Tristan not giving AF — Part 1/? I know what you are. Our house servants speak of demons hunting in the night. I myself interviewed one such maiden, quite pretty, thus far the only survivor of these attacks. I asked what manner of creature had hunted her.  She said she was certain it was the lord Kol but with the face of a beast. 

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Erica had been fighting her entire life. She’d grown up in a family full of boys and to her brothers she was just like them. She enjoyed the rush of getting into a fight and then winning, surprising everyone who underestimated her. She spent her whole life pushing people to take her seriously and finally she was taken on as a knight.

When she heard that the queen was looking for female knights, she was the first one that was put on her detail. She quickly became one of her favourites. Erica had been asleep in her bed, filling the wishes of the queen, when she felt fingers on her cheek and she instantly sat up. She had to be alert. “What did you have in mind, your majesty?”


Her first thought was that it was Nik  There were strong arms wrapped around her, holding her tightly in place.  But when she opened her eyes, she could see a suit and a waistcoat littering the floor.  And they weren’t Tristan’s.  The arms wrapped around her didn’t belong to Tristan.  Aurora rolled over suddenly and her eyes widened at the sight of Elijah sleeping beside her.  Nik had assumed that she’d betrayed him by sleeping with Elijah centuries ago.  And now she had.  She should have been appalled, horrified, at seeing Elijah in bed beside her.  She wasn’t though.  It served Nik right for abandoning her and maybe she wanted to play on a few of those old insecurities of his.  He was toying with hers after all.  So she eased her body closer to Elijah’s and wrapped her arms around his neck before dropping back into sleep.

Elijah was sound asleep on his side, his arms wrapped tight around the warm body next to him. He furrowed his brows for a moment, his mind trying to catch up with what was going on. Who he was with. He was a moment from waking up completely, but whoever it was burrowed back into his chest. He pulled in a breath and buried his nose into her hair, trying to chase the warmth. His eyes snapped open though when he registered who the scent went to. Aurora. He froze, his muscles tight as he pulled back his head a little more. How had this happened? He untangled himself from her and rolled onto his back, trying to ignore the thundering against his ribs.

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Running. That was the only thing that cleared his mind. Ironic as it was; he was finally in a place where he didn’t have to run anymore, and it was all he could do to rid his mind of it’s racing thoughts of his family. It was nearly two in the morning, but his mind couldn’t rest. His feet his the dimly lit pavement. His steps were the only sound he could hear. He closed his eyes and breathed in, but took too long, and ran into someone. He opened his eyes, shocked, and grabbed her before she fell. “I’m sorry-” He blurted out, both caught off guard and embarrassed. “Are you okay?” He had seen her around, but never spoken to her personally. “What are you doing out here this late?” He questioned curiously. 

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“Well, well, look at that — you are gracing me with your presence,” Lucien stated, his lip curled to go along side his sarcastic tone (secretly he was thrilled to see her once again).  “I am assuming this is because Tristan is busy leading a cult and Nik sent you on your way.”  Less sarcasm now and more reality as to where he stood in the pecking order of her life.  

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Schmoozing wasn’t really Malachai’s forte, but here he was, meandering through the crowd, nodding and laughing at some strangers jokes. His eyes caught on a woman standing alone, watching the crowd. He wandered over to her before introducing himself. “Hello, I’m Malachai Salvatore. And who might you be?” He questioned in a friendly tone, as his eyes glanced over her features and he tried to get a read on whether or not she was nobility. 


Aurora handed him the bowl of eggs that he’d set aside after whisking them.  She wasn’t really one for cooking, but she didn’t mind perching on top of the counter in his shirt and watching him go at it.  Well, she didn’t mind it much.  She could certainly think of better ways to occupy his time to leave this to some sort of servant, but it seemed to make him happy to concoct such things.  “Am I distracting you?”  Aurora asked, hoping that the answer would be “yes.” 

Elijah looked up at Aurora as she perched herself up onto a counter, smiling over at her as he tilted his head to the side, “Thank you,” he said as he took hold of the bowl of eggs then he continued to make them breakfast. He glanced up from the egg he was slowly settling onto the skillet on the stove before he let his eyes move up her bare legs to her thighs where his shirt just barely touched. “You always distract me,” He teased as he smiled. “Which is why you attempt to distract me, because you like that it always works.”


