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On Christmas Eve of  2002, Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant with her first child, went missing. Later that evening, her husband, Scott Peterson, returned home from fishing and noticed that she was missing. It was reported that he ate pizza, did the washing, cleaned the kitchen, and took a shower before calling Laci’s sister, Amy, to see if she knew where she was. The police were called that evening and a search party was set up. Foul play was immediately suspected as it was very out of character for Laci to just disappear, particularly on Christmas Eve when the family had Christmas plans. The search and investigation was unfruitful and it seemed as though Laci had just disappeared into thin air, until 13 April, 2003.

A couple walking their dog discovered the decomposing body of a late-term fetus in Richmond’s Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Park, in San Francisco. The autopsy reported showed that there was nylon tape around the neck of the fetus and a large gash on his body. The following day, the body of a recently pregnant woman washed ashore just one mile from where the fetus was found. The body was so far decomposed that the cause of death could not be determined but the body had been dismembered - both forearms were missing, as  was the left foot and the left leg. The autopsy showed that she had received two cracked ribs before she had died. DNA testing confirmed that the bodies were Laci and her unborn son, who she had planned to call Conner. 

Laci’s husband, Scott, refused to speak to the police following the discovery. It was soon discovered that Scott had been cheating on his wife with multiple women. He had told women he was a widower before the bodies were even found. Police discovered enough evidence to convict Scott and he received the death penalty. It was theorised that Scott wanted to life a bachelor lifestyle, even telling one mistress that  he didn’t want children “because they would get in the way of his lifestyle.“

Astrology - Confirmed Birth Times

The list of the following celebrities and their Ascendants have been confirmed to be legitimate through either their official birth certificate, family members, or themselves.

Listed are the celebrities with their correct Ascendants:

