lacys best

[Nico is slowly coming to terms with his crush on Will. Lacy, who has never spoken to Nico before today, has somehow ended up playing therapist]

Nico(Hurtling towards hysteria): I can’t like sombody! Not again! Gah, I’m infected, PULL IT OUT!

Lacy(Trying her best to be soothing): It’s okay Nico, you’re gonna be fine. You’re just having a crush.

Nico: NEVER!

Lacy(Sitting down and patting the spot next to her): Sit. I’m going to get you through this. Now tell me what you like about Will.

Nico(Slumping down beside her): Nothing. Everything. I don’t know.

Lacy(Patiently): Do you like his hair?

Nico(Shrugging): What, you mean those stupid soft blonde bangs you want to hide under like an umbrella on a rainy day? No, not really.

Lacy(Choosing not to comment): Oookay, what about his face?

Nico(Groaning and burying his head in his arms): Ugh! Gross! It’s so stupidly good looking I want to slap it. I want to slap him. I JUST WANT TO SLAP HIS HIDEOUS BEAUTIFUL FACE.

Lacy:…You… you mean kiss, right?

Nico(Staring off into the distance): No, I mean slap.

Lacy(A little impressed): Whoa. You got it bad.

What I’d like to happen at the tea party:

  • the deceased characters returning to the present world in spirit form
  • Lacie being the host as she sits at the end of the table in a giant armchair laden with white carnations
  • the two Alices sitting on either side of her whilst playing with Oz in his B-Rabbit form
  • Gilbert cooks a bunny-themed feast - all the food is shaped as bunnies (the burnt ones are Alice’s doing). And of course, there’s Alice’s favorite meat and Oz’s favorite strawberry cake. He makes soup and chocolate tarts too!
  • Elliot and Leo play the piano together as the food is brought in
  • Break and Reim are teasing one another, just like the old times, and Sharon watches on, smiling sweetly as she sips her tea
  • Jack and Oswald fight over which flower crown would look the best on Lacie (they’ve made tons). Jack uses lavenders and Oswald uses purple hyacinths
  • Echo and Noise arrive as separate people; Vincent styles Noise’s hair as Echo holds the mirror up for her. Ada prances around delightfully, showering sunflower petals over Echo
  • Oscar lingers around a cherry tree with his wife and son whilst setting the camera up for Oz
  • for them to take plenty of photographs using Oscar’s camera
  • Lottie and her Baskerville gang join Break and Reim whilst Lily leaps into Break’s arms, demanding a piggy-back ride
  • Rufus pushes Sheryl to the nearby meadow in which Sheryl finally accepts Rufus’s confession and she hands him a rose-scented letter which she’s been hesitant about all along
  • for the tea party to actually happen