ladies man right there

I’m really loving the theme lately with big budget film and TV projects in the ‘nerds and nostalgia’ genre having White Male Entitlement as the villain


Mad Max asked who killed the world

their answer was 'toxic masculinity’

Jessica Jones answered with 'rape culture’

and Star Wars threw in 'entitled, privileged white dudes with nostalgiaboners for eras of extreme oppression for everyone else’

could we ask for a more accurate unholy trinity, or a better group to be putting this shit on blast??

some employee at walmart got mad at me for using the men’s fitting room to try on my bathing suit and they were like “the men’s room is for men, and the ladies room is for ladies. use the right one” and i was like “well im not a ‘lady’ or a man so would you just rather me change right here in front of you? is it really that big of a problem?” and they SCOFFED and walked away from me

lesson of the day: don’t assume someone’s gender, folks



Also I’ve never understood this idea of Han being like this experienced ladies man? I mean right so he’s in his late twenties/early thirties and given the conditions he grows up in it can be pretty much assumed right off the bat that’s he’s not … unexperienced, but for goodness’ sake, we literally see him. Interact. With one. Woman. In the entire. Trilogy

And I don’t know about you but aside from his One Smooth Moment in the circuitry bay (gotta give credit where credit is due, man) nONE OF THOSE INTERACTIONS STRIKE ME AS REMOTELY SMOOTH/SUAVE? I mean look at this guy he’s such a NERD he deals with his massive crush on this tiny shining white goddess by calling her annoying nicknames and metaphorically poking her with a stick her and basically reverting to a twelve year old this is. This is the antithesis of experienced ladies man.

And I mean Leia’s not much better but really when is he ever suave and macho he’s like the galaxy’s BIGGEST NERD.

Going to explain this nice and clear.
You might know the man on the left. The lady on the right is Barbara Gordon.
There was a book about the man on the left. It’s definitely one of the best stories about the ma. He invaded the Gordons’ home and practically raped Barbara and crippled her. This was meant to be the very last story about the man on the left. The author of the story has mentioned that the rape of Barbara Gordon was one of the few things he regretted writing and wished someone would’ve stopped him. It was supposed to be the last story and since he wrote it with the intention of it being the last story, he made it the sickest, vilest, most disgusting story imaginable. But since it sold so well, DC comics decided it wouldn’t be the last story, and Barbara remained paraplegic up until 2011.
I’ll take a moment to remind you that we’re talking about Batman comics. Originally intended for children, but appropriated by adults somewhere around the ‘70s.
Barbara Gordon, though, fared really well. She became mainstream comics’ first physically disabled superhero as Oracle (you might’ve met her in the Batman Arkham games) and she was always brilliant. DC decided to retcon that a little and her feet learned how to walk again and donned her cape and cowl as Batgirl in 2011.
In late 2014, the Batgirl comic was reinvented a little as an all-ages affair (comics aren’t for kids anymore, BTW) and it was quite bright and vibrant, and not meant solely for forty year old men.
Now, the man on the left was created by Jerry Robinson 75 years ago and DC decided to honour his legacy and popularity (he’s the only comic book villain to net an Oscar) by releasing their whole lineup of comics with covers that have Joker in them.
And when it came to Batgirl, which is quite bright and sunny and comedic in tone, they decided to go with the following cover. It’s by Rafael Alberqurke (apologies if I get the name wrong), a fantastic artist who has worked with one of my favorite writers on American Vampire (you should check it out). And as always, it’s a well done piece of art. But. the problem’s obvious, isn’t it?
if the visual isn’t obvious to you, I’ll spell it out: it’s a rapist (the man on the left) with one finger on the rape survivor’s cheek after he rubbed over her lips with blood and his arm around her shoulder, gripping on a gun as the rape survivor cries silently.
This comic is also aimed at teenage girls.
The rest of the Joker themed covers are nowhere near as digusting as ad his one.
So there was outrage on the internet, and it turned out that the current creators of the comic didn’t know about the cover, they asked it to be canceled because it was at odds with the direction and tone of the book, and the artist himself asked it to be canceled.
Now, I believe in the artist’s right to express himself and he was merely paying homage to a book he admired, plus, I personally didn’t wish it to be canceled, but it had no place on the cover of that comic.
And now, so called true fans, die-hards are calling this censorship. Can anyone explain what has been censored exactly? The image hasn’t been pulled down from solicits, or blackbarred. It has simply been decided upon that this won’t be the cover. In comics, people do judge a book by its cover. The image on the cover indicates the tone of the book or gives a clue about the story. The story inside has nothing to do with the man on the left or rape and isn’t in tone with the plot at all. Besides, none of the other Joker covers are as vile or disgusting as this one.
But true fans, die-hards are very unhappy with the decision, they’re sharing memes, they’re badmouthing and threatening with violence feminists and so-called social justice warriors and the writer and artist of the comic simply because we had the gall to say that this cover troubled us and degraded and humiliated a character we so love. Brilliant.
Fandom, you never cease to disgust me. You are the very reason people still laugh at us for reading words and images at the same time.
Now, if you’ve read this far and haven’t read any comics in your life, I’d like to recommend this series to you. I’m not a big fan of it, but casual readers might dig it. And I’d also like to recommend a comic called Ms. Marvel, put out by a company with a slightly more competent marketing division.


Lady Avengers - ASSEMBLE. [x]

Cosplayers: Nick Fury, Bruce Banner, Scarlet Witch, Ultron, Black Widow, Vision, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Maria Hill, Quicksilver, Thor, Loki.

People are STILL bitching that Steve and Sharon were so “out of the blue” and “steve didn’t even think about Sharon until Natasha said something” and pretending like ya’ll didn’t know they were going to kiss from the first moment he offered for her to use his dryer. Their first scene together was him trying to ask her out and her giving him a “now’s not a good time for me but don’t get to far”. I see you. We ALL see you. 

I LOVE THE FACT THESE GUYS ARE SO DORKY THAT THEY OUTRIGHT REHEARSE AND COORDINATE THEIR GREETINGS TO BE AS FLAMBOYANT AND SILLY AS POSSIBLE I LOVE IT (and they’re obviously trying to impress the Straw Hats, which means that this is what they think looks cool, oh my god)


God, special shoutouts to the following though: 1) That guy on the right who’s flexing his bicep 2) Shachi with his silly “I’m holding a gun” pose 3) Jean Bart for just looking so excited 4) Penguin for not even facing in the right direction 5) Mask Man and the only lady, for doing a back-to-back peace out combo


Can you tell that Leonardo wasn’t exactly what you’d call a ladies’ man?

I’ve been planning this particular post since probably the first time I watched Inside the Mind, not so much because of Leonardo’s dazzling fingers and contemplation face and awesome math skills but because it brought this instant classic instantly to mind

which isn’t just a great Ollie insult, but is also pretty much the last time we see Malcolm having a bit of genuine Malcolm style fun.