i found this old baten kaitos dictionary page looking at the japanese interwebs and help… some of the descriptions…

“rotten fruit: it was probably the strawberries that went bad. if you eat these you’ll need to go to the bathroom!”

“rotten meat: when the meat you get in mira and other places decays. around the middle of my file these made up two-fifths of lyude’s deck.”

“hair styles: both kalas and xelha have distinctive hair styles. the members of the party are actually very involved in their haircare, xelha being the only one without an accessory or bandana of some sort. instead she seems like the type to spend three hours brushing her hair. even kalas has a special hair accessory. he must have to put it on every morning (lol)”

“kalas, xelha, and lyude: these three look like a traffic light when they put their heads together”

“xelha: the heroine of the game. her selling points are her unruly hair and pumpkin shorts”

“malperesuro: a villager in sadal suud utters this when trying to say ‘malpercio.’ they claim that 'malpercio’ is hard to remember. we can sympathesize.”

“ladekahn: king of diadem, the land of clouds. a wise ruler said to be skilled with both the sword and the pen, 'the white flame’ was supposedly quite rash in his younger years. he cuts such a fine figure that he enraptured all of the women when going to anuenue, but he becomes so flustered when xelha’s true identity is revealed that he’s called the second most awkward person in the game (lol). his clothes look hard to move in.”

(p.s. the first was lyude)

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who this Ladekahn guy

Oh I mean

I have a really big crush on him which I try to keep under wraps because I don’t want people to think its because he’s so pretty even though I guess that’s part of it?? But I also admire how noble and upstanding and courteous he is, and how you can tell that he tries really hard to be a good king. And I say “tries” because in Origins you encounter him as a child, and you get to see that he used to be much, much less well-behaved than he is twenty years later. He came across to me as precocious and a little bossy, with no notion at all of what his duty to his people meant. But because of spoilery reasons, he had to grow up very quickly. I always thought that he would have had to suppress that devil-may-care, wild part of himself, but that it never vanished completely. He still feels slightly awkward as king, but he keeps trying to improve himself for the sake of his country and for the loved ones he wants to protect. I just love how you can tell that he’s trying, that he’s done a good job internalizing all those responsibilities and formalities and kingly things, because for the most part he seems to be that quintessential leader: loved and revered by his people, perfectly polite and in control at all times. Seems. But there’s this one scene where he gets caught off guard, falters, can’t stop stammering, and it is just… SO… adorable. (BK fans, you know what I’m talking about! The one with Xelha.) He’s such an endearing character. But like almost all Baten Kaitos characters, you have to do a bit of inference to understand what makes him tick.