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Seventeen and things I associate them with

Seungcheol: warm hugs, late night talks that you have with your best friend after midnight, chill R&B that you study to, trips into the country side, and late night rides down dirt roads

Jeonghan: the go to outfit that always makes you feel fine™, that one mellow and soothing beat, lazy day cuddles, bubble bathes, and that feeling you get when the wind blows through your hair

Joshua: gentle kisses, warm clothes that just came out of the dryer, the sunshine reflecting on the surface of a lake, pillow fights at sleepovers, and that peaceful silence where you can actually hear yourself think

Jihoon: over sized hoodies, that comforting sound of a pencil going across paper whenever you write, classical music, baby kittens yawning, and that 3 in the morning “concert” you have in your room by yourself

Soonyoung: a baby’s laughter, the satisfying sound of shoes against a dance floor, that amazing ache in your muscles you get when you finish working out, foot tapping against the floor while you study, and nose kisses

Mingyu: dogs wagging their tails, that one cute clumsy friend you have, when your friend laughs and you can’t help but laugh as well, back hugs, and pinks locked together instead of holding hands

Wonwoo: the fresh pages of a new book, that old worn out journal you always write your thoughts into, the fond silence of a library, that one hat you always wear, and sweater paws

Junhui: lacy chokers, Greek mythology, your favorite pair of fuzzy socks, when you get the house all to yourself, and that amazing shower you have after a bad day

Seokmin: birds chirping, eye smiles, those cute people who cover their faces when they laugh, bubbles, and paper airplanes

Seungkwan: thigh highs, your sassy friend who manages to pull anything off, that one song that plays on the radio and makes you feel nostalgic, cheek pinching, and popping bubble wrap

Minghao: cartwheels, friendship necklaces, those summer time water balloon fights you have with your friends, that feeling you get whenever you see your best friend or your significant other get excited, and good action movies

Vernon: Saturday morning cartoons, getting to stay in your pajamas all day, cute nose scrunches, getting hugs from your sibling(s) after not seeing them for so long, and that underrated song that you listen to on repeat

Chan: trying to be quiet with your friend at 2 in the morning so you don’t get in trouble, that one person at school that everyone is friends with, nervous but cute first dates, noise canceling headphones, and Eskimo kisses

rainy - fionn whitehead

requested(?): no but let me know if you want a part two of this!

word count: 1035

heated arguments lead to cold and rainy embraces

Your eyes burned into Fionn’s from across the room, as he stood in the middle of your bedroom with his fists clenched by his side. He opened his mouth but immediately shut it again as he diverted his gaze from you.

“Nothing to say Fionn? Once again?” you questioned egging him on. His head snapped back to you and you saw his light eyes grow stormier. You knew you were pushing the boundary, but your heart was in so much pain at that moment that it angered you. It angered you to see what you and Fionn had become.

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Fall Headcanons Pt. 1

Ft. Johnny, Sodapop, Cherry, and Ponyboy :)))

also you should all this by now but my Pony is always 17+

these operate anywhere from the 80s to 2010s- it just doesn’t take place in canon time



~Johnny doesn’t like pumpkin spice lattes but he LOVES pumpkin spice muffins

~You guys do a trade every morning before class- you give him muffins, and Johnny gives you homemade apple cider

~Johnny thinks it’s cute when you wear beanies with a pom-pom on the end and always pokes your cheeks whenever you wear one

~He wears oversize knit sweaters and bunches the sleeves at his wrists

~(They’re usually turtlenecks)

~He also starts wearing his glasses in the fall and lets his hair stick up

~You steal Johnny’s flannels and wear them everywhere

~Johnny takes pictures of you in them surrounded by the orange trees

~Johnny is super warm and whenever you walk into the room and your hands are cold you stick them under his shirt and on his tummy to warm them up

~You guys both have timberland shoes and someone took a picture while you both wearing them and it’s kind of completely adorable

~Johnny gets 100% more cuddly in the Fall (probably because it’s cold) and spoons you whenever he can- At night in bed, when you’re watching movies on the couch, reading, studying, he’s got no shame


~Soda’s pretty busy in the fall at the DX

~He wrote down his coffee + pastry order once for you to bring him on his lunch break and misspelled “pumpkin” as “pumkin” 

