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Mudz coming home to his partner in one of his leather jackets, thigh highs, and nothing else? (sin please for the love of god)

(Love this tho! and if you don’t mind I’m drawing it with my OC XD)

(Also, takes place in the bedroom on the Gorillaz App so you guys know)

You loved the idea of putting together a special surprise of Murdoc for when he got home, because it meant he’d get super turned on and give you the relief you so desired. About a half an hour before he was expect back home, you put together yourself in your guy’s shared bedroom at the studio. You didn’t need to put much effort in finding his leather jacket because he had left it on the brown chair right next to the door.

You skipped it on after you’d taken off your top and laced (F/C) bra, throwing them uncaringly over by the grand piano near the windows, and the same with your boots and Grey skinny jeans. You guys never really paid much attention to what you did with unneeded m clothes in the moment and waited until later to deal with them.

Finally, you were able to throw on your favorite pair of black, lacy high thighs; the best part about dressing up in the room. By the time that you were done cleaning up the room a bit and making the bed for all the better experience, you heard the door open and close behind you. “what’s this?” You could hear Murdoc speak up in wonder.

“I thought I’d do a little something for you. I know how much this turns you on,” it was only a few weeks back that you discovered that he liked when you wore his jacket when you’d worn it without asking him. It may not have fit you just right, but it didn’t take away from your figure. You pulled on the collar of the jacket.

“You really do know how to pleasure me, love,” he smirked as he approached you slowly, softly biting his lower lip. He wrapped his arm around your waist and gave you a small kiss on your neck. “looks like you get a reward,” he assured you. His cold hands made their way down for your bottom, fitting around the cheeks nearly perfectly. You jumped a little in pleasure when he squeezed. “now shall we?”

[Nico is slowly coming to terms with his crush on Will. Lacy, who has never spoken to Nico before today, has somehow ended up playing therapist]

Nico(Hurtling towards hysteria): I can’t like sombody! Not again! Gah, I’m infected, PULL IT OUT!

Lacy(Trying her best to be soothing): It’s okay Nico, you’re gonna be fine. You’re just having a crush.

Nico: NEVER!

Lacy(Sitting down and patting the spot next to her): Sit. I’m going to get you through this. Now tell me what you like about Will.

Nico(Slumping down beside her): Nothing. Everything. I don’t know.

Lacy(Patiently): Do you like his hair?

Nico(Shrugging): What, you mean those stupid soft blonde bangs you want to hide under like an umbrella on a rainy day? No, not really.

Lacy(Choosing not to comment): Oookay, what about his face?

Nico(Groaning and burying his head in his arms): Ugh! Gross! It’s so stupidly good looking I want to slap it. I want to slap him. I JUST WANT TO SLAP HIS HIDEOUS BEAUTIFUL FACE.

Lacy:…You… you mean kiss, right?

Nico(Staring off into the distance): No, I mean slap.

Lacy(A little impressed): Whoa. You got it bad.

What I’d like to happen at the tea party:

  • the deceased characters returning to the present world in spirit form
  • Lacie being the host as she sits at the end of the table in a giant armchair laden with white carnations
  • the two Alices sitting on either side of her whilst playing with Oz in his B-Rabbit form
  • Gilbert cooks a bunny-themed feast - all the food is shaped as bunnies (the burnt ones are Alice’s doing). And of course, there’s Alice’s favorite meat and Oz’s favorite strawberry cake. He makes soup and chocolate tarts too!
  • Elliot and Leo play the piano together as the food is brought in
  • Break and Reim are teasing one another, just like the old times, and Sharon watches on, smiling sweetly as she sips her tea
  • Jack and Oswald fight over which flower crown would look the best on Lacie (they’ve made tons). Jack uses lavenders and Oswald uses purple hyacinths
  • Echo and Noise arrive as separate people; Vincent styles Noise’s hair as Echo holds the mirror up for her. Ada prances around delightfully, showering sunflower petals over Echo
  • Oscar lingers around a cherry tree with his wife and son whilst setting the camera up for Oz
  • for them to take plenty of photographs using Oscar’s camera
  • Lottie and her Baskerville gang join Break and Reim whilst Lily leaps into Break’s arms, demanding a piggy-back ride
  • Rufus pushes Sheryl to the nearby meadow in which Sheryl finally accepts Rufus’s confession and she hands him a rose-scented letter which she’s been hesitant about all along
  • for the tea party to actually happen

