Believe It Or Not. Part 1.

A Stiles Stilinski Imagine!

Summary: the story of stiles and y/n. This is going to be a multi part imagine, and each part will follow the story line for each episode! I will update each part as soon as possible. So stay tuned(:

The first day of school was tomorrow, of course I wasn’t particularly excited. Except for one reason maybe, cheerleading try outs. Tomorrow is the first day of my sophomore year, and you’re not allowed to try out to be a cheerleader for the Beacon Hills lacrosse team as a freshman.

I remember going to all of my twin brother’s, Scott, lacrosse games last year. I would watch the cheerleaders and they always looked like they were having a lot of fun and to be honest, I just wanted one of the uniforms. I never had to worry about missing Scott play while watching them, he sucked so he was always sitting on the bench with Stiles. Yet, my mom Melissa dragged me along every time anyway no matter how much I protested.

I was practicing one of the cheer routines in my room to make sure I was more than ready for try outs tomorrow when I heard a loud banging noise that sounded like it came from outside my house. I walk down the hall to my brother’s room and stood in the doorway as he looked out the window.

“Did you hear that?” I asked him.

“Yeah stay here,” he said as he grabbed his baseball bat, “I’ll go see what it is.”

“Scott I really don’t think the bat is necessary. It’s probably just the wind.” I laughed.

He just looked me in the eye and sighed, “what so I can’t be cautious?”

I moved aside so he could leave his room and watched as he jogged down the stairs. I mentioned we were twins, not identical though. We actually look nothing alike. You could say he got more of the Delgato side of the family and I got more McCall.

I started walking back to my room when I heard what sounded like two pairs of voices screaming and I ran to the edge of the stairs.

“Scott, you okay?” I yelled to him worriedly.

“Everything’s fine it’s just Stiles.”

I laughed when I heard the name, of course that dork of a kid wouldn’t knock on the door like a normal human. Stiles and Scott. Two names that just went together, they had always been best friends. That being said, I had known stiles my whole life too since he practically lived at my house. We were friends too, I mean not close or anything but definitely cared about each other because we had one person in common, Scott.

He’s the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met. I think he’s adorable though. So yes, I have a little crush you could say, on my brother’s best friend. Although it’s always just remained a crush considering how many times I hear the name, “Lydia Martin” leave his mouth. I’ll never understand his obsession though, she’s honestly such a bitch and she has a boyfriend, Jackson, anyway. And he’s just an ass.a hot ass, but still an ass.

Stiles will never stop liking Lydia, and maybe it’s better that way. Nothing could ever really happen between us considering I’m Scott’s sister, and the fact that he doesn’t like me anyway.

I watched from my window as they moved further away from my house, Stiles frantically moving his arms while explaining something my brother.
So I went to bed, I needed a good nights rest if I wanted to be on the squad.

My alarm went off very Loudly on the little table I had next to my bed. On any usual day, I’d hit snooze about seven times. But today I hopped right out of bed and got dressed. I wore my favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans, high top white converse, and a light purple lose three-quarter length shirt. I straightened my hair and pulled one piece from each side back and pinned it. Then I headed downstairs where my mom was making eggs.

“Someone’s ready for their first day.” She smiled at me and set a plate down on the table for me to sit.

“I really want to make the team mom.”

“Me too.” Scott yawned as he walked down the stairs taking his seat next to me.
“Well, first line anyway.”

I smirked at how tired he was, I heard him finally come home from being with stiles at like 2 in the morning.

“Why so tired, Scotty?” I asked innocently.

To which he just rolled his eyes and nudged me. We finished our breakfast with mom, as we talked lightly about the day ahead of us. Scott and I started walking to the car and just for fun I kicked him in the back of the knee cap and he fell into the wall on his left side. I laughed until I saw he was holding his side.

“Hey are you okay?” I asked walking closer to him.

“Yeah im good, im good,” he answered rather quickly and then continued, “just sore.”

“Sore from what? You haven’t had one practice yet.”

“Just don’t worry about it y/n.”

He turned his back and stepped in the drivers side of the car, slightly hurt I decided to drop it and get in the passenger side.
The car ride to school was rather quiet other than the songs playing on the radio. Once we parked he ran off to go meet stiles. And they started walking towards the school.

I reached in the back of the car to get my bag only for Jackson to pull up and park right next to us.
He got out, looked at me, and then laughed.