Britney Spears - Libra Rising
Matt Dillon - Aquarius Rising
Penélope Cruz - Aries Rising
Kurt Cobain - Virgo Rising
Jimi Hendrix - Sagittarius Rising
Julianne Moore - Gemini Rising
Matthew McConaughey - Gemini Rising
Whitney Houston - Pisces Rising
Kat Bjelland - Scorpio Rising
Marilyn Monroe - Leo Rising
Diana Ross - Scorpio Rising
Barack Obama - Aquarius Rising
Jennifer Anniston - Libra Rising
Katie Holmes - Leo Rising
Suri Cruise - Aquarius Rising
Mariah Carey - Taurus Rising
Queen Latifah - Taurus Rising
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Aries Rising
Uma Thurman - Virgo Rising
Angelina Jolie - Cancer Rising
Gianni Versace - Scorpio Rising
Billie Holliday - Aquarius Rising
Elvis Presley - Sagittarius Rising
Kristen Stewart - Gemini Rising
Antonio Banderas - Pisces Rising
Bobby Brown - Capricorn Rising
Nicole Simpson Brown - Pisces Rising
Sharon Tate - Cancer Rising
Mia Farrow - Taurus Rising
Jerry Garcia - Libra Rising
RuPaul - Gemini Rising
Kurt Russell - Cancer Rising
Donna Summer - Leo Rising
Prince - Scorpio Rising
Tina Turner - Leo Rising
Nat King Cole - Capricorn Rising
Frida Kahlo - Leo Rising
John Travolta - Cancer Rising
George Lopez - Pisces Rising
Paula Abdul - Libra Rising
Yoko Ono - Libra Rising
Helen Hunt - Virgo Rising
Whoopi Goldberg - Aquarius Rising
Nicolas Cage - Sagittarius Rising
Maya Angelou - Leo Rising
America Ferrera - Capricorn Rising
Steven Spielberg - Cancer Rising
Lisa Kudrow - Cancer Rising
Neil Diamond - Libra Rising
Muhammad Ali - Leo Rising
Janis Joplin - Aquarius Rising
Dick Clark - Scorpio Rising
Robin Williams - Scorpio Rising
Demi Moore - Pisces Rising
Donatella Versace - Taurus Rising
Jayne Mansfield - Cancer Rising
Rodney King - Taurus Rising
Stevie Nicks - Aries Rising
Lisa Marie Presley - Leo Rising
Snoop Dogg - Taurus Rising
François Goulard - Cancer Rising
Goldie Hawn - Sagittarius Rising
Coretta Scott King - Libra Rising
Frank Jr. Sinatra - Cancer Rising
Jake Gyllenhaal - Leo Rising
Tom Hanks - Virgo Rising
Dionne Warwick - Taurus Rising
Zac Efron - Capricorn Rising
Gladys Knight - Sagittarius Rising
Aaron Spelling - Leo Rising
Alicia Silverstone - Aquarius Rising
Mindy Kaling - Gemini Rising
Cher - Cancer Rising
Jimmy Dean - Leo Rising
Jennifer Finch - Virgo Rising
River Phoenix - Scorpio Rising
Michael Jordan - Cancer Rising
Cameron Diaz - Cancer Rising
JoJo - Aquarius Rising
Aimee Garcia - Cancer Rising
Matt LeBlanc - Cancer Rising
Busta Rhymes - Leo Rising
Barry White - Capricorn Rising
James Dean - Aries Rising
Tyra Banks - Cancer Rising
Dave Grohl - Capricorn Rising
Christina Ricci - Virgo Rising
Chloë Sevigny - Scorpio Rising
Billy Idol - Cancer Rising
Aretha Franklin - Scorpio Rising
Carson Daly - Leo Rising
Jodie Foster - Sagittarius Rising
Matt Damon - Aquarius Rising
Liza Minnelli - Taurus Rising
Heather Locklear - Aries Rising
John Cena - Cancer Rising
Matthew Perry - Leo Rising
Steve Carell - Virgo Rising
Linda Perry - Sagittarius Rising
O.J. Simpson - Leo Rising
Roman Polanski - Libra Rising
Kate Hudson - Cancer Rising
Lourdes Leon - Pisces Rising
Édith Piaf - Scorpio Rising
Drew Barrymore - Gemini Rising
Zooey Deschanel - Capricorn Rising
Ashanti - Capricorn Rising
Venus Williams - Libra Rising
Serena Williams - Taurus Rising
Christina Aguilera - Aquarius Rising
Max Bratman - Virgo Rising
John Krasinski - Gemini Rising
Nia Peeples - Cancer Rising
Dr. Dre - Gemini Rising
Kate Bosworth - Cancer Rising
Jessica Biel - Sagittarius Rising
Rosanne Barr - Aquarius Rising
Elizabeth Taylor - Sagittarius Rising
Anne Parillaud - Scorpio Rising
Kirsten Dunst - Leo Rising
Vanessa Paradis - Scorpio Rising
Steve Perry - Leo Rising
Natalie Wood - Libra Rising
Jessica Lange - Leo Rising
Tobey Maguire - Leo Rising
Lisa Bonet - Cancer Rising
Sonny Bono - Libra Rising
Deepak Chopra - Pisces Rising
Gwyneth Paltrow - Pisces Rising
Drake - Leo Rising
Kim Gordon - Capricorn Rising
Steve McQueen - Cancer Rising