i cant believe i didnt post this yet but

ok a pandora hearts elementary school au where lacie and miranda are best friends because theyre both a little crazy and theyll run around the playground with lacie screaming “MIRANDA LIKES OSWALD, MIRANDA LIKES OSWALD!” and miranda screaming “I DO NOT” and then later lacie will just whisper to oswald, “she does”

and vincent always gets yelled at for not putting away the scissors 

Our Little Secret ( #1 )

It was a beautiful autumn day, the crisp air mesmerizing your senses. It was your best friends wedding day, and you were given the honor to be her maid of honor. Of course you took the offer quickly, knowing it would mean as much to you as it would to her. You were wearing a beautiful salmon dress, which was similar to the dress the bridesmaids were wearing. The large wedding took place in a beautiful park, where the bride and groom were announced husband and wife in an elegant gazebo on a waterfront. The wedding ceremony itself was unforgettable, but little did you know that the wedding reception would be a night you’d never forget 

The wedding reception was held in a nearby ballroom, the room decorated in large chandeliers and furniture painted in salmon and white. After dinner was prepared and beautifully served, all the guests were asked to dance after the first dance was completed. A slow orchestral song was played, and everyone began to slow dance . You looked around the room for a partner, when you felt a pair of eyes watching you from behind. You were about to turn around to look at who was watching, when you felt arms snake around your waist, and a pair of warm lips pressing to your ears 

“May I have this dance beautiful?” A deep, thick English accent spoke into your ear

You gasped quietly in response, a low chuckle came from the mystery man behind you. A large hand lightly grabbed yours and spun you to face the beautiful young man with piercing green eyes. He had a mop of chocolate curls and a tall frame. You can spot a few dark tattoos peaking through his shirt, the ink bringing out the tan skin on his breathtaking body. 
He placed his hands low on your waist, and in response you snaked your hands around his neck. 

His lips traveled to your ear once again, for the second time that night 

“My name’s Harry, what’s your name beautiful?" 

"Uh Y/N” you said while stuttering 

The dimples in his cheeks popped with his beautiful smile, as he feels you tense in his arms 

“Well Y/N, I’m glad you got to know my name, because you’ll be screaming it later” he said in a low, lustful voice 

The way he said it made you moan quietly, a devilish smile creeping on his lips 

One of his hands left your hips, and traveled down to the hem of your dress. His other hand pushed the small of your back closer to him, and he looked around to make sure no one was looking at the two of you 

His hand moved to skim the inside of your thigh, and it moved up to lightly feel your damp, silk underwear 

“Baby, who made you this wet, hmm?”

“Y-you. Harry we c-cant do this h-here”

His smile grows wider as he applies pressure to your clit and starts moving his thumbs in figure eights

Your breathing begins to speed up as you try to hide your moans. He plunges one of his fingers into your heat, and begins lightly thrusting it in and out 

“Harry!” You say in a loud whisper. The fight to hide your moans becoming impossible 

“Not loud enough baby. I want you suffer just like you made me suffer" 

"Made you suffer? Harry, how’d I make you suffer?" you say in a breathless question 

"Your perfect little figure in that dress was driving me insane all morning, it was making me lose my mind because I couldn’t do anything about it" 

He then adds another finger and begins thrusting at a faster pace. Your whimpers came out in struggling cries, as your head falls on Harry’s shoulder in pleasure 

"Harry please” you say in between heavy breathing 

“Please what, baby?” He said between laughs 

“Take me somewhere. Anywhere" 

You feel a heat forming in your belly, your orgasm coming close. Harry takes his fingers out of you and takes his thumb off your clit. He grabs your hand and quickly walks you out of the ballroom and into a nearby supply closet. 

