Meet Sybil Abigail Jager, aka Knight Owl, a Ripper I made for a Ripper (Savage Worlds) campaign my boyfriend @thewitherwizard is DMing. She is American, but her parents are German. Her theme is based off of a melanistic barn owl, which she got to know one that her father raised (he is big into falconry and the like, to the point that he includes barn owls, despite how needy and disobedient they can be).
Even her weapons, Ripper claws, are modified to fit her theme.

Personality wise, she’s very confident in her abilities, and quite nice, but while in uniform she can be quiet. Silent unless she has to be, really. She’s still a good sport though.

But… Due to how I built her, and how many lucky rolls I have gotten, she’s accidentally a terror to deal with… Stories under the read more.

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