~You thought it was adorable

~Soda’s constantly worried you’re cold and always ends up giving you his scarf and gloves

~When you hold hands, he puts them in his pocket

~He takes the truck and a thermos full of soup or hot chocolate and you go to drive-in movies 

~He insists on doing couples costumes

~It takes awhile but you finally agree to go in matching ghostbusters outfits

~You go trick-or-treating even though you’re both definitely way to old

~It’s kind of scary but after awhile it’s fun, you’re spending the best of your childhood memories with the guy you love

~He gives you lots of nose kisses because your nose is red from the cold

~Soda always tells you how cute you look with your windblown hair and rosy cheeks, and you’ll catch him taking pictures of you when you aren’t expecting it


~Cherry wears lacy bras under knit sweaters and tights under boots

~Fall is her month, her pale skin look great with darker lipstick- her coffee cups always have brown or berry colored lipstick marks on them

~She likes to bring (and if no one is around, feed you) kettlecorn

~You watch all kinds of movies while laying in her bed- The Craft, The Lost Boys, Love Actually

~You guys drink tea and do English homework sitting on the floor of her room with your knees touching

~On sleepovers, you stay up late listening to the wind hitting the window while holding hands under the covers


~Candy Corn Bitch

~But only Brach’s

~You bring him some everyday at lunch and he looks you straight in the eye and says in the most serious tone he can, “I love you”

~Whenever you walk Ponyboy goes out of his way to step on the crunchy leaves

~You guys get coffee and go to independent bookstores

~You’ll get books and cuddle up in some musty corner (Pony loves the smell of old books) and just read for as long as you can

~Ponyboy smells like coffee from September to January- and you can taste it on his lips when he kisses you

~You share headphones and listen to the soundtrack of Rent

~Some nights he’ll buddle you up in tons of jackets and take you stargazing with the telescope he rented

~He takes you to a pumpkin patch

~You guys get lost in the hay maze and just kiss until you see other people and follow them

~You guys have lots of nights in 

~You make caramel apples and share a big blanket on the couch

~You spend almost every night at Pony’s and oversleep every time you do

Miss Fisher’s Fabulous Frocks Outfit Recap - Season 1, Episode 3 “The Green Mill Murder”

All told, Phryne wears nine outfits in “The Green Mill Murder”, excluding the scene where we see her only wearing Vic’s wool sweater, coming in between the thirteen ensembles in “Cocaine Blues” and the eight in “Murder on the Ballarat Train”. There is a wide range of evening wear, day dresses, and pajamas, showing an excellent example of the variety of the wardrobe that a wealthy lady of society might own in the 1920′s.

Outfit #1 - Black and silver flapper dress

Outfit #2 - Pink pajamas with feather boa

Outfit #3 - Navy jacket and skirt with geometric blouse

Outfit #4 - Gold lace dress with velvet overcoat

Outfit #5 - Black and white silk kimono

Outfit #6 - Lacy sweater with white shirt and pants

Outfit #7 - Linen jacket with scarf and riding boots

Outfit #8 - Honeycomb coat with fur

Outfit #9 - Gold and black coat with gold turban

Previous Recaps:

Season 1, Episode 2 - “Murder on the Ballarat Train” Outfit Recap

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Jeonghan Mommy Kink

the long awaited mommy kink. in this fic, jeonghan is referred to as mommy, if you don’t like that, don’t read it. this isn’t about how he used to be called a girl or anything like that. even the requester said it’s not that deep. don’t even try sending hate about this because it’s just a kink y’all. edit: hey it’s june, the asshole who hasn’t posted in like a month. sorry!!!

You sighed, head already pounding and the struggle you were having trying to put your keys in the socket wasn’t helping. Your keys fumble out of your hand, making you stop your feet with a whine. After a long day, why can’t it just be easy? Finally, you manage to get inside your home. Once inside, you dump your bag on the ground, only to have it spill over onto the floor. This time you couldn’t hold back the loud, annoyed groan that left your throat. 

“Baby?” a familiar voice calls from the other room, soon followed by your beautiful boyfriend, Jeonghan. “Everything alright?” He asks, walking over to you. You immediately pull him into an embrace, sucking in a deep breathe, his cologne stinks your nose. Yet it was a pleasant feeling. “Rough day?” He asks, voice rumbling in his chest. It helped calm you down, melting into his warmth.