He lightly pushes you into the closet, following behind you and locking the door. Once the door is locked he slams you against the wall and kisses you hungrily and sloppily. He licks your bottom lip, asking for entrance and you allow him entrance, your tongues dancing together. 

He begins to kiss your jaw, which shortly leads to him leaving hard and wet kisses on your neck. He begins sucking and biting on the skin where your neck meets your collarbone, and you moan loudly at the contact. You feel him smile against your skin as he reaches behind you to unzip the dress keeping Harry from gaining more contact. 

Once he unzips the dress he quickly pulls it down to your feet and moves it out of the way. 

"Fuck Y/N” he says as he admires the black lacy lingerie your best friend made you wear to go with the dress she gave you. 

“This sexy lingerie looks amazing on. But I bet it looks better on the floor” he says with a wink. 

He begins kissing and sucking down your stomach and he stops at your panties. He slowly brings them down your legs as he begins working on your pussy. 

He thrusts two fingers into you and begins flicking your clit with his tongue. Every few flicks he would begin sucking on your clit, making you moan loudly. 

He takes his fingers and tongue and leaves you without any contact, desperate and in need of more 

“No, please” you say with a whine of desperation 

“Baby if you can’t be quiet I’m just gonna have to make you” he winks at you and begins untying his tie from around his neck 

He stands up from his kneeling position and begins tying the think material around your mouth, in hope of making you be quiet. 

He kneels back down and begins rubbing your clit in figure eights and he plunges his tongue into your heat, thrusting it in and out

Your stomach begins to heat up and tighten, and then you release all over his tongue and pull on his tousle of curls and moan 

“Mmm Y/N you taste amazing” he stands up and pulls the tie from your mouth a little and kisses you hard on the mouth, giving you a taste of your own cum

Harrys restrained erection presses against your stomach as you move your hand to the front of his slacks and begin palming him through the material. You feel his bulge get bigger and harder with your touch, and he moans into your shoulder as you touch him 

You pop the button open on his pants and begin to pull his slacks down for him. You leave him in just his boxer briefs and then come back up to pull off his jacket and shirt. 

His tan, inked muscles are released as you struggle to open his shirt quickly and you rip the shirt down the middle, all of the buttons popping off as you pull on the material. 

He kisses you again in reassurance and grinds his hips into yours, a moan escaping your lips and from his as well. He moves the tie back on your mouth and takes your hands to help him move the elastic band on his boxers quickly down his legs

His big erection slaps onto his toned stomach, and moves to get something out of his pocket. He pulls out a little bottle of lube and a condom, and he rips the foil packet with his teeth

“Wow you really came prepared for this wedding” you mumble against the material of the expensive tie 

“Baby you don’t know what to expect at things like this” he says with a chuckle 

He rolls the condom onto his hard length and spills the clear lubricant in his hand. He moves it up and down his length in a slow motion and moans at his touch 

He positions his prick with your heat and begins to go deep inside you 

You both moan loudly and you wrap your legs around his waist 
He begins to slam hard and deep into you, you scratching your nails down his soft back 

“Oh fuck Y/N you’re so tight” he says with a loud moan 
You muffle moans and whimpers against the tie still attached to your mouth, Harry’s lips sucking on one of your nipples in the process of thrusting into you 

“Baby you like my big cock? Yeah you like it when I fuck your tight little pussy? Tell me how much you like it princess" 

You moan and scream against the tie, as your hands fly into his curls and pull hard

His thrusts become sloppy and quick, as he’s almost hit his climax 

"Baby I want you to scream my name when you come. I need to hear you scream my name so everyone in the wedding party can hear how good I fucked you in this closet" 

He takes the tie off your mouth and begins thrusting into you hard and quick as you reach your climax 

"HARRY!!!” You scream and moan loudly as you release onto his twitching cock inside of you 

Once you scream Harry’s name, he spills his load into the condom and pulls out of you. 

