The Ladies of Monsters University, part four: Claire Wheeler

Claire is apathetic and bored, but she’s also president of the Greek Council and emcee of the Scare Games. It’s a great characterization, in my opinion. She doesn’t smile or act peppy, but tough luck. She leaves that to Brock Pearson. She won’t change her personality for anyone, even in a setting like college where one needs to “get out there.” She may seem bored, but she is filled with tons of school spirit and she loves MU. Her sarcasm is also great. On the whole, Claire is very likeable. She’s also got a familiar touch, and may remind some of us of people we went to school with.


Jin Ki-joo: “[Chaeryung] has naive, child-like qualities; so even after time passes, she still has traits which make her seem innocent.”

*laughs because I’ll be buying both games so I’m technically gonna keep each sibling alive in separate timelines* ha 

also please excuse my shitty handwriting btw:D

Armored Lady Monday

My 3 Corrins for my 3 paths in fire emblem fates, i wanted to make them slightly different from each other other than the faces and hair so i messed around with their outfit a little bit

Corrin Purple hates pants (conquest)
Corrin blue hates shoes (birthright)
Corrin red hates both (revelations)

The Ladies of Monsters University, part three: PNK

These pink clad monsters prove that being girly, giggly, and preppy is not a hindrance to being scary. The mark of a true monster is their ability to terrify, and these girls have it in spades. I feel bad for the kid who wakes up in the middle of the night to see one of them emerge from the closet, eyes aglow and teeth bared in a menacing smile. I think that’s what makes them so irresistible; they appear a certain way, but they are definitely to be taken seriously. And they can still be these upbeat cheerleader types, and none of that gets lost in their passion and scariness. There’s no right way to be a monster or a girl, and the PNK ladies really embody that.

The Ladies of Monsters University, part five: Sherry Squibbles

What’s not to love? Sherry happens to be the kind of character Pixar loves; a single mom, or parent. And isn’t it great that Pixar values those kinds of parents? While Sherry is meant to be a comic character, with her house coat and hair rollers, I think it’s actually cute and shows that she’s very comfortable in her skin. She dotes on her son, and while Squishy is a momma’s boy, it’s her house that Oozma Kappa lives in. And she’s so proud of Squishy and the rest of the guys, that she’s just got this unbridled enthusiasm.

As Dan Scanlon said: “We love the character of Ms. Squibbles – she’s a doting mother but full of surprises. So when she drops off the boys and says, ‘I’ll just be here listening to my tunes,’ we thought it would be funny if those tunes were Mastodon. She rolls up her windows and blasts it.” And that also shows that she’s got an identity apart from just mom, and that she’s unconventional.

The Ladies of Monsters University, part one: HSS

Pixar’s latest hit, directed by Dan Scanlon, continues the studio’s tradition of male oriented buddy pictures. But as with most, if not all Pixar films, the cast of characters is also home to substantial girls and women. This film is no exception. With its collection of fraternities and sororities, Monsters University introduces the audience to female characters that are still visible, even if they’re not the leads. As such, their personalities must be communicated visually, through character designs and actions. HSS benefits from this kind of characterization the most. Each of the ladies here look tough, the kind of monsters no one wants to mess with, regardless of gender. They look just as scary as their male counterparts. Judging by their clothing, the audience knows they’re into “goth” fashion. And while they are girls, there’s no requirement to be pretty or traditionally feminine. Although from a glance they seem like filler characters, you know these ladies are hardworking and determined. They participate in the scare games and come close to winning. They may not enjoy the spotlight, but they do and represent a lot in the background.

The Ladies of Monsters University, part two: EEK

These girls are adorable. Like the ladies of HSS, their personalities are communicated through the character designs. We see that they’re a generally cheerful bunch who love to have fun. What’s more, they possess a sense of teamwork and spirit that none of the other fraternities and sororities have. This is evident in the first event of the scare games. As they head through the tunnel, trying to avoid the glowing and “toxic” toys, one of them stumbles and gets hit. Her teammates are immediately concerned, and they all help her up and guide her, hobbling, to the finish line. They truly care for each other. In the library, we see their intelligence on display as they find a way to secretly and sneakily obtain their flag. They get much closer than Oozma Kappa does, and though are eventually eliminated, still show off quite a lot of skill.