cheque please characters as @nurseeys quotes

bitty: that’s gay, leave me alone!
jack: you’ve gotta scoot scoot
shitty: as a mullet owner, i say yes, as someone who respects myself, i say no, but as a lawyer i would kill you
lardo: you can’t own a tree!!
holster: that’s how I wanna die. Out at center ice with my arm around my best bro’s waist.
ransom: you could dab unassisted now, you have to!!
nursey: you’ve got to say succ!!
dex: that’s my nature twink look,
chowder: lint? or lent? short for lentil?
whiskey: lacrosse bros are harmless
tango: mmm, strange celery noises.
kent: i requested that you not kinkshame me!!

(chowder alt- there’s only one gender, and it’s the sharks)

Nursey/Dex - 8d

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8d. My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex – quick make out with me.

“Why did we have to come here again?” Nursey asked with a groan.

“Oh come one Nurse, too chicken to crash a lacrosse bro party?” Dex chirped back.

“Come on man, you know that’s not it.  Ransom and Holster have made us do this like 8 times already.”

“So then why are you being weird about this?”

“I’m not being weird!”

“Dude, you are totally being weird.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes, you definitely are.”

“Hey,” a random voice interrupted from behind them, “are you two okay?”

“We’re fine,” They both shot back.

“Okay,” the stranger replied, backing away slowly with a beer in hand, “sorry I asked.”

Both Nursey and Dex calmed then, their previous fight disappearing with the stranger.

“Wanna dance or something,” Dex finally said after a few minutes.

“Yeah, we have nothing better to do,” Nursey answered with a shrug.

The two of them walked into the adjacent room full of people and loud music.  Sound was everywhere, and with so many people around, they doubted the lax bros would spot them.  Even if they did, they were technically supposed to be causing a general disturbance anyway, or at least, that’s what Ransom and Holster had intended for them to do.

After they reached the dance floor, the two of them squeezed into a fairly empty area and began to move to a nameless beat.  It was nice, music pumping and people surrounding them, and for once, they weren’t fighting about something, so Nursey counted that as a win.  Then, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something familiar, or rather, he noticed someone familiar.

There, by the door they had just walked through, was his ex-boyfriend Alex.  

“Dex, this is going to sound really weird, but I need you to kiss me.”
“What the fuck man, why would I do that?” Dex bellowed over the music.

“Dex, seriously just do it, I promise I’ll explain later.”  Without another thought, Nursey surged forward and pulled Dex towards him and into a kiss

Dex stiffened the moment their lips touched, but after a few seconds, he relaxed and molded himself towards Nursey.  Nursey brought his hands up and into Dex’s hair as they continued to make out.  It was kind of nice actually, in the way kissing is always pleasant, but also, Dex was a really good kisser.

He didn’t have the problem so many people had, where every time they kiss they get caught in the same washing machine style method.  No, Dex kissed like each movement had a purpose.  Nursey was really starting to get into it, when Dex finally pulled away breathing heavily.

“We should go back to my dorm.” Dex said in Nursey’s ear.

“Yeah, that’s a really good idea.  Best one you’ve ever had I think.”

Dex smirked and rolled his eyes as he grabbed Nursey’s hand and dragged them towards the door.  Ransom and Holster would have to handle whatever they were planning on their own.  As they half-sprinted towards the dorms, Dex stopped abruptly and turned back towards him.

“Why did we have to kiss?”

“Oh…uhh…” Nursey stammered, “My ex walked in.”

“Did I kiss better than him?” Dex asked with a wink.


what i know about the foxhole court (based on my dash)
  • it’s the first book in  trilogy about a bunch of ?lacrosse? (i think?) bros who get way intense
  • well actually that’s not what it’s about
  • like, it’s about ?lacrosse?, but there’s other things, like:
  • drugs? (all the edits have pills. every. single. one)
  • and the protagonist’s terrible dad
  • there’s a ?lacrosse? team, the foxes
  • there’s a lot of orange
  • there’s a boss girl gang who are Done With You and they all play ?lacrosse? too
  • “Some of the strongest people i know are women”
  • the protagonist has got some Identity Issues to work through
  • so does this other character named andrew
  • i don’t really know a lot about andrew but i think he’s the Love Interest and kind of dark
  • everyone is gay
His New Favorite Month

Based of this tagfic, which was then continued here.

His New Favorite Month 

Derek makes very, very poor housing decisions.

 Look, it’s not like this is new information. It’s old information. Ancient, really. Derek has known this for years.

 He had followed his family for the first eighteen years of his life (and best not to think about what happened to those homes) and then his first decision as an adult in need of a place to stay is to essentially live in his old family’s burnt shell of a house. He then upgraded to an abandoned train car. When he finally did managed to buy a real place on his own, he chose a loft apartment that was essentially a concrete box whose only feature seemed to be a spiral staircase for people to sit on and smirk out at the huge dining room table.

 Seriously. He should not be allowed to house himself. He’d never even gotten chairs.

 However, this most recent living decision may be the worst. Because, really, in what universe was it a good idea to move in with two college students in a shitty three bedroom apartment whose air conditioning only works half the time even though they live in California?

 It was not a good idea. It was a terrible idea.

 It also doesn’t help that the “two college students” Derek had decided to move in with are Scott and Stiles.

 Sure, at the beginning, it sounded smart. Scott is his Alpha; Stiles his Second and, really, after his road trip during their Senior year resulted in what can only be described as a catastrophic failure, it made sense to stay close. He’s spent their Freshman and Sophomore year of college in an apartment nearby and they were over all the time so much anyway, it had seemed logical to simply nod along to Stiles’ suggestion that all three of them should get an apartment together as they moved off campus.

 Again, Derek makes terrible housing decisions.

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AU suggestion

instead of hockey players who are bothered that the rest of campus thinks they’re annoying when they’re being annoying, they’re business majors with exactly the same attitude

Bonus fact: in my business law and accounting classes I’m surrounded entirely by lacrosse dudes and hockey bros. literally the rows in front of and behind me are just lax bros and hockey guys. I am fry guy.