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     erica had never been sure of how hera felt about her. she hated all of zeus’ mistresses but she wasn’t one of them. zeus had pursued her and she’d done everything in her power to get away. but when she ran into her at the art show of an up and coming artist, she decided that even though she was intimidated, she wasn’t going to hide from her. “fancy seeing you here. i believe you go by the name aurora now, right?” 

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It was hard, he realized, hard to shift his way of thinking.  

After all, Tristan had spent centuries protecting his sister from every thing that he thought had even the remote possibility of hurting her.  He knew that in some cases he had been far too stifling and no doubt from this blossomed some of that rebellion that lived in Aurora.  He recognized that she was more than capable of taking care of herself — but that didn’t stop him from wanting to remove any perceived obstacles from her path.

In the wake of the shift in power between them (they were equal as they always should have been), Tristan found himself struggling to stay out of her way and allowing her to do what she deemed necessary to further their plan.  He played his own part, further putting the pieces in place to sever the sire lines for good.  It helped to keep busy — it helped to know that the goal he had dreamed of for so long was near.

Still, he was a bit antsy when he had not seen Aurora in a few days.  He held off from contacting her as if he had the right to know her ever move.  This restraint resulted in a shorter temper which no one in his inner circle appreciated (he could care less what they thought of him).  

It was only when he finally laid eyes on her again that he smiled. “Aurora,” he stated, relief flooding him. “I had begun to think you had gone underground or perhaps fled the country all together.”  A joke of course.  A joke to cover the very real worry that he had experienced.


Aurora stopped what she was doing and turned to stare at him. Over the centuries, she’d heard many attempts to chat her up and it was rare that she ever heard anything new; the men of today used the same lines that the men had used in her father’s court.  Except for that one.  It took her a full moment to respond before she started to laugh.  It seemed so odd to hear those words from Elijah of all people, but that was what likely made them all the more endearing.  It was a more relaxed and charming side of him that was all hers.  She giggled and stepped toward him.  “I believe that if you texted me something like that, I’d respond with an eggplant emoji?”  she teased. 

Elijah smiled, the act reaching almost ear to ear when Aurora started laughing. That had been his plan all along. He was proud of himself for making her laugh, chuckling a little as he waited for her to stop, his hands in his pockets as he watched her walk toward him and then mentioned the eggplant emoji, “That would be fitting,” he nodded, “but I said you would be a cute-cumber, not that I, nor any part of my anatomy, would be a vegetable,” he smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed that….I looked up a few of them and thought you would get a laugh at them, more so if they came from my mouth.”


He’s uncertain about entering the room. Everyone has stories regarding the woman that had been brought to the Vatican by her brother. For means of an exorcism no less. It seemed an ancient thing risen within this world of theirs that has become touched by poetry and art and science and thinking. Religion, although in the Vatican, seems to take a a few steps back to those enlightened eyes that remain ever filled with wonder outside the threads of church. 

Or perhaps he was merely spending too much time in Florence. 

Still he enters, negating his father’s insistence he not as well as Lucrezia’s worries. He enters and allows his eyes to fall upon her. She’s small where she’s curled into this room of shadowy light and dusty scripture. A convent is where they kept her until the right preparations were to be made. 

“ You need not be frightened - it is still some days away. “ because his father and the entirety of the church were still quite unsure of how to proceed with this request. As well as the idea of a vampire - which the Holy Father only imparted to him. A creature that drank blood to survive and live forever - would such an ailment be cursed by purging the devil from her as well?


      ‘ do you feel like sleeping beauty ? ‘ she asked teasingly , looking at the red head with amusement evident on her features . ‘ i mean , you did get a sleeping spell put on you , you’re awake . please tell me it was a handsome prince that woke you up . ‘ eyebrow rose , teasing again knowing that she was the one who had lifted the sleeping spell off of her . ‘ or a beautiful princess by the name of Davina Claire. ‘