ladder of doom


This is the doom mural at Chaldon Church in Surrey. It dates to the 1200s, making it one of the first images to portray the idea of purgatory and the ladder of salvation in Britain.

This is a particularly busy painting, featuring the ladder of salvation (centre), the seven deadly sins (bottom right) as well as the horrors that await in hell, and purgatory, and the weighing of souls.

Photos by medievalwallpainting

Ladder of doom

Background: playing Pathfinder with a 1 human Mages, human gunslinger, a large owl, a human barbarian and a samasran rogue(me). I am also working for the bad guy and goal is to infiltrate and sabotage the party

DM: in the middle of the maze you see in the low light what looks like a well.

Gunslinger: I go over and look down the well.

Me: I roll stealth*insanely high stealth* roll 27

DM: ok you are stealth and *to the gunslinger* you see the top of a ladder but don’t know how deep the well is because it’s dark

Owl: I fly down the well *reaches bottom communicates to group* it’s fine just dark about 40 feet

Gunslinger rolls to get down the ladder and rolls 2
DM: you slip and fall off the ladder hit you head and are knocked unconscious.
Mage: ok I’m going down the ladder to heal him. *crit fail*
DM: you slip and fall as well however you land on top of him and you. You are not unconscious but he takes more damage
THE BAD GUY to the gunslinger (Ooc): didn’t you have Molotov cocktails in your pack?
DM: that’s right they all broke and you and the Mage are covered in alcohol
Mage rolls off to stand with the owl as it is dark and she can’t see.
DM: to you not down the well you hear running and shouting coming from behind you.
Barbarian: I turn to look *crit fail*
DM: in confusion you turn in the low light but can’t see anything. You stumble around and trip over the edge of the well and land on him. You hit your head on the way down and are unconcious.
NEW ROGUE: wait I just want to talk
Me: I light a torch.
DM: you light the touch coming out of stealth and freak out the new person
Me: I walk over to the well and drop the torch down it.
DM: the fire from the torch immediately ignites the alcohol and both the gunslinger and the barbarian are set on fire.

Mage succeeded in getting out of the way only to be burned later by the bad guy