“Nice ride, McCall. Brother still have false hope of making first line?”

I was having none of this today.

“Nice hair, Whittemore. How many bottles of hair gel did that take?”

His smile fell and he just walked away. Pleased with myself, I gained the smile he lost and went to go meet my brother and Stiles. As I approached scott had just dropped his shirt back to down to his side, I was super confused.

“I knew you guys were gay for each other but no PDA in public please.” I snapped.

“Wow, you’re hilarious. How do you do it?” Stiles asked me, dripping with sarcasm. I just winked back at him. And they continued their conversation with me there.

“All right, well, if you don’t believe me about the wolf, then you’re definitely not gonna believe me when I tell you I found to body.” Scott said.

Body? Wolf? What?

Stiles mouth gaped open, “you- are you kidding me?” He hit Scott.

“No, man, I wish. Im gonna have nightmares for a month.”

“Oh god, that is freakin’ awesome. I mean, this is seriously gonna be the best thing that’s happened to this town since- since the birth of Lydia Martin. Hey, Lydia- you look- like you’re gonna ignore me.”

I watched the bitch red-head completely pass by possibly one of the nicest people in the world, God I hated her so much.

“It’s true love Stilinski.” I joked.

“Yeah whatever.” He winked back at me.

The bell rang, so I started to walk towards the front doors of the school. “Alright guys, see you later.” I offered as I turned my back to them and started walking. Little did I know Stiles was watching me walk away, but Scott knew.
- - -
“Stiles, if you’re going to check out my sister, please make sure im not here.” Scott joked walking next to his best friend.

Stiles looked at him in confusion.

“Y/n? No- I wasn’t- no.”

Scott just laughed and shook his head, Stiles may be the smart on in this friendship, but scott isn’t dumb.
- - -
I sat in front of stiles, and next to scott in our class as the teacher mumbled on about the body or something, I don’t know exactly I wasn’t listening.

I bit the bottom of my pen as I pretended to read the syllabus in front of me. But then I noticed Scott acting off. He was looking all around then he made eye contact with me. I questioned ‘what the hell’ the best I could with my facial expression but he just looked at my with same confused stare and looked down to his desk, I stayed focused on him worried.

After a few seconds he shifted his gaze to the door of the classroom and just kept staring at it. I glanced back at stiles and he just shrugged and returned to his syllabus. Within the next ten seconds, a crazy pretty girl with brunette hair walked through the door.

“Class, this is our new student, Allison Argent. Please do your best to make her feel welcome.”

She smiled shyly as she walked to the only empty seat, behind scott. He turned around and her eyes met his, all he did was hand her a pen. To which she said thanks.

That a boy Scotty, I thought. Can’t be on first line without a girl by your side.
- - -
I walked past the new girl standing by her locker, poor Allison was being bombarded by Queen Martin already. Scott and Stiles were diagonal from the two girls and I approached them as they were talking to this other girl, I walked up right as she was saying-

“Can someone tell me how new girl is here all of five minutes, n’s she’s already hanging out with Lydia’s clique?”

To which Stiles answered, “Because she’s hot. Beautiful people herd together.”

I scoffed.

“Always wondered how you’re not apart of her clique, y/n.”

Stiles commented, then looked shocked that what he said actually came out of his mouth. Did he just call me beautiful in some backwards way? I didn’t say anything, I figured I would just let it drop.

(Scott heard it though, and he smiled between his sister and his oblivious best friend.)

Scott was staring very intently over towards Allison.

“Scott, at least blink to look like less of a creep.” I hit his shoulder. But he just smiled at me and didn’t say anything.

- - -
Lacrosse and cheerleading try outs were at the same time. They got one half of the field and we got the other. To say I was nervous was an understatement. I sat on the bleachers because we still had 15 minutes until we started our tryouts and lacrosse was getting ready to start. I sat at the very top, I watched as Allison and Lydia made their way up to the empty space next to me considering it was the only space there was. Allison sat next to me, not super close, there was still a little space between us.

She smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Hi I’m Allison, we have that class together right?” She reached her hand out toward me, and I took it.

“Yep, nice to meet you too I’m y/n. Welcome to beacon hills. Nothing exciting ever happens in this town.”

We both laughed, “so you’re going out for cheerleading?”
She asked. Catching on that I was wearing one of the uniforms.

Which apparently seemed to grab Lydia’s attention because she leaned behind Allison and looked at me, and before I could answer-

“You. Are going out for cheerleading?” She questioned, brows raised.

