with shaky hands in the lock and as he turned, every blinking light turned off and he released a sigh in relief. He should’ve known all those things were just for show like it’s maker. He thought, chuckling to himself. 

He hid behind the door as he slowly opened it, going into a fighting stance which quickly melted away when he was greeted by a rather innocent looking old lady sporting thick glasses with a smile and carrying a steamy bowl of soup. 

“Uh, hello.” Steve greeted meekly, not knowing how to reply. He didn’t know if [Y/N] was in a different persona here or if he’ll be recognized or anything. 

“Good morning.” The old woman greeted back, showing off a welcoming smile. She handed the bow of soup towards Steve, confusing him slightly but he took it anyways. “I just wanted to give [Y/N] some chicken soup.”

“Thank you very much, ma'am.”

“Is she okay? I saw that she was a little tired last night.” The woman sounded genuinely concerned and she was. She actually did see Steve carrying [Y/N] to her apartment while she was unconscious. She just needed to know if she was alright by the goodness of her heart. Steve sensed this and felt like she had the right to be at ease. 

“Yes, she’s getting better. She has been overworking herself,” Steve reasoned, quickly thinking of an excuse for what the woman saw. 

“Oh, how unfortunate. I know she’s a workaholic; always leaving early then going back in the middle of the night. I just get so worried sometimes.” The woman shook her head, remembering the very few times she saw [Y/N] go back home and [Y/N] always seemed too tired to be bothered. 

“Yes, well, I’ll make sure she eats all of this.” Steve bantered, gesturing to the bowl and making the mood a little brighter. The old woman chuckled at the young man in front of her. 

“She’s so lucky to have such a nice boy to look after her.” The old woman cooed as she placed a comforting hand on Steve’s arm. “Be good to her, okay?”

Steve’s brows furrowed in shock. Is this woman saying what he thinks she’s saying? “Uh-”

“Of course he will.” A voice giggled as Steve felt a hand snake around his arm. 

[Y/N] woke up to the sound of Steve trying to be slick a moment ago. She would peek out and silently chuckle at him maneuvering himself from all the stuff she had on her floor. She couldn’t forget that frustrated look on his face when he had to open the door. She ought to tease him about it later.

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On Sansa’s hairstyle and clothing style

It is so interesting to observe how Sansa dresses and does her hair throughout the series; because as Sansa undergoes her journey - starting with Southern dreams only to have them crushed and progressively returning to Northern realities - so do her hair and clothes follow and parallel this journey.

At the start of the show, we see Sansa wearing a pale blue dress with a heavy fur coat when she greets the royal family when they visit Winterfell. Her hair is let down. Arya is also wearing blue. This is the most Stark Sansa looks before a long time. Observe though that out of the whole Stark family, Sansa is already wearing the most pale of the coats - her parents, her sister and her brothers all wear darker tones. This marks her as the least of her family bound to their Northern roots. Indeed Sansa is presented as the child leaning the most towards the South and the one that could easiest adapt to it. Sansa is quick to shed her coat and upon arriving at King’s Landing, quickly adopts a Southern style, favoring a flowery purple dress that would easily please House Tyrell - a motif that she displays from the very beginning of the series. She still likes to wear pale blue though and although her septa points out she also quickly adopted a southern hairstyle, she still lets her hair down sometimes. She wears it southern-styled more heavily - and happily - towards the end of Season 1 as a way for her to get inspiration from Cersei.

Following the death of her father and with her dreams shattered, we see Sansa still choosing to wear southern colors - pale pink and blue - and she still sports a southern hairstyle very often. This reflects her initial fear of being left alone as hostage in King’s Landing; thus she keeps dressing like she does belong to the court as a means to protect herself, a way for her to blend and fit in. Notice though that as she finds some footing - learning to not give into Cersei or Joffrey but not yet standing up to them - she subtly starts to detach herself from the Southern culture. When the mob attacks the King, she is wearing her hair southern-styled but finds a way to have them semi-let down and after the riot, she lets them down entirely, simply tying them lightly behind her head while also dismissing explicit southern colors, choosing instead a more neutral violet colour - warm enough to fit the South but dark enough to stand out as particular.

