Let me show you some pretty cartoon ladies.

made by this fellow 

That  is Tex Avery , and if you ask me if it weren’t for him cartoons wouldn’t have been the same.

Now,the ladies(I apologise if the pics are a bit fuzzy , it’s the best quality of them I could find)

Let’s start with “the lady that’s known as Lu” from The Shooting of Dan McGoo

Then we have this lovley lady from Wild and go Woolfy

Then there’s Swing Shift Cinderella

Then this lady in Litlle Rural Ridinghood

Little Eva in Uncle Tom’s Cabin

But the very first to appear was Red Hot Riding Hood

What else can I say other than thak you Tex Avery for making these cartoons.:)


lady olenna’s reaction to seeing/meeting brienne is still one of my favourite scenes ever❤️ brienne is so used to people making fun of her height and appearance, and just generally being cruel to her because of her physical traits. so when lady olenna is kind to brienne about her looks, she can’t help but be shocked but also show a hint of a smile. women being positive towards & complimenting other women is the shit i live for