I smiled sweetly at her, “as a matter of fact I am! Thanks for the support Lydia it means a lot, truly.”

Allison slightly laughed and then smiled at me, “it was nice meeting you, y/n.”

I just nodded in response and turned my attention back towards the field as the boys began tryouts. Until I heard allison ask Lydia a question.

“Who is that?” She pointed at Scott!

“Him? Im not sure who he is, why?” Lydia answered.

“He’s in my english class.”

I leaned over towards Allison, “that’s Scott McCall. He’s amazing, you’d really like him.”

She looked at me and continued, “how do you know him?”

I smirked and looked her in the eye, “he’s my brother.”

I stood up to go to my tryouts, “wish me luck” I whispered at the girls as I walked down the steps of the bleachers.
- - -
I walked in my house with the biggest smile I think I’ve ever had on my face. I entered my home with my backpack in one hand, and new & ironed cheerleading uniform in the other. I set my stuff down in my room quickly before heading to Scott’s room to see how the rest of his tryouts went.

I walked in to see my mom waiting by his bathroom door.

“Hey mom.” I greeted.

She smiled, “so how’d it go?”

“I made it!” I giggled as I went to hug her.

“Sweetie that’s amazing! My little cheerleader. Oh, and Scott made first line!” She informed me as she pulled away.

“Really?” I said excited for my brother, and that’s when he walked out wearing nothin but a towel.

“Mom! Y/n!”

Momma didn’t waste any time, “is this a party or a date?” She asked.

“Maybe both.” He answered with a small smile.

I crossed my arms, “and what’s her name?”


“ALLISON THE NEW GIRL? SCOTT WAY TO GO!” I lightly punched his chest.

“I talked to her at tryouts, she seems super nice.” I added.

I left his room because the convo between him and mom got kinda, weird. As I walked towards my room my phone vibrated in my back pocket, it was stiles.

I answered.

“Yo y/n are you going to that party tonight?”

“Hmm, go to a party with a ton of people I don’t talk to? Orr stay home and walk around the house in my new cheerleading uniform? I choose number two.”

“Oh congrats, I knew you’d make it!” He said very sweetly, thank god this WASNT a real conversation because I was hardcore blushing.
“But no, please go with me and Help me keep an eye on scott?”

“Keep an eye on scott why-”

“Awesome y/n thanks! Get dressed and I’ll be there in ten.”

He hung up and I rolled my eyes, I didn’t need to change from what I was already wearing but I re-brushed my hair and applied more mascara.

I heard the screech of the jeep in front of my house signaling that Stiles was here. I walked out and hopped in the passenger side and quickly got my seatbelt on not realizing he was staring at me until I looked up.

“What?” I demanded.

“Nothing, sorry. You just look pretty, that’s all.” He scrambled nervously for the words.

“Thanks.” I blushed and then he started driving. He had complimented me many times like that before, and it always makes my heart flutter. But I can never let myself get too happy. Because even if he calls me pretty, he calls Lydia beautiful.

We arrived at the party and he came around and opened my side of the jeep for me.

I laughed, “what a gentlemen.”

We walked into the party and saw scott dancing with Allison. Hell yeah I was so proud of him for landing a girl.

“I hope something good comes out of them.” I whispered to Stiles looking at them.

“I just hope he doesn’t rip her to shreds.”

I looked at him, “what?”

“Nothing!” He said quickly and loudly causing some people to look, “I’ll go get us drinks.”

I stood exactly where he left me glancing around at all the people here. I really did need to get out more, I barley know any of their names. I shook my head and looked to find scott and allison again. Instead I found Allison by herself and Scott rushing to leave the party. As Allison followed, Stiles came back and I pointed out to him what was going on.

“I hope my brothers not screwing this up by being a dick.”

“I don’t think it’s his fault,” stiles said so quiet I barely heard it, “here hold these.” He handed me the drinks and left me again.

He never came back, I ended up having to walk home from the party. Was I pissed? You betcha.
- - -
I didn’t talk to scott that morning, nor Stiles when I saw him.

He quickly realized I was ignoring him and ran down the hall until he caught my arm.

“Hey, y/n are you okay?”

I didn’t look at him, “yeah, think im catching a cold though. That’s what happens when you walk miles to your own house after your friend leaves you.” I snapped.

“Jesus y/n im so sorry. I had something really really important to take care of.”

