ladder 20

daughters of bilitis

the daughters of bilitis was an organization founded in 1955 in san francisco by del martin and phyllis lyon. originally the group was intended as a way for lesbians to meet one another and socialize in a climate that was highly adversarial to gay women. the name was an obscure reference to a fictional friend of the greek poet sappho and was chosen because it would not raise too much suspicion. martin later said that what she desired was “a place to dance” with other women, as this was illegal in public at the time. however, eventually the group evolved into a more political organization, with the goal of providing more information about lesbianism and breaking existing taboos and prejudices surrounding women who love women. the group produced the first national lesbian review magazine, called the ladder (pictured below). 

 the ladder ran for almost 20 years and was the primary method of communication for the daughters of bilitis, as well as a way to connect lesbians across the country to one another. most women who wrote for the ladder did so under pen names so as to avoid persecution and possible arrest. 

the daughters of bilitis took a very assimilationist stance, and encouraged their members to try to “blend in” to heteronormative society. they discouraged members from wearing men’s clothing. as time went on, this stance alienated many younger lesbians, who had more radical goals and were more attracted to feminist organizations which were gaining prominence. the daughters of bilitis officially folded in 1972, after 14 years. 


Colour Ladder 

Italian artist Paola Pivi has installed a huge inflatable and technicolor ladder in Palazzo Strozzi, located in Italy, Florence. The ladder sits 20 meters high and contrasts the Renaissance Palace architecture with modern art. The installation is on till the 28th February 2016.

  • We were in a town plagued by vampire attacks and given a side quest to capture a monster for a guy running a monster bazaar and needed something new (recommends a basilisk in a sewer).
  • DM: As you pass the entrance to the sewers you hear the sound of a baby crying.
  • Fighter: Rip open the grate to go in a see the source of the noise.
  • Me: Wait, let me send in the raven to scout it out first.
  • DM: ….Okay you see 8 birdlike creatures that mimic sounds they hear.
  • Me: Let's have the druid use Call Lightning and fry everything down there.
  • Party: Sounds good.
  • Me: ….WAIT! Before that I got a plan. First *pointing at the Druid* cast Darkness on an item I have. I can see in magical darkness so I sneak down their, use Crown of Madness on one of them, charm them to come out of the sewers. Then you guys tie him up and then we use Call Lightning to fry the rest.
  • DM: …………… *facepalm* Sure Roll for sneak as you descend down the ladder into the sewers.
  • Me: *Rolls 15*
  • DM: Okay they slightly heard a sound so they know something is not right.
  • Me: Cast Crown of Madness on nearest guy. DC save 15
  • DM: *Rolls 14*……he is charmed.
  • Me: Command him to go up the ladder.
  • DM: He goes up the ladder and is tied up. Roll for sneak as you climb up the ladder.
  • Me: *Rolls 20*
  • DM: *stares at die in disbelief* Okay….they don’t hear you.
  • Druid: Cast Call Lightening down in the sewers.
  • DM: Okay, you do. They just all die instead of ambushing you like I wanted them to. You get your monster and ruined my WHOLE plan. I hope you guys are happy.

spackle bucket vanilla is my favorite flavor

“blogs have been bruised


I thought Shane might have been… deleted

I dislocated my ask box

I ruptured a gif which fragmented into my.. loss of followers

Blogs ended in an instant

YES. this is tumblr.

But the bloggers are real.



no matter who you are

whatever you do


don’t blog at home”

In 2013, a high school substitute teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma received backlash over a a few question that were asked on a geometry class homework assignment. One question reads "Serial killer Ted Bundy has a 20-foot ladder leaning against his favorite tree. The ladder makes a 64-degree angle with the ground. What distance up the tree does the ladder reach?“ and a another question asking "Creepy John watches his neighbors with a telescope. Their apartment is 12ft from the ground. John’s is 36 ft. If the angle of depression from John’s apartment is 47 degrees, how far apart are the two apartment buildings?” This caused concerns with the student’s parents who found these questions to be creepy and inappropriate. The unnamed teacher was let go after the incident.