Watchdog to Named and Shamed Bookies

Saving the Gaming Industry

Bookies who break promises on advertising will be “name and shame” by a new watchdog. This watchdog should also penalize those who admit minors. This ruling is often violated and never taken seriously. The four biggest bookmakers in Britain pledged to set up an independent body to safeguard against any further heavy-handed clampdown on the gambling sector.

Exposing some Scapegoats

Big industry players - Gala Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and William Hill - came up with this self-policing measures to save their own hides. They want to toss the little guys out of the game so that they can glorify themselves. Humiliating a few small players to save the industry is a good strategy. In view of the increasing political and public pressure, particularly over the controversial “crack cocaine” gaming machines, a few scape goats would be sufficient to pacify public rage.

Independent Policing

This independent body is scheduled to be up and running in January with “multi-million pound” budget funded by the big four bookies. The promise of independent comes with an independent “standards commissioner”. The commissioner will adhere to the “Nolan Principles” - a set of standards for those working in public office - the Telegraph reported on 14 Sep 2014.

Responsible Gambling

Promoting responsible gambling is another feature of the voluntary measures of the new independent body. All advertising for fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBT) or any electronic casino games described by campaigners as the “crack cocaine” of gambling, will be removed. Responsible gambling messages will comprise 20% of advertising in betting shop windows.
How to Bet Money on the Nobel Prize in Literature

Ladbrokes and its rivals in Britain make book on elections, cabinet reshuffles, all sorts of awards, and even the royal baby’s name

Ladies and Gentlemen, please place your bets. The winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced tomorrow.

Right now, Ladbrokes places the odds of a Murakami win at 5 to 2, beating out Alice Munro (4 to 1) and Joyce Carol Oates (8 to 1). Jonathan Franzen is near the bottom of the list at 100 to 1.


Lovely little film by Ladbrokes