I scoffed at his lack of detail, “so am I going to get an actual explanation?” I smiled to lighten the mood, I wasn’t going to stay mad.

“Just trust me when I say it’ll never happen again?”

I laughed at how adorable he was when he’s sorry.

“Just this once, Stilinski.”

We both walked outside to see that Scott had just made up with Allison too.

“Alight I gotta go, Scott and I have practice.” He said to me.

And before I could even say- “okay, see ya.”
He was already walking away.

So I watched him walk until I couldn’t see him anymore.


Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Request; 13- Stiles

PromptBed sharing. Character and reader have to share a bed for some reason.


“Alright, listen up!”, Coach paced up and down the rows of seats as the bus drove down the highway trying to give a speech to a herd of sleepy teenagers, “Some of you idiots think this road trip is another reason for you to party it up in the Hotel Room, drink beers, and flirt with the cheerleaders……….”.  

Coach stopped directly next to where Stiles and Scott sat with their heads leaned against one anothers, snoring softly and completely unaware of what was about to happen. Once coach saw that his two biggest idiots were sleeping through his important announcement, he leaned a bit down until his mouth was right in front of Stiles’ ear. 

“BUT IT’S NOT!”, he screamed at the top of his lungs, making Stiles and Scott shake out of their sleep in surprise. Stiles, who’d already been on edge from their newest supernatural occurrence, looked up to Coach, horrified. 

“Was that necessary?!”, he shouted at his Coach who just looked down at him with a frown. 

“Pay attention, Stilinski! After last year’s hotel mishaps, you and McCall are on thin ice. Thin. Ice”. 

Stiles rolls his eye and buries himself deeper into the seat and tries to avoid any more eye contact with Coach. This weekend was the biggest playoff game in history and if he pissed off Coach a little bit more, there would be no chance of him playing at all. 

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw you looking back at him giggling silently and immediately looked behind him to see what was so funny. There was absolutely no way you were looking at him. Stiles had been pining after you for years and not once had you ever given him the time of day. He was Stiles and you were the class president and head cheerleader. It’s not like you really could show an interest though; you’d been dating some kid from Davenport for years. Stiles knew all about him too, but he just couldn’t get over you no matter how many times he tried.

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The Cheerleader

Isaac x Lahey
Can you do an imagine where you’re a cheerleader and Isaac is checking you out during practice and it distracts him from lacrosse? Thanks!

            Today is your first cheer leading practice ever since your best friend Lydia said you should try out. You put on your skirt and made your way to the lacrosse field. I guess you’ve never actually noticed that lacrosse had cheerleaders, but oh well. Once you got out of the locker room you saw a overjoyed Lydia with Allison right beside her.
          “OH MY GOD Y/N YOU LOOK AMAZING!” Lydia yelled at you! Wrapping her arms around you to give you a hug. “You look so good,” Allison said. Once Lydia let go of you the three of you guys went out to the field to see the rest of the girls waiting for you. You waved goodbye to your friends and jogged your way over to your team. “So since we have some new girls this year we’re going to start out with some simple cheers, okay girls?” The coach said to us, “GIRLS FORMATION!” She yelled at us while blowing on her whistle. All the girls got in their formation and started the cheer. “Oh my god, this is so hard,” You thought to yourself.

         You looked on the lacrosse field and you saw your boyfriend of a couple months smirking at you. After the simple routine we had to do something way more complicated, flying. Since you were the perfect weight for it, coach volunteered you to do it. The five base girls hoisted you up and you lifted your right leg to your arm to do a split. That’s when you noticed Isaac really gawking at you. He would not stop staring at you. “LAHEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!” Coach Finstock yelled at him while blowing his whistle multiple times. All you could do is laugh. 

        Once you laughed that was when it all went downhill, literally. You lost your balance and footing and started to fall. Luckily one of the girls caught you before you fell on the ground. “Y/N are you okay?!” The coach asked frantically. You just nodded your head and got off the one girl. 

Okay, I’m very sorry that was so short! But I do hope you guys like that Imagine. Also you guys should request some more because that is my last request I have!

Remembering You || Dunbar

“And you’re sure you won’t forget me. Right, Liam?” I asked once more. The blue eyed boy smirked at me before nodding his head.

“Y/N, I swear, forgetting you is the last thing I want to do.” He spoke before leaning over and kissing my cheek. Sighing, I hugged him closely before pushing him lightly away.

