lactose intoler art


If you’re in Tokyo, go check out the Collage Crush popup shop on the 2nd Floor of LaForet Harajuku. They are carrying a lot of items from indie/street brands that are hard to find in one place - including Tabinary, HEIHEI, Buccal Cone (they have the sold out sheer kanji-print setups), Lactose Intoler-Art, ZLISM, Sameheads, Lady Gonzalez, Uggla, Excube, and a lot more. The shop is only open until 06/17/2015! Lots more pictures here.


Lactose Intoner-Art at Rooms was a blast!
After a lot of crazy hard work, 18+ hour days, and midnight typhoon runs to Don Quihote, the event was a success!
Thank you to everyone who came and supported.
It was a pleasure meeting so may different kinds of people from buyers, to press, to fans around the globe…Even the fun granny’s that stopped when occasionally passing by! I even met a woman that worked under Klasky Csupo (What a dream come true!)

Lactose Intoler-Art was part of a collective of designers in a space called the “CharaChara” area, directed by “Ichiro” who managed the area, as well as the brand #Dario .The area was toward the entrance of the stadium, featuring designers who use fashion, art, and character culture to create a pop-punch through fashion as the exhibitors and onlookers passed through.
I am excited to share, and was incredibly honored to have been awarded the “Kameyama” award, chosen by the director of the rooms event, himself.
It was a very surreal, yet humbling moment. I will never forget it!
It was funny to see my brand name next to his wonderful cardboard cut out at the entrance of the stadium as well! :)
Thank you once again to EVERYONE was involve and  made this all possible!
There is so much more I want to do, and so much more to learn.
“Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith.”
Have fun with fashion!