ladder 6

randallfitzgerald  asked:

Charbo, hi. What secret useless talent do you have? Handstand? Play the spoons?

Oh my god this is the best question ever. Can I list a few?

- Reaching the top shelf / changing light bulbs without a ladder. Hashtag 6′1″.

- Obsessing over any slightly annoying noise within a one mile radius.

- Exaggerating.

- Recognizing voice actors and faces. I am pretty great at the ‘where the fuck have I seen / heard that person before?’ game.

- Telling anyone and everyone trying to swallow a pill by tilting their head back ‘chin to chest’. CHIN TO CHEST PEOPLE. 

- Contemplating my mortality on a weekly basis but not letting that existential dread set in.  

Tell me yours guys. This is fun. 

6:30 AM CrossFit, check! It’s the long WOD day!

6:00 Row Sprints, 0:30 sprint/0:30 recovery pace
–1:00 REST–
6:00 ladder. 3,6,9…DB Thrusters (15 lbs per hand) + Burpees
–1:00 REST–
6:00 MAX calorie row
–1:00 REST–
6:00 ladder. 2,4,6…DB Snatch (20 lbs, each arm) + Slow cross mountain climbers each leg

Whew, what a good way to start my 2nd day off! It’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to lots of cake this weekend!


Hope everyone’s work week is ending on a good note. 🎉Happy Flex Friday, @m0tiv8me!🎉


Noel Fielding on Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man


Thank you all so much for helping me get to 100 followers :3 To show how much I appreciate you all I’m going to be doing a small giveaway!

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*I’ve added some more Items!*

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a few of my favorites from 2015

Here are my favorites for Gray-Card’s Year End Top 5 Photo Extravaganza:

  1. ɛkspləˈreɪʃ(ə)n: candid portrait p7 (portrait)
  2. in focus (abstract)
  3. mel-bun architecture: corporate ladder (architecture)
  4. she turned to the sunlight (landscape)
  5. boys are back in town (street photography)

Like many, it was a difficult selection process. I am likely to post a separate set of five as it was also a fun activity that I enjoyed. Happy New Year everyone, and thanks Gray Card!

This is Josephine Harris… She’s a 9/11 surviver.

As chaos reigned in lower Manhattan on the morning of September 11, 2001, six firefighters from Ladder 6 of the New York Fire Department were on their way down Stairway B of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The South Tower, struck shortly after the North Tower, had just collapsed. The firefighters were rushing to save their own lives when they stopped to help Josephine Harris because she was sitting in the stairwell on the 20th floor, claiming she couldn’t go on. She made her way down from the 78th floor. 

She told the firefighters, on the 6th floor, to leave her. She couldn’t take another step. Capt. Jay Jonas refused to leave her. He decides to carry her down in a chair, but couldn’t find one. In the process of looking, the building starts to collapse.

Jonas ran back into the stairwell as the building collapsed above him. Because Josephine Harris had “given up”, she saved herself, Capt. Jonas and 5 other firefighters. They are all alive and well today.

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