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My dad and I watched The fifth element last night for the millionth time and I love the movie. Didn’t draw Leeloo yet, but somehow this happened. Omg, someone alert the press, I updated something.

If this wasn’t a shitty day, Ace didn’t know what was. Aside the general black pit of loneliness that was his existence, save for the cat he adored more than he’d admit to anyone, he also only had one measly point left and he was being coaxed into taking his cab to the shop. The latter only served as the icing on his already horrible day and it was still morning.

With a scowl that was already a natural setting for his face, Ace took his battered cab out of the garage and into traffic that could only be described as mindnumbing. Well, maybe the day couldn’t get any worse than it was, he thought with a mirthful smile, sincerely hoping that would be the case.

Of course, he hoped too soon as a loud crash sounded through the cab, the vehicle shaking violently with the force of a blow of unknown origin. He was coughing as the small space filled with dust, but considered himself lucky that nothing seemed to be broken. On him, at least, he noticed as he turned to the back seat and couldn’t help but notice the huge hole in the roof of his car. Well, shit.

Something actually fell through the roof of his cab. Movement from the back seat and a slight groan of pain alerted him to the fact that something was actually a someone, making the situation more weird. He tapped on the glass, asking the mystery person whether they were hurt. There wasn’t much he could do through the glass and he was so done with this shit, it wasn’t even funny anymore.

His passenger shot up, startling Ace for a moment with the sheer suddenness of it before he managed to look at the face before him. He certainly wasn’t expecting a pale man with a tuff of blond hair and piercing blue eyes to stare at him. He seemed equally surprised and startled, one hand pressed against the cold glass between them. The spell lasted only a fraction of a moment, seeming like an eternity to Ace nonetheless, before the blond started talking in haste about something, presumably an injury he suffered. It would all be a lot easier if he could actually understand the language the blond was using.

Ace tried to make sense of anything the other was saying or trying to show him, but the extent of their understanding was a single word, if it could even be called that. “Boom,” the blond said, signaling to the hole above his head. Well, Ace didn’t need the mysterious and, as he noticed a bit belatedly, almost naked man to tell him that, he’d get an earful about the roof in no time.

Whatever he was planning on saying or doing next was cut off as a bright light fixed on the side of his car, a policeman telling him to open the back door and let them take the fugitive. He was adamant about it for a brief moment, but he knew very well he couldn’t afford to get into trouble again. He was sorry, really, but he couldn’t help the stranger. Even if he didn’t understand the language, the blond seemed to understand the bad turn his situation took as Ace opened the door at last.

He didn’t look back at the blond, deeming it a good decision because he most likely wouldn’t be able to stand the pleading look the stranger was no doubt shooting his way.

“P..please… he…help,” he heard beyond the glass and frowned. No, he wasn’t supposed to feel guilty. This was just a stranger than ruined his car and got him into trouble. “Pl…please,” the blond muttered again and Ace tried to pretend he didn’t hear the other’s voice crack. “Help.” No, the blond wasn’t crying, it was his imagination, he didn’t hear a sob at the end of the word.

The police was still waiting, the door was open and Ace really didn’t want to make the blond get out. Another barely audible sob followed by a sniffle reached his ears and he was done. He couldn’t turn the blond down, not after that. With a curse on his lips and a list of all the bad decisions he had made through his life, now with another one added to the end, passing through his head, Ace closed the door of his cab and sped into traffic, set on losing the cops and helping the now broadly smiling blond on his back seat.

And no, the smile didn’t look attractive at all. Not even the tiniest bit, he tried to reason.

Vorrei andare al mare con lui.
Ora, subito, con questo freddo. Avrei una scusa in più per abbracciarlo e per farmi stringere la mano dicendogli che è fredda.
Vorrei passeggiare sulla riva abbracciati, in modo da diventare una sola cosa, e parlare di qualsiasi cosa a lui passi per la mente.
Poi vorrei che ci sedessimo sulla sabbia ad ascoltare il rumore delle onde.
Lo butterei nella sabbia stendendomi su di lui per giocare, scherzare, fargli il solletico e vederlo ridere. Dio, quant'è bello il suo sorriso.
E’ uno dei tanti sogni che voglio realizzare con lui.
—  reasonforall.

Ladeda… don’t mind me… just writing some smut with characters I don’t even know that well… I’m sorry, the prompt queen made me do it.

Marco had always known that Ace was hot. That was one of the reasons he was here right now. 

He’d just not expected him to be quite this hot. 

“I’m sorry!”, Ace blurted out as Marco pulled back. “Are you okay?" 

"Yeah, no biggie”, Marco said as he held up his finger, which was bubbling with blue flames that were indicative of his skin regenerating itself. Ace winced at the sight. “Did I go to fast, did I startle you?”, Marco asked. 

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I just found the strangest video on Austin Tindle (Marco VA)’s vimeo haha XD