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How would the suitors react if the princess asked them to wear her panties for the day?

What did I do to deserve this? Lol.

Byron - *holds out his hand* “I like the tag-less ones.”

Sid - “Only if it’s that red thong, and it’s on my head.”

Louis - “Only that lacy pair with the roses, that’s the only one that matches my skin tone.”

Nico - insists on wearing the matching bra too…. keeps admiring himself in the vanity …

Robert - claims the satin briefs because they’re so soft….

Giles - chooses a thong that he pulls up so far over his hips you can see it when he bends over.

Alyn - “You want me to do what? Is this gonna squish my nut sack?” (Most difficult)

Albert - “Is this some kind of Wysterian custom?” (Second most difficult)

Rayvis - “As long as they’re comfortable I don’t care.”

Leo - “Oh my god I thought you’d never ask XD”

*** I have a headcanon that Byron dressed as a woman for Halloween once and that Robert likes to wear women’s underwear.


My four main (current) Miitomo outfits as well as my Miitomo QR code for all those requesting non-wacky images of my outfits as well as the code!

In Order:

Outfit #1 - Princess Dress Set

Outfit #2 - Steampunk Dress Set

Outfit #3 - Blue Rose Bouquet Dress Set

Outfit #4 - Lacy Cherry-Blossom Dress Set

and of course my Miitomo QR code!

Hopefully Nintendo will add in a way to send out friends requests to ANYONE, but for the time being if you see me on any of your existing Miitomo Friends “Friends Lists”, feel free to add me, I accept every friends request I get!


etsyfindoftheday | 7.16.16

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More photos of my Rose! :3 Sorry for messy room I want to do a proper photoshoot eventually.

Here’s a breakdown for anyone interested:

Wig- Actually 3 wigs sewn together though barely styled. I will be curling more in the future.

Dress- All hand sewn by me! Except the petticoat underneath. I used a white poly-blend for white parts and pink satin for the rest. Then for an extra touch I used a rose lacy curtain type material to accent the bottom teir skirt and belly cutout. The cutout was tricky but I actually reinforced it with a pipe cleaner. Lots of tiny rose trim was also used.

Gem- I printed the out a picture of Rose’s actual gem, cut it all out, cut it into pieces, and traced it to foam. Then, I cut it all out on the foam and “reassembled” the gem so it was 3d. Then I stretched the same pink satin I used for the bottom tier skirt over it. Very easy. :3