“Yea” You sigh. “Just a lot going on, you know?” He doesn’t answer, but you can feel his chin nod against your head. 

“Do you need mommy?” He asks quietly, just above a whisper. He was testing the waters, feeling out what you needed. You waited a bit before you answered him with a subtly nod into his chest. “Ok baby, go to your room and change into your pajamas, Mommy will tuck you in shortly.” Jeonghan orders, pulling away from your embrace. You nod again, anticipation bubbling in your stomach. When you turn in the direction of your room, Jeonghan gives your but a light pat of encouragement before the scene starts.

Once in your room, you quickly strip; not wanting to be late for Mommy. After slipping on white, lacy underwear and a sweater two sizes to large, you stare at yourself in the mirror. Feeling how cute you looked, how much your Mommy would love it. The bubbly feeling arose once again in the pit of your stomach, spreading smoothly over your both in a blanket of warmth. “Mommy!” You call, voice a few pitches higher than normally. “I’m ready for bed.”

“Coming sweetheart!” Your boyfriend calls. You snuggle into the covers of your bed, grabbing the torso sized teddy bear that had somehow made it’s way onto the floor. Jeonghan had given it to you a week into the Mommy kink negotiation. Jeonghan enters the room, cup of hot milk in hand a long with a book. 

“Yay!” You giggle, kicking your feet under the covers. “I love it when Mommy reads to me.” 

A broad smile spreads across Jeonghan’s face. “And Mommy loves reading to her lovely sweetheart. Now sit up so you can drink your milk.” Jeonghan takes a seat on the other side of the bed as you shimmy back up, taking the milk in hand. The hot glass warms your chilly hands, taking the aches and pains of your body away with the coldness. “Are you ready baby?”

“Mhm” You smile cheerfully, but Jeonghan wasn’t satisfied with your response. “yes Mommy.” You roll your eyes with a giggle. Jeonghan gives a content nod before cracking open the book. His soft voice soothes you even further. Jeonghan moves his hand under the blanket, placing a reassuring grip onto your thigh. You’re already drifting into sleep when Jeonghan closes the book and removes the tipping glass from your hands. 

“Goodnight, sweetie.” He coos, pressing a light kiss to your forehead. 

“Wait, Mommy.” You mumble, reaching out to grab his arm.

“Yes, my baby?” He looked too perfect in the dim night light, causing you to regret your thoughts. “You have to tell me what you need if you want Mommy to help.”

“I was wonderin- I was hoping Mommy could make me feel even better?”

“My baby is in that bad of a mood tonight?” Again you just nod in response. “Well, I guess that can’t be helped.” Jeonghan exaggeratedly sighs, obviously not as reluctant as he acts because he was already pressing his body up next to yours. “Let Mommy take care of you.”


sorry this is called kink but theres not smut, maybe ill make a part two with mommy kink smut but i hope the original requester likes this!!! thanks for being so patient with me always. :’)

Miss Fisher’s Fabulous Frocks Outfit Recap - Season 1, Episode 1 - “Cocaine Blues”

Outfit #1 - Navy Blue Dress with Pleated Skirt and Feathered Hat

Outfit #2 - Pink Chiffon Dress with Matching Pink Hat

Outfit #3 - Red Wool Coat with White Blouse and Pants

Outfit #4 - Long Chinoise Coat with White Button-Up Blouse and Felt Hat

Outfit #5 - Red Velvet Tango Dress

Outfit #6 - Purple Velvet Overcoat with White Trim

Outfit #7 - Fighting Roosters Kimono

Outfit #8 - Honeycomb Coat

Outfit #9 - Lacy Sweater

Outfit #10 - Red Wool Coat with Pink Shirt and Red Skirt

Outfit #11 - Navy Ruffled Coat with Geometric Blouse

Outfit #12 - Nude Nightgown with Pink Shawl

Outfit #13 - White Jacket with Gold Embroidery and Fur Trim

Not counting the towel and robe she wears in the Turkish bath-house, Phyrne clocks in at 13 outfits in this episode.

BTS Mafia AU.- Angel in Hell (Part 3)

Part 1, Part 2

You woke up with a thumping headache and a dry mouth. You needed water, and a pain killer. What time was it? You looked around your small room and realised you didn’t have a clock, and since there was no window, you had no idea how long you’d been asleep. You stretched onto the bed, groaning.