That was a year ago and I haven’t talked to Liam since. I guess he’s all cosy at his new school with new friends but I wouldn’t know. He broke his promise; he forgot.

“Y/N, hey, snap out of it!” A familiar voice said before snapping his fingers in my face. Looking at Brett, I grinned and shook my head. When Liam left, Brett replaced the role of a best friend. And, now, we’re inseparable.

“Shut up, Talbot. Let’s go!” I attempted to cheer. Brett shook his head and rolled his eyes before he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Soon enough, we were on the bus with the other lacrosse players, on our way to Beacon Hills High.

“Hey, Y/N! What do I get if I shoot the winning goal?” One player asked. Rolling my eyes, I shot him an overly innocent smile.

“I won’t punch you in the face.” I told him sweetly before winking. The whole bus erupted into laughter, used to this kind of thing from me. I adopted the place of the lacrosse team’s personal cheerleader, going everywhere they went.

Inappropriate behavior and bad puns were thrown around the whole bus ride to Beacon Hills High. The closer we got, the more nervous I felt about seeing Liam again.

“Y/N, you’ll be fine. You know that, right?” Brett questioned bedside me. I looked at him and smiled lightly, shaking my head.

“I don’t think so, Brett. Liam was my best friend and it’s like he completely ditched me. I don’t know how I’ll react.” I sighed, leaning my head on his shoulder.

“Well, if you hit him, I’ll cover for you. And you know I’d beat his ass for you in a heartbeat.” Brett reassured. I looked up at him and grinned. He smiled back, slinging his arm over my shoulder.

“We’re here, losers! Let’s go kick some ass!” Brett shouted to the team. They responded with excited yells with me joining in. Brett handed me his Devenford Prep hoodie as it was our tradition that I wore it every game. I am the teams good luck charm, after all.

“I’ll be on the sidelines so if you feel out of control, tell me.” I whispered to Brett. He nodded at me before heading to the team huddle. I sighed, heading to the teams bleachers. Brett usually kept his temper under control but, with Liam around, who knows what’ll happen.

“Let’s go Talbot!” I shouted once he walked onto the field. Brett turned to me and winked while the other players grinned at me. Laughing, I cheered along with coach as we quickly scored.

“Yeah, go Brett! Kick his ass!” I cheered. He knew I met Liam, it was obvious by the shake of his shoulders. He’s enjoying this way too much. Someone one Beacon Hills team scored before they bumped into Brett. Brett quickly looked towards me, eyes flashing beat gold, before he fell to the ground.

“Shit, he’s shifting.” I whispered to myself before I ran to him. Another member from Beacon Hills ran over, instructing Brett to breathe. Looking up, I watched as his eyes flashed red. I locked my fingers into Brett’s, trying my best to calm him down.

“Y/N? Y/N, get away from him! He’s dangerous!” A voice shouted. I sighed in annoyance, knowing it was Liam. I focused on Brett, trying to ignore the blue eyes burning into my skull.

“Not now, Liam. We can talk about how much of a shit friend you’ve been. But, right now, I’m trying to calm my best friend down.” I said, still watching Brett. His eyes finally flashed to the soft green. I sighed and brought him into a hug, playing with his hair. I looked up to Liam over his shoulder, watching as his eyes flashed gold for a minute.

“Oh, great. You’re one too. Amazing.” I whispered, rolling my eyes. The alpha chuckled before helping me lift Brett up. He slung his arm over my shoulder, faking a sprained ankle. I sent Liam and the alpha a tight smile before sitting on the bench with Brett.

“So, what made you lose control?” I asked Brett. He grabbed my hand and started playing with my fingers, thinking it over.

“He is sorry, you know. I don’t think you should forgive him just yet but he is sorry. A guy on their team mentioned how hot you are and started saying how he’d love to see you in a skirt. Not knowing that Liam and I are slightly protective over you. I’m actually shocked he was under control.” Brett admitted. I sighed and looked across the field to where Liam was talking with the alpha from before.

“Maybe I can forgive him but it won’t mean much. He doesn’t need me anymore.” I smiled lightly again. I’m happy Liam found new friends but it still hurts.