Tori Spelling - Aquarius Rising
Dennis Rodman - Capricorn Rising
Barbara Streisand - Aries Rising
J. Mascis - Gemini Rising
Thurston Moore - Capricorn Rising
Carole King - Libra Rising
Molly Ringwald - Cancer Rising
F. Scott Fitzgerald - Aquarius Rising
Coco Chanel - Sagittarius Rising
Tim Burton - Gemini Rising
Denzel Washington - Libra Rising
Pamela Anderson - Gemini Rising
Leonardo DiCaprio - Libra Rising
Wes Craven - Sagittarius Rising
Mariska Hargitay - Capricorn Rising
Lizzy Caplan - Cancer Rising
Jim Morrison - Aquarius Rising
Michelle Pfeiffer - Gemini Rising
Milla Jovovich - Cancer Rising
Tori Amos - Scorpio Rising
Maureen Herman - Leo Rising
Bruce Springsteen - Gemini Rising
Jessica Alba - Leo Rising
Bobbi Kristina Brown - Gemini Rising
Shirley Temple - Sagittarius Rising
Al Sharpton - Cancer Rising
Caitlyn Jenner - Scorpio Rising
Naomi Judd - Leo Rising
Wynonna Judd - Cancer Rising
Ashley Olsen - Leo Rising
Mary-Kate Olsen - Leo Rising
Mya - Libra Rising
Lori Barbero - Aquarius Rising
Giorgio Armani - Leo Rising
Gerard Butler - Libra Rising
Steve Jobs - Virgo Rising
Geri Halliwell - Scorpio Rising
Phylicia Rashad - Pisces Rising
Judy Garland - Cancer Rising
Johnny Cash - Pisces Rising
George Clooney - Pisces Rising
Nina Hagen - Virgo Rising
Tommy Lee Jones - Gemini Rising
Liberace - Capricorn Rising
Vincent Van Gogh - Cancer Rising
Rose McGowan - Gemini Rising
Ben Affleck - Cancer Rising
Megan Fox - Capricorn Rising
Clint Eastwood - Scorpio Rising
Miranda Lambert - Leo Rising
Ashley Judd - Leo Rising
Sara Gilbert - Cancer Rising
Marlon Brando - Sagittarius Rising
Justin Timberlake - Leo Rising
Forest Whitaker - Virgo Rising
Matt Damon - Aquarius Rising
Will.I.Am - Sagittarius Rising
Debbie Allen - Virgo Rising
Tony Mendez - Pisces Rising
Robert Duvall - Sagittarius Rising
M.C. Hammer - Cancer Rising
Goldie Hill - Aquarius Rising
Bob Dylan - Sagittarius Rising
Freddie Prinze Jr. - Libra Rising
Frances Farmer - Virgo Rising
Fergie - Cancer Rising
Chevy Chase - Libra Rising
Evan Rachel Wood - Sagittarius Rising
Billy Graham - Aries Rising
Liev Screiber - Scorpio Rising
Thora Birch - Leo Rising
Shirley Manson - Capricorn Rising
Laci Peterson - Aries Rising
Sarah Paulson - Virgo Rising
John Belushi - Capricorn Rising
Katy Perry - Scorpio Rising
Julia Roberts - Cancer Rising
Paul Newman - Capricorn Rising
Jon Bon Jovi - Libra Rising
Sylvester Stallone - Sagittarius Rising
Winona Ryder - Sagittarius Rising
Nancy Sinatra - Leo Rising
Andy Griffith - Libra Rising
Rita Wilson - Sagittarius Rising
Don Johnson - Virgo Rising
Barbara Smith - Virgo Rising
Elliot Gould - Gemini Rising
Jessica Simpson - Scorpio Rising
Adrienne Bailon - Leo Rising
Chaz Bono - Sagittarius Rising
Chris Evans - Scorpio Rising
Freddie Prinze - Scorpio Rising
Morgan Fairchild - Leo Rising
Chaka Khan - Scorpio Rising
Audrey Hepburn - Aquarius Rising
Kenny Loggins - Gemini Rising
Vince Vaughn - Libra Rising
Casey Affleck - Aquarius Rising
Dennis Cooper - Virgo Rising
Kim Novak - Aquarius Rising
Billie Jean King - Capricorn Rising
Willow Smith - Gemini Rising
Miley Cyrus - Taurus Rising
Johnny Depp - Leo Rising
Khloé Kardashian - Taurus Rising
Brendan Fraser - Taurus Rising
Josh Homme - Virgo Rising
Marilyn Manson - Leo Rising
Ron Howard - Aries Rising
Michael Vartan - Aries Rising
Azealia Banks - Taurus Rising
Shannen Doherty - Virgo Rising
Robert Shapiro - Virgo Rising
Michael Bolton - Sagittarius Rising
Jim Henson - Cancer Rising
Amanda Knox - Gemini Rising
John Drew Barrymore - Scorpio Rising
Paris Jackson - Aries Rising
Prince Michael I Jackson - Sagittarius Rising
Prince Michael II Jackson - Libra Rising
Jane Fonda - Capricorn Rising
Naomi Watts - Scorpio Rising
Kirk Cameron - Sagittarius Rising
Renée Zellweger - Virgo Rising
Sophia Loren - Capricorn Rising
Eddie Van Halen - Libra Rising
Al Pacino - Leo Rising
Kathy Bates - Virgo Rising
Phyllis Diller - Gemini Rising
Diane Keaton - Scorpio Rising
David Guetta - Scorpio Rising
