I am just tipsy enogh to share the DUDES WHI ARE WORTH IT LIST

  • ERIC DANE lways and forever at the op; I would ride that boy into the sunset.
  • chris pratt, cris pine, and chris evans. marvel’s finest bruh, marvel’s finest. There all just so pretty
  • Leslie Odom Jr I’m not funna lie this dude got me back into dudes TONY WINNER WHTS UPPPPPP
  • DAVEEEED daveed diggs that is THE MAN IS PERFECT
  • Lee Pace because awkward whiteboys who are tall are also good

an hst’s its that’s the bist. the womsn side of the  list is LNGER.

Sara Ramirez is at he top. The most beatifu and amazing obviously. Lana Parrilla is such a lose second she’s like 1.1. Not ven 1.5. Like if I wasn’t so loyal to Sara then Lana might be on te same tier but you gotta respect your firs lady love.

So it’s Sara and Lana are the head liners of the lady side of this bisexual mess, Jmo is there, JCap is there, Priyanka Chopra (I watched quantico for her it was not bad but definitely notgood), Chyler leigh, MY POEHLER, KATE FUCKIN MCKINNON HO SHIT, tina fey has sme hips that I LIKE, ginnifer godwin with log hair, ssha alexander fer sure, angie harmon bruh, anna Kendrick ad Aubrey plaza dude both are fab,

Sara Ramirez above all ese though tbh Sara I s always the best of thebest I’m so happy she xists and is real and is so good and kind and carig and supportive and pretty and intelligent and talentd ad hair and yes and SMILE and singing and up Sara Ramirez my original lady crush thankfor elping m figure my bisexual hot mess out