“I should probably shower.” You said to yourself. It would seem that you would have to learn to content yourself with solo conversations from then on, seeming as you were locked inside a room 24/7. At least for now. You still had hopes of escaping somehow, but you had no idea how. You were trapped between a few cement walls that you could most definitely not go through.

You stood up, and stumbled. You felt a rush of blood drop from your head to your toes as your blood pressure lowered. You had probably been on the bed for too long. Your hand gripped onto the bedside table until you could steady yourself. With a sigh, you began walking towards the small wardrobe, hoping there would be something for you to wear in there, so you could change out of the grubby clothes.

Inside the wardrobe, you were surprised to see quite a few items of clothing, all of which were your exact size. You rummaged through them, choosing a nice set of white lacy underwear, a sweater, and some skinny jeans, and darted to the shower. Inside the bathroom you saw all sorts of toiletries, shampoos of all sorts of scents, conditioners, body gels, lotions, and all kinds of beauty products, everything you hadn’t gotten the chance of bringing with you. Was Taehyung expecting someone to move into this room before your arrival?

You shrugged, not wanting to dwell too long on what that room was meant for, and quickly undressed yourself, leaving the dirty clothes on a pile on the floor. You turned on the water, and once it was hot enough, you jumped in, feeling the warmth of it relax your muscles. You moaned lightly at the feeling. You let the water run through your body for a few moments, relishing in the feeling, before picking your shampoo and shower gel.

You took what seemed to be hours in the shower, cleansing yourself, and trying, for a brief moment, to forget everything that had happened. But Taehyung’s smile kept popping up in your head, making your cheeks immediately heat up. How could someone so beautiful be involved in such dark businesses?

You got out of the shower, and got dried and dressed fairly quickly. You debated whether you should put make up on or not, but in the end you decided to lift your mood by applying a little bit of eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss to your face.

You walked out of the bathroom, still drying your hair with a towel, when you heard a soft knock on your door. Your heart began to race.

“C-come in…” Your voice spoke shakily. Your heart began to thump so loudly you could hear it in your ears.

Someone unlocked the door with a soft click, and opened the door. Closing the door behind him, Taehyung smiled at you. For a brief moment, you thought he was blushing as he examined you in the outfit you were wearing.

“That looks good on you” He told you, grinning with that precious rectangular smile of his.

“It was in the wardrobe…” You told him, looking down at your hands with a blush rushing to your face.

“I know, I put it there.” He laughed, and your head immediately snapped up to look at him.

“What? When?” You asked. He walked closer towards you.

“While you were asleep. You didn’t really think I’d leave you here with only one change of clothes and underwear did you?” He laughed again, as he sat down onto your large double bed like it was his own.

“But… When did you leave this here? How long ago?” You asked him, utterly confused.

“About 6 hours ago? You’ve been sleeping for a day and a half now… Do you usually sleep this much?” He asked you with another laugh. Your eyes went wide.

“What?!” You almost screeched in shock.

“Don’t worry, it was probably the sedative, and the stress. I’m sorry about that. I had a rough guess about your size, a couple of the girls here have sizes similar so they helped me out a little. I’m fairly good with sizes anyway. I chose things that I thought you might like. I hope I did a decent job…” he trailed off, his bravado dropping a little towards the end of the sentence.

You smiled at him, your hands playing with the sleeves of your sweater.

“I loved them… Thank you.” You thanked him sincerely, you had never worn clothes as nice, or as expensive looking as these. Was thanking your kidnapper a stretch too far?

“Look… I know you probably hate me. I know what I did… What I’m doing is wrong. But had your father not given you to us… to me… You probably would have been shot that night too. Not because we wanted you dead… This keeps sounding worse and worse doesn’t it? When you are in a business like this for so long, you forget what it’s like to be normal, what the things you do sound like to normal people… If you had heard the shot… and ran to the living room… We would have had to dispose of you too… I’m glad he handed you to us… at least this way you are safe… well as safe as you can be.” He tried explaining, getting frustrated at how awkward and wrong it all sounded.

“It’s… okay…” you tried to awkwardly comfort him, by placing a hand on his knee. He looked up at you, and for a brief moment you saw something flash across his eyes.