((this is awful & I hate it so much lawl someone needs to stop me))

Dating Liam would involve

way too many video games

him being really shy around at first

a sweet first kiss

Liam teaching you lacrosse cause he’s got skills

the pack calling you “Young and In Love.”

him planning the perfect date

 guaranteed prom king and queen

calling you names like “babe,” 

blasting music just about everywhere

dance battles

him taking you to the beach at night 

Liam always saving you no matter what

owning matching bracelets 

never taking yourselves to seriously

eating ice cream at midnight

Liam getting first date advice from Scott because you were special

being his cheerleader at lacrosse games

him comforting you about your insecurities

sticking up for Liam when his old school causes him trouble

helping Scott and Derek to control Liam’s abilities

Liam asking you to prom in a unique way

having to be accepted by Mason

fooling around at the mall and getting yelled at the workers

hosting legendary parties 

opening doors and pulling out your chair for you

laying your head in his lap

Liam playing with your hands way too often

your parents LOVING him

staying up all night face timing or texting

Liam walking you home 

worrying about him when he’s off fighting

being competitive with each other

long hugs with your arms wrapped around his neck and his around your waist

watching chick flicks and horror movies together because you take turns

Liam getting jealous easily

wanting to travel new places together

him asking you to be his anchor

texting each other adorable things

volunteering at places together

getting showered with compliments every day

going to the gym with him while he shows off to you

him being a little awkward with kids

going to concerts and music festivals

having your contact name be “Cutie” on his phone

Liam helping you in your hardest subject

being comfortable crying in front of him

staring into his gorgeous blue eyes for hours

being happy

Sport your daughter plays




Dance (fortes are acro, jazz, and hip hop)











Jack J:

Jack G:




dancing (fortes are lyrical, ballet, and contemporary)

Teacher Gilinsky– Part X

Teacher Gilinsky Part X

song: Only by Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown

The day I dreaded most came, Monday. Today was the day of tryouts, Basically for anything and everything. Football, soccer, lacrosse, cheerleading, or in my case, Volleyball. I straightened my hair and put it up in a pony tail, and changed into my spanks and navy blue crew neck tee shirt that complimented my bust quite well. I put my headphones in my ears and pressed shuffle, my favorite Kanye West song blaring in my ears. (I’m obsessed w kanye ok) I decide to warm up for practice, since I am quite early. 

“Restraining order, Can’t see my daughter, her mother, brother, grandmother hate me in that order. Public visitation, we met at borders, told her she’d take me back, i’ll be more supportive. I’ve made mistakes, I bump my head. Courts suck me dry, I spent that bread. She need her daddy, baby please. Can’t let her grow up in that ghetto university. All of the lights.” 

I run a few laps around the track, the crisp air causing goosebumps to raise on my freshly shaved legs, the burn in my lungs becoming more prominent with each lap. I head back into the gym, and begin stretching, with the other girls. 

“Thank god!” Ezra’s sister, Hazel yelped as soon as she saw me. 

“At least I know someone here.” She smiled, sitting next to me and started stretching. I paused my music and put my phone away so I could converse with her. After all, she is Ezra’s twin. 

A few more of my friends walk in, before try outs start. After scrimmaging with each other for a little while, we start a game, long enough for all of us to rotate to each spot, I being the server this round. I apprehend serve the ball, the only sound in the gym is the smack of the ball against my palm. Once it’s in the air, the gym door opens revealing Mr. Gilinsky with some kids behind him. 

I payed attention to the game, but listened in on what he’s saying. The ball came flying over the net, as I dove to the ground for it, keeping it from touching the ground.

“Nice dig, Miss Y/L/N.” The coach yelled as I pulled my self off the ground.

“And these ladies playing volleyball here are seniors, this is volleyball tryouts. Boys, try not to drool.” Jack laughed, the uncomfortable laughs coming from the soon to be freshman. 

They sat on the bleachers behind our side of the court, my heart is in my throat, I’m uncomfortable. I was in ready position, which makes me practically jut my ass out, as if I’m doing squats. I try to brush off the crude comments coming from the hormonal boys behind me.

“Enough.” Jack spat, the boys immediately shutting up. I silently praised him as we continued the sparring. I decided since Jack was sitting behind me, whilst I was wearing spanks, I would have a little fun. I bent even further, deciding re-tying my shoe was 100% relevant. I could feel his gaze burning into me, along with a bunch 8th graders. I readjusted my shorts band, not-so-accidentally flashing my thong strap. The white lace contrasted against my tan skin. I heard gasps and light groans, one definitely coming from Jack, as he tried to cover it by clearing his throat. I smiled in satisfaction, before resuming in the game. They left about 6 minutes into our second match, a few gazes from pre-pubescent boys seemed to linger, but quickly disappeared. 