He plants kisses all over your neck and face as you both recover from the state of euphoria and pleasure you just experienced 

He kisses you one last time as you both smile into the kiss, the moment before obviously overwhelming you both 

He helps you redress and wipe your mascara streaked cheeks, as he ties the condom into a knot and throws it into the closet trash can. He tries to cover up his ripped shirt by closing it with one of your bobby pins, but it doesn’t seem to work. 

He unlocks the closet door and walks out holding your hand, running his thumb against your knuckles as you walk back into the ballroom together. Nobody seems to notice the two of you were gone for all of that time, the party resuming as it was when you two left the ballroom. You two sit down as your best friend and her new husband comes over to talk to you two.
The whole conversation goes on without her noticing that you two just fucked into the supply closet, which keeps you at ease. But not everything can be kept a secret for long 

“Hey Y/N, what’s that on your neck?” She says as she points to the newly made hickey 



“Wake up gorgeous.” I heard Nash say. I groaned lazily and loudly complained. “We’re all going for breakfast and I didn’t think you’d want to miss out?” He had a point, breakfast is always more fun with friends. Nash brought me closer to him so that we were in a tight hug. He pulled back out of the hug and immediately went for a kiss. It was slow and sweet; a perfect morning kiss. I couldn’t help but feel closer to him. I needed to be told what was up between us though. It had been a few weeks now and every time I had went to ask, I’d chickened out. I should grow some balls and ask him. The worst he could say was no right? “Nash, what exactly do we have here? I mean are we together or…” He looked up at me surprised by my question. “Well, Y/N, I just don’t really know if I’m ready. We can keep this going but I just don’t don’t want to be committed right now."he sounded like a programmed robot made to say those exact words. They were too formal, they were too not…. us. ” I mean don’t get me wrong I have feelings for you. I really like you. We have a good thing here and I just don’t want to ruin that with you.“he finished by sucking in his breath. I was disappointed but at least I knew he had feelings for me. Maybe at some point we’d get together. "So you coming down for breakfast?"he asked as if nothing had just happened. I shook my head and laid back down. "Are we still going for dinner tonight?” He shook his head. “Something came up, I really am sorry.” I needed time to think.

*fast forward to the evening*

*ring ring* I paused the vampire diaries episode I was watching and picked up my cell. “Hey girl, what’s up?” I heard on the other line. It was my best friend Lacie. “Not much just watching tv.” I replied.”Good your not doing much. Get dressed you’re going out with me tonight.”she ordered. I looked at the time, hell it wasn’t that late and I needed a way to get my mind off Nash. “Count me in! Pick me up around 9! We’re going Dancing!” I said excitedly. This night was going to be killer! I rushed into my closet and grabbed my shortest black dress that just so happened to perfectly match my killer platforms. I stood in front of the mirror, loosely curling my hair, and applying the perfect amount of makeup. I turned around in front of the mirror. I looked good! No, I looked smoking hot!
My phone vibrated with a text saying that Lacie was here. I ran downstairs careful not to trip on my heels.

*at the club*

The music here was so loud I could feel the room vibrating. The dj on tonight was sick and I could feel the heat being turned up. Lacie and I stood right in the middle of the crowd, dancing and grinding our way to the overpowering music. I was getting pretty up close and personal with this one Greek god of a guy. He whispered things in my ear and my face started to heat up. I turned around to Lacie and told her I was getting a drink. I say down at the bar and moved the chair so that I could look around at the club. I gasped, there in the corner was Nash with some hoe! They were furiously making out, his tongue jammed down her throat. I suddenly felt sick. How could he!? He led me on thinking he actually liked me! I pushed myself up off the stool and furiously made my way over to them. There was no getting out of it now. I tapped Nash on the shoulder and got no response. So I pushed him hard. He kind of lost his balance and finally looked at me “hey, what do you-” he stopped when he realized who I was. “Look I didn’t want you to see this like this. I like you I do.” I interrupted him “so making out with her was perfectly okay? It’s not with me! If you want me then it’s just me!” The girl sheepishly ran away. “God! We’re not even dating! I don’t want some clingy girlfriend who freaks out at everything I do. Just like you are right now!” I stepped back hurt.”You don’t have to worry about that now, I never want anything to do with you ever again Nash Grier! You are a major douche and I am so happy that I realized this now!!” I went to walk away but turned around again. “And I hope you’re happy with that slut!” I then walked away and never looked back.