This trend continues during Season 3 where we constantly see Sansa wearing the same purple dress, a rich contrast to Margaery’s pale dresses, the likes of which Sansa wore previously. In doing so, Sansa subtly reaffirms that she is alone here, that she does not belong in King’s Landing and that she knows it. Sansa copies Margaery’s hairstyle but it allows her to let her hair down. Never once during her time in King’s Landing do we see Sansa wearing sleeveless dresses like Margaery; she always has clothes with long sleeves. Furthermore, Sansa does not really care anymore about appearing like a proper lady and even less a Southerner. The only time Sansa dresses Southern style again is for her wedding. Being married to Tyrion and effectively becoming a Lannister, she once again sports a Southern hairstyle and wears a very Southern golden dress. Notice in the next episodes that she quickly reverts back to her previous purple gown and hairstyle even though she is now Lady Lannister.

It is during Season 4 that we see Sansa change her clothing style the most drastically. At Joffrey’s birthday, Sansa - reeling from the news of her mother and brother’s deaths - does not even bother to do her hair and simply lets them down. She makes one last effort and sports a Southern style for the last time for his and Margaery’s wedding but still chooses to wear purple instead of warmer colours. Following her escape, she regains some sort of freedom and we see her wearing a cloak - not yet a fur coat but this is a first, more explicit step towards her Northern roots. We also see Sansa’s hair braided for the first time, in the style of her mother. In the Eyrie where Sansa regains strength from the snow and the cold and under Littlefinger’s tutelage, she starts finding confidence and learns how to stand up for herself; she lets her hair down again and sews herself a new dress - a dark one this time - effectively shedding purple and abandoning the Southern style at the same time .

In Season 5, Sansa returns to her Northern roots but finds that she cannot fit there completely anymore. Her hair - dyed black - is tied at the back of her head and let down and she wears her black dress and a black cloak, embroidered with light fur - the first time since Season 1 we see Sansa wearing fur. Back in a much changed Winterfell, Sansa adopts heavy greyish dresses, more plain and practical and far from the warm-coloured, light and adorned gowns from the South. Even for her second wedding, Sansa sports a more Northern hairstyle and she is all in white - a cold colour - and she wears fur again. Following this, she is often seen with a dark grey cloak and a plain greyish gown. Sansa has stopped alltogether caring about appearing beautiful and ladylike; throughout the season, we see her starting to own up to her Stark heritage and stand up to people on numerous occasions (Theon, Ramsay, Myranda).

Sansa finally embraces her Northern heritage. Her hair in Season 6 is braided in the style of her late mother; notice that in all her political meetings (with Littlefinger, with the Northern houses, with Ramsey) she always braids them and with the exception of her brief stay at the Wall, no longer lets them down - a sign that she has stopped being a child. She is wearing a heavy fur coat - her first real Northern-style fur coat since the first season. Notice this time her clothes and the coat are not pale anymore; they are fully dark. In doing so, she regains her full strength and confidence. Her choice of color is important here; she does not  simply go for the black/grey or even the blue - she chooses a dark green, as a way to also show her Tully heritage. Furthermore, Sansa is affirming her position as Lady of her own House, sporting the Stark wolf embroidened on her clothes. This enables her to assert herself as a leader of the two Houses. This shows how well she now understands the tactics of politics. At the end of the season, now that she has reclaimed her home, Sansa feels comfortable enough to let her hair down again - like her mother before, the previous Lady of Winterfell - sporting a Northern hairstyle.

Overall, Sansa finally looks the most Stark she has ever looked, the looks of her parents and her siblings  at the start of the series - the last time they were all standing together as a family.

Jane Austen Asks


  • Emma Woodhouse: What are some of your worst bad habits/faults?
  • Mrs. Bates: Are you the awkward one in your social group?
  • Jane Fairfax: What’s your biggest secret?
  • Mrs. Elton: Do you ever seek attention?
  • Harriet Smith: Which is worse: physical pain or emotional pain?
  • Frank Churchill: Do you get cranky in the heat?
  • Mr. Knightley: Do you dress for comfort or fashion?
  • Mrs. Weston: Do you take care of your friends?
  • Mr. Elton: How quickly do you recover from romantic rejection?
  • Mr. Woodhouse: Are you concerned about the health of those around you?

