So, I’ve been a little off from Tumblr.
To my Ghost fans: Can someone please tell me where is our spooky nerd Omega? 
Someone put some Abba, he might appear wildly, lmao.
Okay, no, seriously. I’m not seeing him in their last shows, people are talking weird “theories” and  I’m kinda getting worry about it.
If someone knows something, send me a message. Thank you! ♥

“Long may they Reign!”


Miraculous Ladybug villains: Princess Fragrance, Reflekta, Volpina

This is my art so PLEASE DON’T STEAL!
At least credit me © ;-;

What do you guys think? It’s a lineless style after all


Tendou referred to Hinata and Kageyama in this week’s chapter as “Little Monsters.” Now, from the memory of my middle school days, I remember the term “Little Monsters” was used by Lady Gaga to refer to her fans and followers.

Tendou is known as the “Guess Block MONSTER”. Plus, you can see in the first image how Tendou went low key Mama mode in an earlier chapter.

And what was Lady Gaga herself referred to as? “Mama Monster”.

Tendou Satori is Lady Gaga confirmed.

OH holy fuck okay some guy was sitting on the benches right outside the door on my side of the store… talking to himself? very angry? and these two ladies came by him to go inside and he just fucking? started swinging on them? and they managed to get away from him and a manager was nearby and locked the one set of doors into the store (the dude was screaming and yelling at people in the store area) but he didn’t attack the manager (im guessing bc he was a pretty big guy himself and could’ve taken the dude)

BUT THEN THESE TWO OTHER MUCH SMALLER LADIES CAME IN AND HE TRIED ATTACKING THEM????? one of them was an off duty cop though????? she had her badge in her car and everything but like oh my god there was blood everywhere

and im? a little fucking terrified because they told us he had a gun on him like I HOPE THAT’S A FUCKING LIE BUT IF NOT…. holy shit

Okay, all my fellow Fiddlestan trash can dwellers.  Please don’t hate me.

“For Pecan Pie’s sake, Stanley, why are you so angry with me!!?”
“Dammit Fidds, I asked you to marry me!!”

The room suddenly got very quiet.  Fiddleford was staring at Stan with wide eyes; he didn’t recall this.  What…what could Stanley be talking about?

Fiddleford Hadron McGucket was for once at a loss of words as he watched the man across from him breathe heavily, looking like at any moment he would burst into tears.

“I asked you to marry me,” Stan repeated, this time almost a whisper.  “You said…that couldn’t even happen in Gravity Falls.  I didn’t care, I didn’t even care if we actually got married….I just wanted you to be mine forever.”

Fiddleford could sense this story, could feel it in his bones.  He had no recall of the words Stan was saying; but his very core knew.  And that’s what kept Fiddleford quiet as Stanley continued, almost of his own accord.

“You were nervous.  Said you needed time to think.”

There was a long pause.

“I should have never let you go.  You were gone for 3 days.  When I finally found you, worried so sick I was starting to lose it…you had no idea who I was.  You used that…that FUCKING GUN!”

Fiddleford winced.  He knew to what Stan was referring.  The memory gun.

“And you put my name in it!  You took the time to type in my name, put the barrel to your temple, and PULL THE GODDAMN TRIGGER!”

At this point, Fiddleford could see the hot angry tears flowing from Stan’s eyes.  And he was also terrified for his life as Stan started swinging blindly towards anything he could connect his fists with.

“Stanley, Stanley please, stop!!” He tried calling out to the larger man.  But there was nothing for it.  At this point, Stan was howling in pain, determined to inflict as much damage as he could to everything outside to match the damage he felt inside.

Something snapped inside Fiddleford.  He knew this snap, and he let it come, and suddenly, he knew what to do.

Fiddleford cried out Stan’s name, stopping right in front of him while gently cradling Stan’s face in his hands.  Stan continued to try to wrench free; to create chaos.  Fiddleford held him tighter, whispering Stan’s name.  Eventually, as Stan stared into Fiddleford’s eyes, the large man collapsed into the old beanpole, sobbing.

Fiddleford brought them to the floor, cradling the giant old boxer (no easy feat) and just soothed him.  Rubbing his back, whispering sweet nothings, anything to allow the boxer his emotional release.

Soon, the sobbing stopped, but Stan held tightly to Fiddleford, refusing to let go.  Fiddleford didn’t pull away.

“Why’d you do it Fidds?”

Fiddleford looked down at Stan with close-knit eyebrows, not even sure he heard correctly, as Stan’s face was burrowed into Fiddleford’s sweater.  “I’m sorry, Stanley, what did you say?”

This time he heard it clearly.  “Why’d you do it Fidds?”

Fiddleford Hadron McGucket had no answer for a second time that day.  And he didn’t think he would ever come to grips with the guilt that ate at him for that.