Ok so I hope this is what you wanted anon. If anyone wants there own one, ask away!


Today’s (last night’s) outfit, day 713

Pride look #2- Dragon Fairy/Rainbow Maleficent/Sparkly Succubus/idk I just wanted to wear my new horns/????

Went to the RPDR Pride show which was actually super disappointing save for a select few great performances, but then made up for that by spending the second half of the night at a high profile club kid party on the roof of a fancy hotel in the meatpacking district complete with swimming pool and gorgeous views of the city!!

I think I hit rock bottom when I realized I was fucking boys for the hell of it. It wasn’t for any sense of gratitude, it wasn’t knowing I could do it, and it wasn’t because I can’t produce oxytocin either.
I think I’m doing it because it’s the only way I’m ever loved.
I’m incapable of feeling loved. It doesn’t manner how many times I’ll claim to marry my best friends, it doesn’t matter how many times I’m shouting I love you at the girls and boys who’ve tried to die, I can’t feel it back.
Maybe the lack of oxytocin has made me feel this way, but who the fuck cares?
You see, I’ve fucked three people and “loved” two of them. The first one I loved with everything I had, but when it came down to the end of it, they spit me out and chewed me up like I was some emotional chew toy so I swore to never love again and it probably didn’t help that in a fit of rage he told me he loved me for my body and what my hips could do, not actually for me. I don’t know if he actually meant it, or remembers saying it, but it took a hit to my self esteem that I haven’t really gotten back.
The second one seemed different, but the second day of knowing him he tried to do stuff to me that I didn’t want and got angry when I said “no” the first time and left me in front of my dorm with slight tears in my eyes. I found out he cheated on me and it wasn’t until six weeks of knowing him, I fucked him. I didn’t do it to show that I know how to roll my hips, but I did it because he told me he needed me and he loved me. He actually needed me to make him cum and loved the way I’d listen to him when he told me “we were done.” He got a girlfriend and told me they were over so I could fuck him instead of his right hand, I found out later she was still existent and that when we dated he cheated on me with one of my friends. I guess that hurt too and it was in that moment I swore off love for good and promised myself I wouldn’t be so fucking stupid.
I told myself I’d rely on being alone because I can’t get hurt that way.
The third one I fucked was off of a bet I lost between us, but we fucked twice and the second time I seized and unlike the second one, he took care of me. I never really looked at that one as “being used” and maybe that’s because we both swore off love and hate fucking, but we do it anyways because that’s the only way we feel loved. Who the fuck knows.
I know that three boys have seen me naked and two of them have seen the lacy thongs my best friend bought me in order to “seduce boys,” but there’s no point.
I only know love in increments of laying in sheets or couches or bathrooms or kitchen counters
I only know love when a boy is inside me
I only know love by the sweat that leaves my body
But is there any other kind?
Is there such thing as “true love”
The kind of love where you’re just holding hands, laughing at stupid shit?
Is there a kind of love where you’re actually fucking, but staring at them like they’re actually magic?
I don’t actually know.
I know love isn’t the first drunk snapping you telling you their drunk,
& I know love isn’t fucking your best friend to learn that they bragged about making you cry and to learn they never gave a shit about your feelings
I’ll never know love,
I don’t do love,
I don’t do my left hand (or my right),
I do destroy myself while I’m on top of boys or when my legs are in the air and I do it frequently
maybe one day I’ll stop
maybe one day I’ll produce oxytocin
maybe one day,
I’ll feel love.

but that won’t be any time soon.


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