Best Aesthetic Kpop MV
  • Ladies Code: Galaxy
  • BTS: Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • Kim Lip of Loona: Eclipse
  • One: Heyahe
  • Black Pink: Whistle
  • Zico: She's a Baby
  • IU: Palette
  • Ladies Code: The Rain
  • JinSoul of Loona: Singing in The Rain
  • Red Velvet: Automatic
  • Taemin: Drip Drop
  • Fx: 4 Walls
  • Winner: Really Really
  • Big Bang: Bae Bae
  • VAV: Flower
  • Sistar: I Like That
  • Mino: Body
  • Fei: Fantasy
  • Heejin of Loona: ViViD
  • NCT U: 7th Sense
  • Vixx: Shangri La
  • Haseul of Loona: Let Me In
  • Lee Hi: Rose
  • Heize: Don't Know You
  • Gu Hara: Choco Chip Cookies
  • KARD: Don't Recall
  • Red Velvet: One of These Nights
  • SF9: Easy Love

no idol deserves to work hard, only to be called the “korean/asian version” of an american celebrity.

no group should have to be underrated.

no soloist should be harassed if they left their group on good terms.

no idol deserves to be called fat/ugly.

no idol with an idol sibling should have to be referred to as “sibling of [more famous sibling].”

no group or idol deserves something minor/already resolved held over their heads.

no idol should be told they should leave their group if they are on good terms with their group.

no idol should have to be constantly overshadowed by another member of the group.

no darker-skinned idol deserves to be told their natural skin tone isn’t attractive.

no female idol should be slut shamed.

no idol under 18 deserves to be perved on by older fans.

no idol should be shamed for not fitting korean beauty standards.

no idol should be shamed for getting plastic surgery. it’s their face/body, it’s their decision.

no idol deserves mistreatment from their company, other idols, or their fans.

Covers by Kpop artist that you should listen
  • (Kard) Jiwoo ft JSeph: Bitch better have my money
  • (Ladies Code) Sojung: Chandelier, Don't be shy
  • Lee Hi ft 2000won: Love the way you lie
  • Kim JaeJoong: Glamorous Sky
  • Ladies Code: All that jazz
  • Spica: Men came down like the rain
  • Ailee: I will always love you
  • Dreamcatcher: Lucky Strike
  • Day6: Nobody, Stop and Stare
  • (Exo) Chen: Imagine
  • (Shinee) Jonghyun: Y si fuera ella
  • Nam Taehyun: Creep