ladies and gentlemen

tony stark in avengers was OP as fuck

- he hacked the PA system on natasha’s jet and played Shoot To Thrill as his Badass Entrance Theme Song while he thrillingly shot loki in the face
- held his own against thor aka an Actual Asgardian God
- became an expert on thermonuclear astrophysics overnight
- hacked into shield Right In Front Of Them and they didn’t even notice
- was a Salty Bitch
- Sassed The Fuck out of everyone
- fixed one of the helicarrier’s engines while in midair
- went up against loki aka Another Actual Asgardian God without a suit, made a dick joke, and got thrown out a hundred-storey window
- was then caught by his suit mid-fuckin-air
- fought aliens Like A Boss
- flew a nuke through a wormhole into space, destroying an alien mothership, and saved New York
- woke up from a near death experience and the First Thing on his mind was Food
- forced everyone to try shawarma with him minutes after just having saved the earth from an alien invasion
- and that’s just off the top of my head

Riverdale keeps giving me things I didn't know I needed...

1- A new, Fictional Obsession

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2- A new, PERFECT ship

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3- An incredibly cute, innocent boy with a beanie

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4- An incredibly cute, innocent boy with a beanie and a formal suit

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5- An incredibly cute boy, innocent without a beanie and with his girl

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6- A not so innocent boy, without his beanie and with his girl

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7- A not so innocent boy, without his beanie and with a leather jacket

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8- An incredibly cute boy, with his beanie and in kilts

Can’t wait for what your next move, Riverdale… Surprise me. 


Helena Bonham Carter at the ‘Save the Children’ event in London | 02/03/17

Theme: Night of country

Excuse me while I’ve just died, gone to heaven and been revived by Helena Bonham Carter in these pictures.

Sirius' Territory
  • James: You know, Pads? We met a dog. He was like 'pet me, pet me! LET ME LOVE YOU! LET ME LICK YOU!!!' and 'LOOK, A CAT, LET ME SNIFF IT!!' and he was so excited.
  • Lily: Reminded us of someone
  • Sirius: Whom did it remind you of?
  • Lily: Oh, Padfoot. You're cute sometimes.
  • James: You want to know?
  • Sirius: Yes, please!
  • James&Lily: You.
  • Sirius: I'm not like this... But you had to think of me and that's enough! I don't care about anything else. I thought I had to mark my territory again.
  • James: Which territory?
  • Sirius: You. You smell like me. I marked you. Nobody is allowed to come closer. Mine alone.
  • Lily: You're really sweet. Until you're not. But you are.
  • Sirius: I peed on you... Metaphorically.