I’ve been reminded that some people only know Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey.  This is sad.  It’s even sadder that Dame Maggie herself thinks people only know her because of Downton.  I was a fan long before Downton.  I hope more people will check out some of her other work.  

I don’t mean Harry Potter.  Check out California Suite, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Love & Pain & The Whole Damn Thing, My House in Umbria, Quartet, and everything else featured in this video of Maggie Smith films!

“Judi is more outgoing. But one is just a little wary of Maggie. She can be difficult because things affect Maggie much more. You never know whether Judi is not feeling great that day, but with Maggie it kind of shows on her face and you know if she is tired or fed up or not happy. There is an element of danger with Maggie Smith; she’s a much more complex character” - Charles Dance