lacrosse the nations

high school au where poe is the star member of the lacrosse team and finn writes for the school newspaper. 

poe’s so good that he’s attracted colleges who want to recruit him, but he doesn’t let it get to his head. he is just so goddamn nice and friendly with everyone

finn, on the other hand, is not the most vocal or noticed person. he’s good friends with rey, and the two of them are as thick as thieves. he loves to write, and he’s had a crush on poe since freshman year. poe’s talked with him a few times, but he’s not much on poe’s radar. not with all the friends he has and the groupies that crowd him.

rey teases him a little for the doe-eyed expression he has whenever he’s in the same room.

but he’s observant, which makes him a damn good writer, the teacher heading the newspaper, leia, knows that and always gives him the lead stories. because hot damn people are actually reading the school newspaper on a regular basis for once.

but leia is also observant. she has noticed finn’s crush over the years, so when poe gets to senior year and the lacrosse team goes to the national lacrosse high school showcase and all the colleges start flocking to recruit him, she asks finn to go to all of the games and write articles.

finn is surprised, but leia promises that he can still write non sport-related articles as well. so finn goes to every game and makes some notes. rey usually goes with him and reminds to keep him on track because it’s hard to pay attention entirely with poe playing, but he still writes great articles.

one day rey can’t come to a game because she’s sick, and after the game is over, finn is still sitting in the now-empty bleachers and writing his last few notes. poe comes up to him and thanks him for writing the way too flattering articles.

finn doesn’t entirely know what to say, and poe talks about how he’s not even half as good as the articles make him sound. finn argues against it, and poe says that he’s embarrassed that he’s never properly introduced himself before.

poe talks about how he’s read most of the articles finn has written in the past four years at school and that he’s read his creative works in the newspaper as well, and he’s always loved them. and they start talking about favorite authors and tv shows and whatever else, and suddenly they’re sitting in the bench outside the stadium three hours after the game.

and at the end, poe leans in and kisses his cheek and says that he hopes he won’t have to wait until the next game to see finn again.

Throwin it back to summer time with my homie Michelle Tumolo! This girl is one of my biggest role models and i cant wait to see her kill shit with the USA women’s national lacrosse team! 🇺🇸