lacrosse life


Do you see this beauty? A little old, a little ruined, but still has a spirit.

It’s an abandoned rink in my city. For years now it was said that it’ll be demolished. Why am showing this to you?

Because every time I go past it I keep thinking how perfect exy court could be made there. I mean, look at it. Just. Look.

Winter Heat

Scott was having a good week. He just finished his finals and was ready to enjoy winter break. He didn’t worry about whether he bombed, or if he should have studied more. He finally found a balance in his life between lacrosse, studying, work, and leading the pack as an alpha. There was honestly nothing that could tear him down now. But then, as Scott laid in bed, he felt a sudden pang deep within his gut. His heat had surged, and it was rising all throughout his core.


Stiles and Scott’s reaction when they see how good you are at lacrosse.

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season one teen wolf
  • scott mccall: will die for lacrosse. lacrosse is life
  • stiles stilinski: accidentally looked at derek's lips once and there's no going back
  • derek hale: adult male who spends a lot of time in the boys locker room
  • allison argent: honestly a sweet and innocent cinnamon bun
  • lydia martin: *hair flip*
  • jackson whittemore: the porche is compensating for something
  • alan deaton: I am just a veterinarian