“It’s not okay… I know it’s not. Having you locked in here it’s not okay. But I can’t have you at home… Not yet. And if Namjoon, or anyone else saw you, they would punish me… and make you work like the other girls… or worse. Please… Please Y/N… Don’t try to escape. I promise you things will get better… Please just have patience…” He begged you, his eyes full of panic, as he looked straight at you. You felt your heart break a little at the thought of him so worried for your sake.

“Taehyung…” you whispered his name so softly, your voice was barely audible, but despite the thumping beat of the music blaring outside, he heard you. His eyes were completely focused on you.

You wanted to tell him not to worry, that you were okay, that you didn’t hate him, but you couldn’t find the words. You didn’t know what spell this handsome man had put you under, but it was surely confusing your brain. So instead, you cupped his cheek, and kissed him gently. Your soft lips melded perfectly with his.

At first, Taehyung was shocked, but he took no more than two seconds to respond to your kiss, moving his lips against yours with such passion, you felt your insides burn with it. Your hands travelled to the back of his head, letting your fingers lace with his hair, gripping it tightly. His hands snaked around your body, and gripped onto your hips tightly, pulling you closer towards him.

You parted for air, panting slightly, with your lips plump and reddish, and your pupils dilated. Taehyung stared at you, with his eyes wide, and his lips parted. You could almost hear the wheels in his mind turning, his whole body tense and twitching slightly, as he tried to repress the need to lunge forward, push you onto the bed, and fuck you silly…

“Y/N…” He moaned your name, his fists balling, as he struggled to repress his basic instincts.

“How do you know my name?” You asked him between jagged breaths. He smiled.

“We grabbed your ID card and the rest. You have a beautiful name… Suits you…” he told you, caressing your cheek gently with his fingers. You melted into his touch.

“Will you come visit me every day then?” You asked him, staring at the door behind him, which you believed he had left unlocked.

“Every day… and if you want… I can stay here some nights too… Now, I’m not saying we have to fuck, but I can keep you company if you feel lonely…” He told you, trying not to sound awkward and failing miserably.

“Will you stay here tonight then? I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep for a while…” you asked him, trying to hide the cheeky smile that was forming on your lips. He laughed.

“Baby, it’s already tonight. It’s just past midnight. But when my work hours here are over, if I’m not required upstairs, I’ll come right here, and spend the night with you if you want.” He told you with his precious grin. You returned it, and kissed him once more, holding his face between the palms of your hands.

All you could think of was “tonight”.

nmorrelaes  asked:

character eye colors hell yeah lets hear it plus hair color bc what the fuck adams hair is the color of ashy dirt whatever??

h e l l  y e a h actually i got carried away and this became a general physical appearance masterpost thing bc i’ve been meaning to make one so yeah.

