twinbatons  asked:

listen. aquaman definitely hatefucks bats against a wall AT LEAST ONCE

Oh you are so right. 

I feel like the writers were all, we need a character who just immediately resents everything about Bruce. A character who massively overpowers him. A character who is completely unimpressed by him. 

And Hal is banging on the glass of the conference room, faint voice: FOR FUCK’S SAKE 


Idris Elba on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon (07/19/2016) (Part 1)

So, James is HOH (which means James and Natalie are both safe this week!!!) AND Frank and Bridgette are nominated?!?!?!  AND it sounds like Da’ is sitting in a pretty good spot again (oh and also, she is GOING to figure out the secret room KNOW THAT)…
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If like me you loved the new JL trailer but found it a little…  lacking in one crucial character, you will be pleased to know that Finale has fixed it. Now with new extra added Green Lantern!