Sissy Spacek - Virgo Rising
Sigourney Weaver - Taurus Rising
Shia LaBeouf - Aquarius Rising
James Spader - Virgo Rising
Tammy Faye Bakker Messner - Sagittarius Rising
Edward Norton - Scorpio Rising
Samantha Ronson - Scorpio Rising
Ava Gardner - Leo Rising
Connie Britton - Leo Rising
Julia Child - Gemini Rising
Katharine McPhee - Sagittarius Rising
Dustin Hoffman - Capricorn Rising
Suzanne Somers - Taurus Rising
Carmen Electra - Capricorn Rising
Dolly Parton - Virgo Rising
Lana Del Rey - Taurus Rising
Martin Sheen - Aquarius Rising
Howard K. Stern - Capricorn Rising
Annie Lennox - Virgo Rising
Nina Simone - Aquarius Rising
Ann Sheridan - Aquarius Rising
Alanis Morrissette - Leo Rising
Christina Applegate - Gemini Rising
Demi Lovato - Pisces Rising
Chris Farley - Leo Rising
Jean Harlow - Libra Rising
Quincy Jones - Libra Rising
John Malkovich - Virgo Rising
Susan Atkins - Aquarius Rising
Tom Brady - Libra Rising
Charles Manson - Taurus Rising
Justin Bieber - Scorpio Rising
Meryl Streep - Leo Rising
Charlie Sheen - Gemini Rising
Johnny Cash - Pisces Rising
Susan Boyle - Gemini Rising
Soko - Sagittarius Rising
Willie Nelson - Capricorn Rising
Tiger Woods - Virgo Rising
Harrison Ford - Libra Rising
Conan O'Brien - Virgo Rising
George W. Bush - Leo Rising
Teri Hatcher - Leo Rising
Jason Simpson - Taurus Rising
Lucille Ball - Capricorn Rising
Scott Peterson - Sagittarius Rising
Jesse Ventura - Gemini Rising
Ann Jillian - Cancer Rising
Sheena Easton - Virgo Rising
Jasmine Guy - Virgo Rising
Marcia Cross - Cancer Rising
Jeanette McCurdy - Aquarius Rising
Boyd Bill - Pisces Rising
Rita Ora - Leo Rising
Brigitte Bardot - Sagittarius Rising
Donald Trump - Leo Rising
Will Ferrell - Virgo Rising
Kylie Jenner - Capricorn Rising
Billy Rae Cyrus - Aquarius Rising
Amber Tamblyn - Aries Rising
Rebecca Romijn - Capricorn Rising
Peggy Lipton - Aquarius Rising
Kendall Jenner - Pisces Rising
Billy Crystal - Taurus Rising
Louis Tomlinson - Gemini Rising
Woody Allen - Virgo Rising
Maxine Bahns - Capricorn Rising
Adolf Hitler - Libra Rising
Michael Cole - Scorpio Rising
Sean Connery - Capricorn Rising
Jim Bakker - Pisces Rising
Stephan Foster - Libra Rising
Ted Bundy - Leo Rising
Prince William - Sagittarius Rising
Lorna Luft - Taurus Rising
Mark Wahlberg - Cancer Rising
Lady Gaga - Virgo Rising
Kim Kardashian - Sagittarius Rising
Chris Brown - Leo Rising
Sean Penn - Sagittarius Rising
John Ritter - Libra Rising
John Wayne Gacy - Sagittarius Rising

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valleywitch  asked:

Have you been paying attention to all these new Scott/lacy Peterson documentaries? If so what are your thoughts on everything?

No documentaries, just news articles and it’s so weird that the neighbor and the reporter are coming forward now saying that it was robbers who killed Laci and not Scott. It’s always really sketchy to me when people pop up seemingly out of the blue years after the case/conviction. I always think they are getting paid off or something, otherwise why wouldn’t their stories have been told from the beginning, ya’ know?

Scott Peterson is here for murdering Laci Peterson, his pregnant wife, in 2002. His cell is on North Seg, the original death row, which houses 60 of the most well-behaved prisoners. They have the privilege of being able to leave their cells during the day, and freely mingle on the cellblock. There’s a waiting list to get on it. A Mickey Mouse clock hangs on the wall on the officers’ side of the bars. “The happiest place on Earth,” is written beneath it.

anonymous asked:

Friendly reminder: in extremely rare cases, the gases produced during the decomposition of the body after death has enough pressure to result in the pregnant person expelling out the dead fetus. This is known as coffin birth. Is this true??

Yes. The increasing pressure of intra-abdominal gases extrudes the fetus. This is what happened with the fetus of Laci Peterson.