Pride and Prejudice

  • Colonel Fitzwilliam: Are you a good wingman?
  • Mary Bennett: What type of books do you like to read?
  • Mr. Bennett: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Miss de Bourgh: Do people try to plan your life for you?
  • Charles Bingley: Do you fall in love easily?
  • Mr Gardiner: Are you interested in fishing?
  • Catherine Bennett: How much does your personality depend on those you’re with?
  • George Wickham: Are you okay with burning bridges?
  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh: What are your top talents?
  • Mrs. Bennett: How good are you at ignoring bad things?
  • Jane Bennett: Do you give others the benefit of the doubt?
  • Mrs. Phillips: Does it bother you when you’re compared to others?
  • Lydia Bennett: How do you attract people you’re interested in?
  • Mrs. Gardiner: Would you say you are nosy?
  • Louisa Hurst: Are you able to pretend you like people who you don’t?
  • Mr. Collins: Do you compliment others?
  • Georgiana Darcy: What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
  • Charlotte Lucas: How far do you plan ahead?
  • Caroline Bingley: Do you get jealous?
  • Mr. Hurst: Are you able to sleep in front of strangers?

Sense and Sensibility

  • Edward Ferrars: Do you regret any of your past romances?
  • Fanny Dashwood: How involved are you in your family members’ lives?
  • Elinor Dashwood: Do you forgive easily?
  • Sir John Middleton: How much do you like dogs?
  • Mrs. Dashwood: Do you make decisions rationally or based on emotions?
  • John Willoughby: Have you ever been in a fight?
  • Marianne Dashwood: Are you open with your feelings?
  • Charlotte Palmer: How close are you with your mother?
  • Anne Steele: Can you keep a secret?
  • Mr. Palmer: Do you often say things without thinking?
  • Colonel Brandon: How much do you hold onto the past?
  • Robert Ferrars: Have you ever dated the ex of someone close to you?
  • Mrs. Jennings: Do you like to tease others?
  • John Dashwood: Are you easily persuaded?
  • Lucy Steele: Have you ever been attracted to two siblings?

Mansfield Park

  • Edmund Bertram: Do you care what your family thinks of you?
  • Fanny Price: Are you good at standing up for yourself?
  • Mrs. Norris: Do you pick favorites?
  • Lady Bertram: How productive are you?
  • Sir Thomas Bertram: Are you ever oblivious to things and people around you?
  • Tom Bertram: What’s the biggest change that’s happened in your life?
  • Maria Bertram: How easily do you change your mind?
  • Henry Crawford: What do you do to get over someone?
  • Mr. Rushworth: What’s your biggest regret?
  • Julia Bertram: Would you ever elope?
  • Mary Crawford: Have you ever shot yourself in the foot around your significant other’s family?

Northanger Abbey

  • Isabella Thorpe: Is loyalty an important quality to you?
  • Henry Tilney: What’s your favorite way to meet new people?
  • Frederick Tilney: Are you a good flirt?
  • James Morland: Have you ever had someone break up with you for no reason?
  • Eleanor Tilney: How do your parents embarrass you?
  • Mrs. Allen: Is fashion important to you?
  • General Tilney: Will you be a helicopter parent?
  • Catherine Morland: Do you daydream a lot?
  • John Thorpe: Have you ever thought you were in a relationship when you weren’t?


  • Louisa Musgrove: What’s the most embarrassing way you’ve gotten hurt?
  • Anne Elliot: How well do you respond to stressful situations?
  • Admiral Croft: Are you a good driver?
  • Mrs. Smith: Are you good at maintaining friendships?
  • Captain Wentworth: Do you hold grudges?
  • Captain Harville: What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
  • Elizabeth Elliot: How good is your self-control?
  • Mrs. Croft: Would you ever live on a boat?
  • Sir Walter Elliot: How often do you look in the mirror?
  • Charles Musgrove: Are you into sports?
  • Lady Russell: Do your friends come to you for advice?
  • Mrs. Clay: Do you keep secrets from your friends?
  • Mr. William Elliot: How frugal are you?
  • Mary Musgrove: Are you a hypochondriac?
  • Captain Benwick: How do you feel about poetry?
  • Henrietta Musgrove: Have you ever been in an on-again-off-again relationship?
  • Charles Hayter: Do you ever feel kind of superfluous?