2016 - A year in review: FAVORITE RELEASES (date of release order)

#1 - Arch Enemy: War Eternal Tour: Tokyo Sacrifice DVD (although it was a Japan only release, it end up on the internet for anyone to watch it. It was inevitable.)
#2 - Amy Lee: Recover, Vol. 1 EP
#3 - Lacey Sturm: Life Screams
#4 - Nemesea: Uprise
#5 - Lacuna Coil: Delirium (my favorite release from them since Karmacode)
#6 - Tarja: The Brightest Void
#7 - Stitched Up Heart: Never Alone (a good debut album)
#8 - Tarja: The Shadow Self
#9 - Delain: Moonbathers
#10 - Amy Lee: Dream Too Much (a nice surprise, showing once again that she isn’t stuck in one music genre)
#11 - Darkher: Realms (this was one of the nicest discovers from this year. In the line of Draconian or Trees of Eternity)
#12 - Marcela Bovio: Unprecedented (a nice release, showing that she has a future after the disband of Stream of Passion)
#13 - Epica: The Holographic Principle
#14 - The Pretty Reckless: Who You Selling For
#15 - Sirenia: Dim Days of Dolor (although it feels like I’m betraying Ailyn, I always give a chance to the new singers that come to any band. And I gotta be honest and said, that I liked the new singer and the new album.)
#16 - Trees of Eternity: Hour of the Nightingale (this is my favorite album of this year, without any doubt.)
#17 - Lacuna Coil: Naughty Christmas (single)
#18 - Nightwish: Vehicle of Spirit DVD


Lacuna Coil End Of Time