It’s Star Wars day! Feel free to poke me with a universe, and I’ll give you 4 headcanons for it. ::grins:: Yes, that does mean if more folks poke for the same universe multiple times, you get more info. I’m still gonna work my ass off not to spoil things, mind. XD


female characters are hella rad tbh: Kenzi

Oh, my favorite literary quote about regret? Wow, fun! Well, I think it was the great poet Ludacris, who said, “Regret is fo’ suckaz, fo’ suckaz, fo’ suckaz, regret is fo’ suckaz.. bitch.“

echofades prompted me to list my 10 favorite characters. She didn’t specify whether they had to be male, female or both so… In no particular order (except the first one, which is indeed the top one)

- ROOT; Samantha Groves.
- Sameen Shaw
- Laura Roslin
- Ron Swanson
- Regina Mills (pre-s4b)
- Cara Mason
- Cristina Yang
- Walter Bishop
- Lexie Grey
- Mellie Grant

tagging people I want to know more about: y0ungatheart rickieren109​ lurelcastillo chocolate-cream-soldier agentgroves

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Okay so I was tagged by voihanshit in a compliment tag thingy. She made a video which was awesome but I just decided to make a short (ish) voice recording. I’m still freaking out that you tagged me because you’re so awesome. So yeah.  

Umm I tagged writingpoems, letstalkabouttrek, sad-eyed-lady-of-the-low-lands, respectbees, and obsessedoverseries or panic-intheheadphones (which ever you’d want to do it on idc)

So yeah, if you guys want to do this that would be cool, do whatever format you want. I think its a super cool tag to spread the love


ladies meme ☆ (3/5) maternal ladies - monica geller

my wife’s an incredible woman. she’s loving and devoted and caring. and don’t tell her i said this, but the woman’s always right. i love my wife more than anything in this world. and it kills me that i can’t give her a baby… i really want a kid. and when that day finally comes, i’ll learn how to be a good dad. but my wife… she’s already there. she’s a mother without a baby.