“All right! All of you made it, but different teams. We have divided you all into 5 teams. Black team, gold team, green team, blue team, and white team. Black and Gold, you are the traveling teams. On black team:” Mr. Caniff listed off the names of girls on black team, then gold. I instantly perked up at my name being called for gold team, one of the best! Hazel’s was called briefly after mine, us cheering quietly while he listed all the other people off. 

After tryouts was over, I drove home, blasting music in my car. I stopped at dutch bros and got a Pixy Stick Rebel iced, (if u have a dutch bros near u i suggest you get one right now), and went to the mall. My trip was cut short when Jack called for me to babysit, not that I minded, I still got a beautiful dress from Forever 21, a couple of really cute shirts and skirts, band tee’s from hot topic, and some make up from sephora. 

I drove to Jack’s house, pulling into his long stretch of a driveway. I parked next to his car and headed inside, lyrics to Only by Nicki Minaj ringing through my head. 

“Hi Y/N!” Jasmine yelled as she ran up to me and hugged my legs.

“Hi sweetheart! How’ve you been?” I smiled and kissed her head. 

“I’ve been good! Daddy and I are coloring upstairs, so come on!” She giggled as she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up the stairs to her room, Jack’s eyes darting up to mine with a dazzling smile. 

“Thank’s for coming last minute, Y/n. I really really appreciate it.” He smiles and stands up, pulling me into his bare chest and pecking my cheek. 

“Anytime, you know I love Jasmine.” I smiled and looked down at her, her eyes focused on her drawing.

He smiled and peaked over my shoulder at Jasmine, before pulling me by my wrist into his room across the hall. He pushed me against the door causing it to close, his hands holding me in his arms, my thighs wrapped around his waist, lips never once leaving mine. 

“Your ass looked so damn good in those spandex. You made my day pretty hard, and when I say hard I mean hard.” He groaned, pulling my lip between his teeth, causing me to moan lightly. “You like that baby? You like it when I take your lip between my teeth?” He moans, repeating the action.

“Fuck, yes.” I whispered, his lips trading from my lips to my cheek, my cheek to my jaw, my jaw to my neck… His teeth sinking into my skin pulling me out of my thoughts. 

“I’m gonna give you a pretty little love bite. You’re mine babydoll, and you’re not going anywhere.” He groaned, his tongue soothing the irritated skin. His calloused hands rubbing my lower back underneath my shirt. 

“Alright.” He breathed heavily, halting the touches. “I need to head out before rush hour. How was the mall when you were there?” He asked, slowly setting me down. I look up into his eyes, his eyes making my heart rate spike and my breathing become erratic. 

“Uh- Um it was okayish, I guess. Lots of last minute shoppers.” I smiled, still leant on his door, mesmerized at his back muscles as he pulls a clean shirt over his head.

“Oh, good. I’ve gotta get my christmas shopping done before it’s too late. If I had a choice, I would wait until christmas eve.” He giggled, pulling his sweats off, my breath hitched in my throat at the sight of his semi-erect shaft bulging at the thin polyester. He pulled on blue jeans and some interesting looking boots. 

“Baby,” He got my attention, my eyes leaving his growing bulge and connecting with his, which were laced with humor. 

“I know I’m a sight to see, but you’re making it a bit difficult when you bite your lip like that.” He smirked, pulling on his jacket. I giggled and smacked his chest with the back of my hand as he ushered me out of his room back into the hallway, Jasmine still coloring away.

“I’m gonna head out babe. Daddy will be right back.” He cooed at her, before winking at me. 

“I’ll walk you down. I’ll be right back, Jas.” I smiled and pecked the top of her head before following jack back downstairs. I opened the front door and closed it behind me, Jack and I left alone on the front porch. My hands cupped his cheeks, causing his lips to pucker a little bit. 

“Drive safe please.” I smiled and pecked his nose, his nose scrunching as he shook his head so my hands would leave his face. He ducked down and kissed my lips, his aftershave intoxicating me. 

“I most definitely will, baby.” He kissed my cheek and strutted off to his car, it roaring and backing out of the driveway. My heart fluttered in remembrance of the most intimate and romantic words he’s ever said. 

