lad: marco

❮We’re still our old selves, aren’t we? I mean, we haven’t changed. Not really. No matter what, right?❯

❮Sure, Marco.❯

❮No, I mean it.❯ I realized I had grown very serious. I don’t know why, but I wanted Jake to agree with me. It was important to me. ❮We’re still just us. Nothing that happens can really change what you are. Right?❯

We flapped side-by-side back to the others.

❮Look, Marco,❯ Jake said wearily. ❮I’m not exactly a philosopher, okay?❯

❮Yeah. Well, I’m me, no matter what,❯ I said defiantly. ❮No matter how many morphs, no matter how many battles. No matter what. I’ll still be me. Everyone better accept that.❯

Jake laughed a little. ❮Marco, if it makes you feel any better, you’ll always just be a punk to me.❯
—  Book #15: The Escape, pg. 33 (by K.A. Applegate)
Madh è un concetto astratto, l'antitesi di Marco Cappai.
Marco Cappai è un ragazzo timido e riservato.
Che non fa rumore e non si fa notare, finché non sale su un palco e prende soltanto in mano un microfono.
Vi è una rinascita in questo ragazzo.
Madh non è una maschera, è un cambiamento.
Marco, cantando, rinasce in Madh.
E Madh è sicuro.
Madh conquista la gente.
Madh si fa notare e riesce a conquistare sempre il centro dell'attenzione.
Marco canta e si spegne, dando vita a Madh.
When Your Boyfriend is Sometimes Your Girlfriend

Pairing: Marmin (Marco/Armin)

Rating: General Audiences 

Words: 2,152

Summary: Armin was just going out shopping with Mikasa, when they ran into their boyfriend, Marco Bodt. For most people, this would be a pleasant surprise, but not when you’re wearing a skirt and your boyfriend doesn’t know you’re genderfluid.


“Hey, Armin, I’m gonna go down to Pretzel Time to see if I can change my hours I’m working next week. Any food requests?"Armin shifted the bags they were holding to the other hand and turned to Mikasa. They were walking out of Forever 21 and back into the main mall area, then say down by a fountain that had coins littering the bottom. Mikasa shoved her reciept in the bag that held the shirts and dresses she just bought. She tried to get armin into this silky plum dress while in there, but any sort of higher fashion was way out of Armin’s league. It was also way too expensive of a style for this jobless, genderfluid, high school junior. They had been a little luckier earlier when it came to the clearance racks at Pac Sun, though.

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