okay but can we just appreciate the fact that when Harry took the Felix Felicis, he caused both Ron and Lavender + Ginny and Dean to break up?? Like, he slipped off towards Hagrid’s with the cloak on because the Felix told him to, and since Lavender couldn’t see Harry with Ron and Hermione in the dorm, she thought Ron and Hermione were alone together. Ron and Lavender were DONE. And when Harry was slipping off through the portrait hole on his way out, the cloak brushed against Ginny’s leg, and she got into a fight with Dean because she thought he was trying to help her through, which pissed her off. Dean and Ginny? DONE. So this tells us that : Harry, much like myself, is trash for Romione and Hinny.

“Judi is more outgoing. But one is just a little wary of Maggie. She can be difficult because things affect Maggie much more. You never know whether Judi is not feeling great that day, but with Maggie it kind of shows on her face and you know if she is tired or fed up or not happy. There is an element of danger with Maggie Smith; she’s a much more complex character” - Charles Dance


women of harry potter // lavender brown

“Friends, don’t make me laugh. She didn’t talk to him for weeks after he started going out with me! But I suppose she wants to make up with him now he’s all interesting.”


You’ve both enjoyed long careers as actors. Is there a secret to maintaining such longevity in this business?

Maggie Smith:
“It’s fortune. I mean, I tend to do things that come up. I’ve never had any sort of structure to anything, and I don’t think Jude has, either. You go where there’s work. But I’ve never planned anything; it’s just sort of luck.”

Judi Dench:
“And don’t you find, Mags, that people say, “You’re so busy, shouldn’t you take a rest?” Why should I take a rest? I’m in this amazing minority where I’m doing something I absolutely love. I think we’re very lucky to be employed, and the moment you start to take it all for granted, that’s the moment it all feels like work.”

(Film promotion of Ladies in Lavender)