“I love you.” His dazzling grin and fluffy hair, eyelashes fluttering against my stomach when he placed gentle kisses there. I remembered I was standing out in the brisk air so I quickly headed inside and into the kitchen and put a pot of water in the stove. 

“Jasmine! Are you hungry?” I called, waiting for her response. It never came. Since that was a little strange, so I went up to check on her. Her door was now closed, so I gently knocked on it.

“Jasmine?” I called quietly as I opened the door, her eyes staring at the corner of her room, looking completely zoned out.

“Hey love, are you okay?” I whispered as I set my hand on her shoulder, suddenly becoming coherent again.

“Oh, yeah sorry. I zoned out.” She giggled before putting her head on my leg. 

“No worries. Are you hungry? I have water on the stove, I was thinking Mac and Cheese. Sound good to you?” I smiled down at her, her curly long hair flopping everywhere as she nodded. Her tan skin-tone contrasted beautifully with her bright green eyes.

“Alright, lets get cooking. We can make christmas cookies too, if you want.” I smiled at her enthusiastic nod and excited yelp.


“Something smells good.” Jack announced as he walked in the front door, grocery bags in his hands. 

“Sorry I took so long love,” He smiled and pecked my cheek. “I went grocery shopping too.” He pecked my lips this time and lingered. 

“Daddy that’s gross!” Jasmine giggled, jokingly covering her eyes. 

“Yeah daddy, that’s gross.” I whispered in his ear, his grip on my hip becoming a little tighter. “Watch it, you.” He laughed. 

“So what’re you baking?” He asked Jasmine, leaning against the counter, her being on the other side, sitting at the bar. 

“Sugar cookies. And we’re gonna frost them all cool too! Y/n even let me cut them in cute shapes!” She yelled, picking up a cookie that was cooling.

“SEE! A snowman!” She was excited, to say the least. He laughed and asked her to frost one especially for him. Once we finished frosting and all, it was about time for Jasmine to get to bed. She went with no arguments, ‘I want to be on Santa’s good list’ she said, specifically. Once she was asleep, and stayed asleep, Jack pulled me on top of him, on the couch.

“Thank you for being such big help today.” He smiled into the crook of my neck, both of us hiding out underneath a blanket, escaping the world just for a little while and creating our own. 

“A-anytime, you know that.” I smiled, his lips meeting mine in a romantic embrace.

“Wanna help me wrap Jas’s presents?” He asked, lip pulled between his teeth. I nodded and smiled, his chest heaving as he pulled me closer. 

“Not just yet. I want to savor this.” He whispered into my hair, coming to realization that it truly doesn’t get any better than this.

sorry this is so late!! so nice to be writing again, I’ve got a great plan for this story, and many more to come! Happy Birthday anon, here’s your update :) feedback? xx

Howl - Stiles Fanfiction

Summary: Samantha Cameron, Allison’s best friend back in San Francisco, has decided to come to Beacon Hills to live alongside her. Sam’s arrival in the small town has caused a lot of heads to turn … including Stiles’… Though, this girl is anything but ordinary, and because of her past, it will in fact cause many problems to occur in the crazy, supernatural town of Beacon Hills.

Note: Hello my lovely readers :) Just wanted to let you know that this story takes place after season 1 of Teen Wolf. Sorry, it’s ‘cause I started writing this when season 1 ended :p Anyways… happy reading!


Chapter 1

Sam’s P.O.V.

“C'mon Sam! You don’t wanna be late!” Allison said with a huge grin.

“I swear you’re the only person who’s actually excited to come to school on a Monday morning” I said with a laugh while getting out of Allison’s car.

A few months ago I had decided that I would be coming to Beacon Hills, California to go to school here with Allison. We were both quite inseparable until Allison had to do all the moving around and such. But since Allison and her family were pretty sure they were going to stay in Beacon Hills for some time now, it just seemed like the perfect time for me and her to be reunited again.

“Just, giving you a heads up- it’s going suck being the new girl for a couple of days” Allison said with concern in her deep chocolate brown eyes.

“It might,” I said considering it, “But at least I have you here with me.”

She beamed.

Keep reading

The sport you play

Cameron: Volleyball

Jack J: Soccer

Jack G: Swimming

Matt: Track & Field

Aaron: Cross Country

Nash: Field Hockey

Carter: Basketball

Taylor: Rugby

Shawn: Hockey

Jacob: Tennis

Sam: Softball

Hayes: Lacrosse

Dillon: Cheerleading