  • ronan has dark hair, technically, even if he’s only got a few millimeters of it, blue eyes, and pale skin. he’s the tallest member of the group and has a built, muscular frame. his nose and cheekbones are sharp, and his mouth is thin. he’s capable of growing facial hair easily, but doesn’t. he has good teeth.
  • gansey has brown hair (it’s described with words like tousled and chestnut bc gansey cannot let me live for even a single second) and hazel eyes (see again my point about him not letting me live). he’s average height and has a straight anglo-saxon nose. blue thinks he has a nice mouth. witness his adorably baby-faced portrait.
  • adam has light brown hair, the color of dust or dry dirt, blue eyes that blue says are “pretty enough for a girl” (oh blue. hon), and tanned skin. his hair and skin are close in color. his haircut is uneven, probably because he cuts his own hair. his lips are thin and fine, and he has a worry line between his eyebrows. he is unconventional-looking, described as looking simultaneously elegant and feral/raw. most characters take note of his cheekbones. adam believes it’s “up to the viewer” to decide if he’s attractive or not. he’s tall, but not as tall as ronan.
  • noah has fair hair that he combs back, and unknown eye color. his nose is very crooked, and his smudge is on his left cheek. he wears a rumpled aglionby uniform and boat shoes, but he is capable of putting on other clothes on top of that such as gansey’s yellow sweater, at least when blue’s around. maggie has said he looks kind of like a young dj qualls.
  • blue has dark hair in a bob cut and unknown eye color, though maggie draws her with light brown eyes. she has nice legs. she is short (5′0″) and not pretty “in the way that aglionby boys seem to like”. she doesn’t care about being attractive, only about looking on the outside the way she looks on the inside. she wears a lot of homemade or diy modified clothes, since she shops at goodwill; her most common outfits are layering shredded shirts or tank tops with shorts or capris, or dresses with lace tights/leggings.
  • artemus has a long face and crow’s feet, but he shares blue’s eyes and mouth. he is taller than blue.
  • maura has brown hair and unknown eye color. she is taller than blue and fairly young, apparently in her mid- to late thirties. she wears a lot of jeans and is often barefoot.
  • persephone has curly, fluffy white-blond hair that reaches to her mid-thighs, and black eyes. she is short and delicate-looking. she wears clothing like sweaters and lacy frocks and lace-up thigh-high boots with three-inch heels.
  • calla’s hair is black when she, maura, and persephone are trying to break into the gray man’s phone, but by the fourth of july, her hair is three shades of purple (speaking as someone whose hair is two shades of purple, i approve). her eye color is unknown, and she has dark brown skin. she is a head shorter than ronan, but she’s muscular. she has a tattoo of three tiny coyotes running along her spine. she frequently wears colorful lipstick.
  • orla has long brown hair, unknown eye color, and brown skin. she is very tall and slim and has a massive nose, but for the most part is extremely beautiful, with heavy-lidded eyes and good cheekbones. she does a lot of nail art and basically dresses like the 70s never ended–bell bottoms, platform shoes, headbands, the works.
  • jimi is described as being as tall as orla and several times wider. also she’s lowkey a stoner, which has nothing to do with her physical appearance but i just wanted to remind you all of that.
  • neeve has curly brown hair and pretty hands with good nails. she has an extremely unnerving stare.
  • gwenllian is very tall, with tangled black hair, pale skin, dark eyebrows, long limbs, “sloping cheeks and forehead”, and a large, shapely nose. she is young, apparently in her twenties.
  • jesse dittley is fucking enormous, but has a mild face.
  • the gray man has gray eyes, ash-blond hair, and stubble. he is tall, muscular, and very handsome.
  • piper greenmantle has lots of blond hair and unknown eye color. she is very beautiful, but few exact details are given as to her appearance. she wears a lot of pink.
  • colin greenmantle has dark hair, bright aquamarine eyes, and good teeth. adam thinks he’s incredibly handsome and looks like a model, while blue isn’t convinced he’s actually attractive.
  • barrington whelk has brown hair and very large facial features that make him look even younger than he is, which is already super young.
  • robert parrish is described as large and colorless, with small, dark eyes. however, he shares several features with adam, including his hair, mouth, and the wrinkle between his eyebrows.
  • joseph kavinsky has dark hair, a skinny frame with a concave chest, and an unusual face. his mother is blonde and has had extensive plastic surgery.
  • prokopenko has prominent ears and uneven shoulders.
  • henry cheng has sharp cheekbones and “gloriously spiked” black hair. he is half korean and half chinese, and he’s a model.
  • helen has dark brown hair, unknown eye color, and long legs. she is very well-groomed and keeps a very simple appearance, favoring sensible heels; the pink nail polish she wears in her first appearance is described as “the only fanciful thing about her”.
  • ashley has short blond hair and dark eyebrows. she dresses fashionably.
  • declan looks a lot like ronan, but with a longer haircut and a friendlier face. his eye color is not mentioned, but it’s most likely blue.
  • matthew is described as “square and solid, a bear of a boy”. he is seemingly shorter than his brothers (probably because of the age difference) and has curly blond hair, but otherwise looks similar to them. however, unlike ronan and declan (who pretty exclusively take after niall in appearance), he looks a little bit like aurora, too.
  • aurora has blond hair, a pale face, flushed cheeks, and red lips. she looks like a “queen from an old epic”; there is little to no resemblance to the rest of the family.
  • niall looked like an asshole. and like his sons. which is the same thing.

i left off the characters who had no description of note, like the gansey seniors (they look like their kids!) or mrs parrish (she looks middle-aged!), as well as information that was extremely obvious or well-known in the fandom (the gray man wears gray v-necks! ronan has a tattoo and wears black tank tops! gansey is a fashion disaster!). lemme know if there’s any information you want me to add.

this was a really great way to spend my evening instead of, you know, studying for that biology midterm that i have in the morning.